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"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, and what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."

~ John Jake

Rest In Peace Daddy's Little Cannibal(Stephanie) We will miss you...


Upon revewing Love is Patient, Love is Kind and Restless Sleeper, I've noticed how intensely the first chapters make me want to punch myself, throw up, then jump off a cliff. In that order. It's quite obvious I did not posses the editing OCD when I first began writing Fanfiction, as I do now. In fact, Fanfiction (and journalism) probably blessed me with such tendencies.

In light of the overall shitiness of these chapters, I have come to the conclusion that they must be edited and replaced. I do not plan on taking to the stories down, just replacing the chapters one by one. The plot will not change, nor will the characters. I'm merely revising the grammar, spelling, and overall syntax of the stories.

If you have any questions please PM me, and I'll be happy to answer them.

Hello, fellow fanfiction-ers. My name is Kassidy. I LOVE Twilight with the passion of a million burning suns, and would like nothing more than seeing the demise of Jacob Black. I write for myself, believe it or not. I don't do it to make anybody else happy, but if I happen to manage that in the process, I've done a good job. If you really want to know me, then I'm sorry. It takes a bit more than a few paragraphs of a fanfiction profile to accomplish that. But, maybe I can sum it up for you. I am always tired, and I will probably complain about that more than once a day. My life is a never ending headache of unplanned events that somehow get me by. I laugh at my own jokes. I wholly believe that I have a right to be young a stupid, as I must pass this stage before becoming old and wise. If you asked any of my friends about my favorite word, they promptly follow with the answer "Indeed." I say it all the time; even when it doesnt fit in the context of the situation.

My friends mean everything to me. I would give up my life for those kids. And if you're on that list, I hope you know I'm not exaggerating. I LOVE them with everything I got :)

I have a twin. And she is amazing. Her name is Karina. Her fanfiction account is below--KarinaCullen. She's an amazing writer, and I'm not saying that because I have to. We find ourselves hilarious and we are alike in virtually every way. I love my twin a lot. And yes Karina, I got your love in the mail. :)

Though I can be loud and obnoxious, I am a quiet person by nature. And by that I mean I am never purposefully destructive when I'm alone. I do things like read and watch tv and watch movies. I honestly believe that is more fun than partying all night long. An empty house is a beautiful house. I am not afraid of the dirty joke, I make them quite frequently, actually...Which leads us back to that young and stupid thing again. Criticize me all you want for being "immature", but, honestly, how am I supposed to have good stories to tell if I can't be a typical teenager first. I can't. So don't judge me.

I'm 5 foot 1. 95 pounds. green/blue eyes. REALLY pale. Three words: Big. Curly. Hair.

I believe in God, love at first sight, soulmates, and angels, while being cynical and bitter at the same time. It's a skill, really.

If you haven't read a story by KarinaCullen, Bronzehairedgirl620, or My-Bella, you haven't even touched the heart of well-written fanfiction. And if you haven't read "Wide Awake". Do it. NOW. Seriously, if you start with them, you will find a plethera of amazing stories. Look for an author that actually cares about what they write, not the gratification of a review.

And please, PLEASE, for the sake of all humanity, remember:

Spooning leads to forking. Forking leads to kniving. And kniving leads to a pregnancy that kills you.


As of October 16, 2010--

I've been avoiding fanfiction, it's true. But I'm not abandoning it. School takes up my entire life. Most of what I write is only written to be graded. The little speck of writing that I do for enjoyment is for the paper. I'm exhausted. I don't have the time to write for my own pleasure, and that truly kills me. But I'm too obsessed with my education to sacrifice any part of it. I look forward to getting back to fanfiction as soon as possible. I'll try to get something out around Thanksgiving and several updates around Christmas. Anything I can manage otherwise is a godsend. Thanks for sticking with me. :)

I'm sorry for being the worst updater in the world. But I'm NOT done with fanfiction. I swear.




Let me just start off by saying what every author says; my stories are my babies. Its true, and I think most writerswill agree with me for many reasons. Any sane and completely normal writer has voices in their heads. Okay, not all of us do...but there is always something in us that needs to come out (i.e. emotion, voices, experiences). You have to treat a story like a child. You create something unique and completely yours, then as you keep going it grows, and sometimes you have to tell those insistant aforementioned voices "NO!". You have to go back and teach a child just as you have to go back and edit your story. So, in essence, stories are children. And just as children grow up and become self put your story out there and hope it speaks for itself.

ANYWAYS I'd like to start with my very first story, the Laundry. It isn't the most popular and it isntthe best, but that's because it is the first. Granted I wrote long before that, but I believe most my growthin writing has developed since last year. Everything from having a language arts teacher that made us write CONSTANTLY to putting my writing on here for all to see has helped. And most importantly, writing with Karina has helped immensly. Karina writes slightly different than I do. She is organized and very precise about where she wants the story to go. Sometimes I sit down, have this awesome idea, and then an hour later I think "What the hell? Where did my story go?" And it IS still there, I just had to go back and think about where, if anywhere, it could go. I'm too impulsive for my own good. So back on topic, The Laundry. It's just a quirky story about a qoute in Twilight, where Edward jokingly tells Bella not to fall in the washer. There are more errors and oopsies than I'd care to admit, but I think they should stay there. They are proof that I'm growing and that I've come farther.

All the way from my first story, to a once-was oneshot about Edward rethinking Bella's humanity. It's probably my favorite story to write, at least the out of those that I write by myself. While I love all my stories, Restless Sleeper holds a special place in my heart. I don't really know why.

Then there's the meant to be alternate, Love is Patient, Love is kind. It's the best story to write when I'm hyper and happy, because so far its all been about a wonderful life where Edward and Bella are happily together and lalala. It won't always be that way. When it was first started, it was a vengeful act of deleting Jacob Black from existence, and letting Edward and Bella be happy without interference. I've realized things can't be perfect forever.

And then...there's the little story that can, but hasn't; Beyond Hope. Karina and I absolutely love it. It's so true and painfully beautiful. We love to write it and tell each other about our ideas and just babble about it. Sadly, it has gotten littleresponse. Not to be concieted, but that's something neither of us are used to. I am by no means the most talented author on this site, and I think Karina would say the same thing about herself. But we still get reviews and favorites and subscriptions almost immediately following updates. We were so excited to get it up, because we had been brainstorming, framing, reworking, and editing for months. Then... Nothing. Sad day. We continue to write it because we love it as much as we do, and we hope one day somebody will come along and find joy in it.

Aside from writing stories for fanfiction, there are a few stragglers on my computer that never make it. Including the first version of Beyond hope. Let's just say one small detail changed the story COMPLETELY. Karina and I decided to do it one way, I wrote it another way, we thought it would work, but in the long run it was just no bueno. So we did it again. Oneshots, randoms, funnies, two paragraph nonsensicals...they spam my computer withvigor. I could delete them, but who knows if that two paragraph nonsensical could end up as a twenty page chapter? I also write for the school newspaper. I'm the Voices editor, which I believe is a good place for me to be, because it allows me to write with an opinion. Though I love journalism, and I'm grateful for all it'staught me, I think my place will always be with writing fiction. Journalism does offer quite a lot of experience I can use towards my writing, such as organization and editing skills. I reccomend writers try it if they get the chance. It is uncomfortable to write at first, because the structure of a newspaper story is very different from the structure you would use in a ficticious novel. However, the experience has just begun and I am far more than honored to have obtained an editor position.

Many more stories, authors notes, and randomness to come. :D


Maybe you've noticed, maybe not. Both of my stories are alternates. My attempts at reshaping the Twilight world and trying to make it all seem logical are ridiculously, pathetically shamed by In-a- Requiem. Under a Killing Moon is fantastically original, and deserves so much attention it's outrageous. Please ravish her with reviews, favorites, and the like.

(Is it weird that I'm promoting her so passionately without knowing her? Yes, yes it is. Do I care? Why, no I do not.)

For the story writers:

If your story contains all the basic elements of the original books (The Cullensare still vampires, with the same basic characteristics) and you are either confused or unsure of the specific details of a character, or perhaps a quality of Stephenie's vampires, I encourage you to check out The Twilight Lexicon (link provided below). The website contains anything you would need to know about the Twilight Saga; including a detailed timeline, Vampire and Werewolf mythology, chapter to chapter summaries, a personal correspondence with Stephenie, and more. I strongly recommend these features to ALL Twilight Fanfiction writers. I can guarantee that all the facts will be 100% correct(we're talkin' the mother of Twilight fansites; it was built with Stephenie's guidance, and by people who DEFINITELY know what they're doing).

It's also a great place to find trustworthy Twilight news, I myself visit the site at least once a day. Alphie and Pelwill always be "in the know" of what's happening in the fandom. Once you discover all the splendors of this amazing site, you'll spend all day immersed in it's glory. Yes, it's that wondrous. Check it out.

I'm sorry. Kassidy does what all day?

~I feel like you don't really know an Internet geek until you find out exactly who they choose to stalk. So, here we go.

P.S. I'd like to point out that I don't intend to harm anyone listed, I'm just fangirling here.

-- I love Shane Dawson. It's kind of unhealthy.

-- AngstGoddess003. One of my heroes. Wide Awake is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read, published or otherwise. It changed my life. Literally.

-- I've shamelessly memorized the Shaytards theme song. For some reason I question my sanity when I think of that. I belt it out randomly. (on a side note, I feel a bit stalkerish watching the Shaytards show. I feel like I follow this man and his adorable family around. But I love it too much to really care.)

-- I have an interweb crush on SwiftKarateChop. It's a secret though, so don't tell anyone.

-- I'm in love with Kassem G's sense of humor. If a physical being evolved from that one characteristic alone, I'd marry it.

-- I stalk the Twilight Lexicon. There's no shame there, either.

-- Of course, I'm an avid follower of Fanfiction. Because really, that's what the cool kids do these days, right?

-- Facebook has brainwashed me. However, I'm proud to say I refuse to play Farmville, or any similar games.


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Beyond Hope:

(Restless sleeper/ LIPLIK trailers coming soon)

Love: A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

"Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading to its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen."

~ Unknown.

Have you told somebody you love them today? Because you might not be able to do so tomorrow.

--This is the rightfully created justice system for the cruel reviewers of the fanfiction world. This is My-Bella's site, and she has every right to call out those with mean intentions. For those of you who have left a nasty review, you might skip over the link, you might see what she has to say. For those who have recieved a heartbreaking review, I encourage you to check it out. You aren't alone, and it makes you feel better to know somebody is doing something about it.

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I hope I've helped a bit with your possible boredom. Though if can't cure that boredom, it must be pretty bad.

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is nobody in the world Youer than you."

~ Dr. Seuss.

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