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Hello, everyone. Hi, I guess.

My name is Commander Cody. Mydesignation number is CC-2224. I was a former Clone Marshal under the Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was one of my best pals during the Clone Wars, which lasted for nearly two years across the galaxy. We had lively chats with each other, and often traded jokes with each other as well.

Sadly, a fateful thing happened when Obi-Wan and I were engaged in a skirmish against General Grievous and his Separatist droid forces on the planet Utapau. In the midst of the battle, after I gave Obi-Wan back his lightsaber I received a transmission from the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Coruscant. The Supreme Chancellor issued a directive known as Order 66, which would, in effect, brand the Jedi as traitors to the Galactic Republic and give the authorization to eliminate any Jedi existing in the galaxy. Because I was a clone, and because I had been conditioned to comply with any order coming from the top without question, I had no choice but to execute that order.

So when the transmission ended, I spotted Obi-Wan on his weird-looking beast, scaling the rocky walls. Without hesitation I ordered a nearby All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) to blast the hell out of him. The order was immediately followed, resulting in Ob-Wan and his beast plummeting down. I had no idea whether he died from that blast or his fall.

Later in life I started to have regrets about that incident. The first regret was that I gave Obi-Wan his lightsaber back. I started thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it have been easier if the Chancellor’s orders were given before I gave Obi-Wan’s lightsaber back?”

The second regret came much later. I began to regret giving the order to kill Obi-Wan. He was my best pal, my war buddy. There were times when I could never help myself remembering the day that I lost my best comrade.

Unable to recuperate from the guilt of attempting to kill Obi-Wan after regaining my wits, as well as my personal autonomy and free will, I resigned from the Republic command post and traveled to planet Earth to seek solitude. I entered civilian life and managed to establish myself somewhere in the midst of the state of Virginia inside the United States of America, near the outskirts of Williamsburg because of the area’s ideal location in the midst of lush greenery. A friend encouraged me to seek some spiritual advice from a clergyman, which I did, and related the entire incident tohim. He became considerate to a fair degree, and told me to get over the incident and begin a new life.

Renewed by the clergyman, I eventually sought a career and a quiet life in one of the naval bases in Virginia as a tactical analyst, given my military training in the clone factory in Tipoca City on the planet Kamino. A few months later I began to take interest in writing as a pastime. My interest in writing came when I was surfing the web at random until I came to an American Girl site. Of particular interest and attraction was a fictional girl character called Felicity Merriman, described commercially as a spunky and spritely child growing up in the Middle Colony of Virginia. Her story takes place in Williamsburg, the capital city of its time. There was also a movie made about her called Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, which I found cute, though I constantly had to maintain my sense of masculinity while watching the film.

I eventually became attracted to this particular character from historical fiction, which led me to write a few fanfics about her and post them on FanFiction.Net. But before I could do that, I first had to read the main seriesbooks pertaining to the character, as well as do some research of the world she lived and grew up in. Before Iknew it, I became an avid Felicity fan.

A particularly touching theme in both the books and the film is Felicity’s friendship with Elizabeth Cole. When reading about it and watching the film that contained that theme, I couldn’t help it feeling touched by such scenes, as they remind me of my friendship with Obi-Wan many years ago during the Clone Wars. It was then that I was inspired to write Felicity fanfics for this website.

Thus concludes my story. Cody out.


About your Author

This story is actually fictional, so don't believe that I really did all of this. You may believe it if you want something to believe in, but I'm just letting you know that it's not exactly a true story. The whole "Commander Cody's life story" was just for…well, you know…entertainment. Hope you're all touched and inspired by Commander Cody's life story. Commander Cody is the face I masquerade when I'm on FanFiction.Net. The avatar that you see on my profile is from This is the face I show.

My name is David Thielman, and I am now 21 years old. For the most part I am a retired veteran of fanfiction writing, though I still, on occasion, post fanfics. I currently reside in Fredericksburg, Virginiathough in actuality I reside at the edge of the Stafford County, which neighbors Spotsylvania County. Please note that I will make an effort to notify you about my change of age...if I don't forget! Having been a high school graduate from the Seton Home Study School, I am currently a student at the Germanna Community College in the Fredericksburg region of Virginia (during the 2010 spring semester, as well as a previous freshman student at the Catholic University of America in the Washington District (during the 2009 fall semester, previously scheduled in the class of 2013).

I was initially hesitant to divulge my last name, due to the growing paranoia of identity theft. But I knew that if I was going to make a "huge" difference in the FanFiction.Net community, I would, at the very least, have to let people know who I really was. The last name thing is sort of a common fear among teenagers today, but when reading some teen literature, especially literature that talks about teens themselves, the absence of last names can be least to me.

This is why when people my age introduce themselves to me, I usually have to ask, “Last name?” If I'm ever going to make contact with some influential teen, or some teen in an influential group, what good would it do if I just had the first name? After all, last names uniquely identify individuals, since people use the same first name. An example of that is a circumstance of having two different people from different families named “David”. Thus, you might ask, “Which ‘David’ are we talking about?” If any of you readers out there have issues about the "last name thing", just PM me or send me an email. I'd love to hear opinions about it, even the ones that differ from my viewpoint.

Because the state of Virginia is a very historic place (yes; there's loads of history; colonial history, and even loads of American Civil War history, but I won't get into that right now), and because it's the state where I currently reside, I started having an avid/rabid fascination for Felicity the American Girl. Even if one doesn't live in Virginia, it may be possible to connect with Felicity the American Girl because Felicity's home state, according to the character's author Valerie Tripp, is Virginia, where I happen to live. The weather was different back in the colonial period (back in Felicity's time it was the Little Ice Age; today our climate seems to be a mite pleasant).

In spite of such differences, the surroundings, in my impression, may have been similar to what Felicity has encountered during much of her childhood years. It can also be a mite easier to connect with Felicity the American Girl if you're in a neighboring U.S. state, like Maryland. (Maryland is where Valerie Tripp resides, as I recall; Mrs. Tripp has been able to tour Williamsburg, which influenced much of the writings of the Felicity Series Books.) Even if one doesn't live in Williamsburg, at least downloading photo shoots of Felicity's hometown helps greatly with the mental connection...I think.

I also have a fascination for Star Trek as well, and for the most part I had, in the past, made several attempts in my mind to come up with a few fanfics that have Star Trek and Felicity the American Girl crossovers. Though I’m currently retired, I may consider writing other fanfics featuring Felicity Merriman and Benjamin Davidson of American Girl, and it is my hope that the romantic torch that Felicity and Ben carry will be kept alight forever through their related fanfics posted on FanFiction.Net for all generations to read. Some of my Felicity fanfics have some derivation of ideas from the Firefly TV series, of which I still take a great interest in…to this day.

Commander Cody’s Mission Statements

If you are searching, at random, for any of the best, well-written works fanfiction of any sort to read, Commander Cody CC-2224’s profile is one of few profiles on FanFiction.Net, out of many, that has the best of well-written fanfic works, in addition to the stories and authors that he marks on his Favorites list. And here’s why:

- We strive to write fanfiction of the highest quality while setting high standards for story-writing.

- We strive to edit our stories before posting them on the site, checking on mechanics and format to facilitate ease of reading.

- We strive to be accurate as we can in the historical eras that the canon-based characters live through…unless we’re writing parodies.

- We strive to be accurate as we can in the places of history that our canon-based characters live and travel through…unless we’re writing parodies.

- We strive to maintain consistent character with the characters of canon-based works, and to ensure the accuracy of all material of canon-based works through our fairly dedicated research in the wikis, books, and videos related to the characters of canon-based works…unless we’re writing parodies.

- We strive to keep our stories archived on FanFiction.Net to serve future generations.

- We strive to take criticisms of our story in stride, and if deemed to be practical, take the advice of reviewers who take their time to provide constructive feedback for the improvement of our stories.

- And most of all, whether in the realm of fanfiction or not, we strive to write stories featuring remarkable people, places, plot, and dialogue. We also strive to resist using contemporary 21st century speaking and terms for characters in different historical times and places and attempt to have them speak, whenever we can, in the manner befitting the historical era in which they lived in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes, the lack of specific historical information and information in connection to canon-based material may necessitate taking some creative liberties; however this is done only when no other specific information is available in the public domain.

Commander Cody’s Curiously Asked Questions

Do you post fanfiction immediately after writing?

At present, not at all. Before submitting a story, or even a chapter on FanFiction.Net, I always make sure that the prose to be displayed in the archives of cyberspace is tidy. I also strive to make sure that all chapters, when displayed on a web browser, are displayed in a tidy manner to facilitate ease of reading.

What do you use for writing?

Mostly I use Microsoft Word, which greatly helps with the writing and editing process. In cases where slow computers are concerned, I occasionally resort to the "poor man's word processor" types, such as Notepad and WordPad. I'm not all-perfect, sometimes I can screw up too, just like the rest of humanity; but I usually try to "Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt. 5:42)

Do you observe mechanics? Why is the observation of mechanics so important to you?

Every effort is made to make sure that the mechanics of grammar usage, spelling included, are observed. Usually, basic grammar rules are followed in the narrative, except in cases of story dialogue involving poor and awkward English to suit some requirements for historical and literal accuracy of canon-based characters and characters of different eras. Also of special importance are rules for inserting a period (.), comma (,), colon (:), semicolon (;) the apostrophe ('), the question mark (?) and quotation marks ("").

The observation of spelling and grammar is of considerable importance, at least for me, because more often than not, these rules are not always followed in this FanFiction web site, and oftentimes, when it comes to reading prose and poetry submitted on this Fan Fiction website, I often lose track of what I'm reading because these rules are not often followed. This is why I must, to the best of my abilities, make certain that these rules are followed.

Now let me emphasize here; this is not to snub other Fan Fiction writers; we are not always perfect, and we can screw up sometimes. Occasionally I can screw up, too, but much of the time this is unintentional. Sometimes I can read prose and poetry that is negligent of grammar rules without much difficulty, but it will be difficult for other readers to read such stuff.)

Do you make efforts to check your spelling? If so, why is spell-checking so important to you?

Every effort is made to spell-check when editing chapters. As to spelling, I always make sure that certain words, including words in the vernacular of the USA and the United Kingdom, are always spelled correctly, at least on the technical level. For me, as a Fan Fiction writer taking up writing as a hobby, spelling is crucially important. (Don’t get me wrong here; sometimes I neglect to spell certain words correctly, but these things are often the results of typo errors. Spelling issues can sometimes creep in regarding foreign words, though.)

Prose and poetry with misspelled words can often irk the reader, and can, more often than not, discourage him or her to just stop reading. Bear in mind that this would mainly apply to narrative purposes; sometimes "misspelled words" might be called for to demonstrate how a certain character pronounces his or her words when it comes to denoting certain manners and "accents" which a word is pronounced. An example of this is having a character speak like this: “You ain’t gonna go nowhere, boy.”, or “Whatever he’s doing right now ain’t right.” In this example, the character is made to intentionally speak that way. I also like to be technically correct on foreign words, especially; words that are borrowed from various countries, and from other weird realms of vocabulary in the fields of science.

In narrative, abiding by technical correctness allows the reader to "connect", so to speak, with the environment the story is trying to convey, and allows for the reader to cruise through the narrative in a fairly smooth manner. Spelling is also crucial because there are some words in the English vocabulary that are pronounced in the same manner but are spelled differently (homophones), hence the need to have words spelled correctly.

Do you pay attention to format? If so, why is paying attention to format so important to you?

I also pay particular attention to the details of format, but often format is somewhat of an obsession to me when it comes to keeping tidy with FanFiction.Net's web pages. Attention to format is also applied especially to how story chapters are laid out and how they are titled. This is also true with story summaries; when it comes to story summaries, most of the time I summarize what the story is about in complete sentences.

I also like to be "decorative", too, meaning that I like to add a touch of Bold, Italics, and Underline, or for that matter, a combination of something like THIS in order to spruce up the display of words, and these tools also come in handy when you want to give different indications as to what the mood of word is. Bold is used to call attention to a particular word; Italics is used to add emphasis to a word, and a certain narrative area in Italics usually denote a flashback, or an emphasis; and Underline is occasionally used to convey the uncertainty of a word or term existing in the narrative, which will be fixed up later.

Also featured in FanFiction.Net is the "Insert Horizontal Ruler" feature, a type of digital line bordering that always fits the computer screen, so that the writer won't have to resort to bordering characters like this ( -- ), this ( _ ), this ( ===== ), this ( ), and so on (any characters used), which end up getting too short on a larger computer screen, and too long for a smaller computer screen, and can often get messy in the bordering business.

Thank heavens for the "Insert Horizontal Ruler" feature on FanFiction.Net! I strongly encourage you readers out there to make use of this wonderful feature; it helps with housekeeping. Just use caution, though; sometimes misapplication of the "digital horizontal ruler" can mess up the way you display your composition works. As regards to the "digital horizontal ruler" feature, I always like to make sure that paragraphs have a single space preceding and following the "digital horizontal ruler".

Speaking of formatting, how do you divide up paragraphs? If so, why is paragraph division so important to you?

I employ a type of technique that I call “narrative division”. I usually divide paragraphs when appropriate in order to allow for "drama" to creep into the narrative prose; the division of paragraphs also allows ease for the reader so that he or she does not have to wade through a long, stringy paragraph of run-on prose. This tool is applied especially when it comes to denoting a different topic in discussion in the prose from the previous one.

In other words, in story prose, when one topic is about a current circumstance or characteristic, another paragraph is divided to allow for another circumstance or characteristic.

Here is an example of narrative division employed to convey different circumstances:

Sarah went into the house, only to find the kitchen empty. Most of the appliances were left off, except for the General Electric oven, which was left on because her mother was baking whole wheat bread.

“I think I’ll open the oven doors to see how the bread is turning out,” Sarah said to herself.

She hesitated for a moment, remembering how her mother told her not to open the oven doors, as her mother was concerned about heat escaping too quickly. This was her mother’s point of view; Sarah could recall reading from a home appliance article that the contrary could probably be the case.

In this example, the first paragraph talks about Sarah going into the kitchen. Another paragraph separates what Sarah is saying to herself. The third paragraph separates a different circumstance of Sarah recalling what her mother said about opening the oven doors and what a home appliance article saying contrary advice.

Another example uses narrative division to separate conversation dialogue:

Sarah’s mother entered the kitchen. Her face was filled with worry.

“Sarah, why are you opening the oven door?” her mother asked.

“I just wanted to see how the bread was doing in the oven,” replied Sarah.

“I thought I told you about not opening the oven doors,” her mother reminded her. “The heat escapes too quickly if you start opening it.”

From this example we learn that in one line Sarah’s mother is entering the kitchen. Each dialogue line between Sarah and her mother is separated from each other because each line is being said by a different character. However, the last paragraph keeps both the quotations of Sarah’s mother together because Sarah’s mother is the one speaking them.

Do you make sure that your tenses are consistent? If so, why is consistency of tense so important to you?

Every effort is made to be consistent with tenses. This means that tenses (i.e.present, past, and future, and others, if I am aware of any) are consistent with each other. When I was peer-reviewing some student essays while I was taking an English course at Germanna, I started noticing that some sentences had inconsistent tenses, due perhaps, to losing track of the current tense they were in. For example, a section of prose having the past tense and written in third person suddenly switches to present tense and possibly second or first person. Though it’s something I can probably put up with, there’s no denying that it’s a little annoying for me to read through.

Do you do your research?

Much of the time. Research, especially in virtually all fields that concern most of the stories posted on FanFiction.Net, such as historical, technological, psychological, etc., is considered to be a very integral part of fanfiction. It is a very critical part of fanfiction as well because if the story's environment lacks historical or canon accuracy it's like writing an alternate universe adaptation of the historical period.

It's probably bad enough that the Hollywood film industry deviates from historical accuracy. I know that delves into the area of film, but even in filmmaking, storytelling is an integral part. As an example, I shall discuss in brief the 1962 film of The 300 Spartans, where the Greek Spartans are depicted with the type of body armor and helmets (yes, especially the helmets) that correspond very closely with the armor suit worn by Roman legionaries. The Spartans in the film were even depicted as being very amicable to each other, like in polite society; in actuality, Spartan leaders and their soldiers would often act brutally toward each other and their enemies, and their society is such that I would not survive living in their spartan conditions). I would also suspect that the recent version of the 300 Spartans (300) would be somewhat exaggerated and deviating a little bit from historical accuracy, possibly for creative purposes.

Just bear in mind, though, that these are just simply factual errors and anachronisms that I discovered from IMDB's collection of goofs for The Three Hundred Spartans; nobody's perfect, and sometimes I deviate from historical accuracy by the use of maybe a few subtle anachronisms and occasional factual errors, too...just a little bit, but not too much. You can probably get away with them a little if they’re not too obvious, but I generally do my research in these matters because some historical fact and period accuracy are at the heart of most of my works of fanfiction, especially when it comes to writing fanfic works of Felicity the American Girl.

The conformity to period accuracy is especially true when it comes to period-accurate dialogue in the conversations of period-specified characters. It is to my belief that period-accurate dialogue (as accurate as can be made) allows readers to connect with the characters, as well as the historical moment. An inaccurate style of dialogue will end up making the reader think that they're reading an alternate universe version of human characters from historical fiction.

This topic also brings up another point regarding the use of dialogue. One of the manners of dialogue that I make some effort to avoid as beast as I can is clunky dialogue (exceptions for child characters). This is the manner of dialogue that I just cringe over reading (and listening being read), especially when it comes to stories about children in their formative years. (This also applies to movies, too.) Of course, eliminating clunky dialogue is a bit of a challenge, but it seems to be well worth it in the end if you’re going to write serious dialogue for characters on a script.

Now…sometimes, as I had just mentioned before I deviate from historical accuracy, as well as technological accuracy, just a little bit, but not too much. Sometimes such deviations might be necessary for the convenience of the plot, but by no means do such deviations dominate much of my fanfic works. Sometimes deviations might be necessary to fill up certain gaps in the plot lines, perhaps just to keep the story going, especially if not much information related to canon-based works are available in the public domain.

Common Sense…In Storywriting?

Much of the time I usually try to keep plot elements in line with common sense, though sometimes too much conformity to common sense might render a story an uninteresting read, and would end up implying an all-perfect atmosphere for story characters. But by no means is common sense completely thrown into the dumpster; without this "tool", most of my fanfic works would be nothing more than prose that greatly disconnects the readers from reality because the characters are doing things, or are encouraged to do things that deviate from common sense, and more importantly, suffer no consequences.

Frankly, it’s all about being consistent in the storyline. Some stories do not usually employ common sense, and I credit the Nostalgia Critic for discovering this. An example of this is in Captain N, where the main protagonist Kevin has the power to “pause reality”. However, we don’t see Kevin exercising this power to finish off the main antagonist, the Mother Brain, in less time, and as implied, there seem to be no limitations to the use of this power. If that were the case, common sense would dictate that he use this power as much as possible to finish off the Mother Brain in less time.

Applying common sense in a storyline allows for the drama of the storyline in becoming more interesting for readers, and also allows for the story line to make sense, too.

Where do you get your motivation to apply common sense in your stories?

Many of the admonition sabout common sense in blockbuster films were derived from the RedLetterMedia reviews for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Avatar movies, and as a result have come to influence me in matters about applying some common sense ina majority, if not all, of my plot lines. Also include the Nostalgia Critic on my list. To access these reviews in order to get some sort of idea as to what I'm rambling on and on about, look no further than this following website:

Click directly to PLINKETT REVIEWS

For Nostalgia Critic, go to:

Then go to the Videos tab, go to the sub-tab ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and then click the second sub-tab Nostalgia Critic.

How to Contact Commander Cody

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop by and send me an email, to this particular email address set up by Commander Cody himself:

(This revealed email may also be intended for users and non-users too lazy to log in. I usually don't worry about having a lot of junk in my email account; in fact, my Commander Cody account was set up specifically for the purpose of handling and storing email messages sent from anyone who may have questions about the fanfics I write, whether they are related to FanFiction.Net or not.)

Commander Cody’s Wikis

Recently I have created a web page in Wikia called the Felicity an American Girl Expanded Universe series. I must note, however, that the Expanded Universe series is still in its infancy. Those of you Felicity: an American Girl fans who have fervently devoured my Felicity fanfics are more than welcome to post and expound on summaries concerning the various fanfics of the authors on FanFiction.Net who have greatly contributed their own Felicity fanfics in the various timelines they conform to. You are also more than welcome to expound on Felicity's family members and friends in the manner that conforms to their varied universes. Please keep the content relevant to Felicity: an American Girl fanfics, though.

The following link will take you directly to the main webpage of the Expanded Universe series. To access this website immediately and directly from my profile, look no further than this following link as you click this:

I have also attempted a creation of a wiki website dedicated solely to showcasing the legacy of Commander Cody CC-2224.

Please note, though, that the site has, and still is, in its early stages of construction.

The purpose of pasting both links on FanFiction.Net is so that both links will not be lost forever in cyberspace while still in their formative years.

Commander Cody’s OTHER Profile…on FictionPress.Com

My most recent change to this profile, made at least a year ago, lies in the Homepage link. The Homepage link takes you directly to a website on FictionPress.Com, where you will behold the "awesomeness" of Commander Cody CC-2224's profile on FictionPress.Com. The profile itself also has a Homepage link which will take you back home to Commander Cody CC-2224's profile on FanFiction.Net. In other words, both profiles on FanFiction.Net and are integrated together and "bridged".


Star Trek: The Next Generation – Souvenirs (A Felicity Fanfic)

(a.k.a. STAR TREK XII or “Felicity Merriman and the Enterprise-D”)

This literary work of fanfiction comprises of a crossover of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Felicity: AnAmerican Girl. In the Star Trek universe, the story takes place in the early to mid-24th Century A.D., on stardate 48766.1 (regular date is April 11, 2370 A.D.), almost after the ST-TNG episode All Good Things….

In Felicity Merriman’s world, the story takes place on April 2, 1776 A.D., almost prior to the events in Traitor in Williamsburg. Felicity and her friends and siblings are abducted by a technologically advanced alien race and then in a series of interesting events end up on board the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). They enjoy their exciting time on board the Enterprise, encountering new technological amenities and new people, while trying to retain their cultural identity.

But behind this adventurous visit lies an ever-present galactic threat not only to the Enterprise, but to the five colonial children as well. It is only a matter of time before each of the children must forget each other’s differences, as they band together in order to survive, as they encounter a highly advanced alien race, the Enterprise and her diverse crew, a race of cyborgs ruthlessly bent on assimilating them, and a beloved starship chaplain devoted to protecting the children's lives.

Star Trek TNG: Souvenirs is a typical Chronicles of Narnia story, except it involves a timejump 8 centuries into the future from 1776 and back. It is also a fairly action-packed Star Trek TNG/American Girl crossover adventure and sci-fi story of friendship, loyalty, conflict, survival, and uncommon valor in the face of danger on the part of children.

This legendary work of fanfiction boasts of sixty-eight chapters, plus eight" chapters" devoted to alternate/deleted story scenes, a questionnaire answer section, and acknowledgments!


Commander Cody CC-2224's short novelettes

(NOTE: These novelettes are arranged in chronological order of their official releases.)


The Last Child in Williamsburg (Alternate Universe)

Felicity Merriman is the last surviving colonial child to ever inhabit the town of Williamsburg, Virginia, after the occurrence of an 18th century pandemic apocalypse in the Thirteen Colonies when the town is under military quarantine. Along with her beloved horse, Penny, who is her sole companion, each of them must be on an ever-vigilant watch for the remaining townsfolk, whose animal instincts have taken over them, leaving them bereft without rational thought and mercy. They must also be on the lookout for themselves. But will Felicity continue her bleak existence, bereft of all welcoming human companionship? An Alternate Universe fanfic depicting a tragic theme of Felicity the American Girl. Inspired by the movie I Am Legend.


Benstown is a thrilling Felicity: An American Girl adventure story with a semi-adventurous flick. Felicity Merriman’s engaged and beloved Benjamin Davidson, who formerly served in the Continental Army as a sergeant in the Fifth Regiment, a subdivision of Col. Henry Lee’s Legion operating as a wartime special assignments organization, and is still finishing his apprenticeship with Felicity’s father.

Ben is hailed as the town hero in Charles Town, South Carolina, while Felicity’s father is engaged in a business venture in the town. Ben’s situation is the end result of his former involvement in a previous heist gone awry during the latter years of the American War for Independence against Britain. And Felicity herself seems to be quite thrilled about it, until Ben gets a little too carried away, and until Ben winds up in a deadly conflict against a former comrade in the Fifth Regiment he was with during the heist. Inspired by the Firefly TV Series episode Jaynestown.

Young Benjamin Davidson

The story of Benjamin Davidson and how he became the beloved lad that we know today in the Felicity: an American Girl series. Young Benjamin Davidson narrates Ben’s childhood from infancy to the early part of his teenage years in a semi-accelerated approach. Witness how the interesting events of his childhood have shaped him into the character that we know today, and how his childhood influences greatly coincide with, and foreshadow, the characteristics that you will see further in the rest of the Felicity Series books. The ultimate sequel to one of Valerie Tripp’s unique literary creations ever to be written concerning the history of colonial America.

Duel For You, Ben Davidson

The prequel to the previously released Benstown, Duel For You, Ben Davidson narrates another exciting story of Felicity Merriman’s and her engaged and beloved Benjamin Davidson, who formerly served in the Continental Army as a sergeant in the Fifth Regiment, a subdivision of Col. Henry Lee’s Legion operating as a wartime special assignments organization, and is still finishing his apprenticeship with Felicity’s father.

Duel tells the story of Ben Davidson having his participation at a grand ball in Richmond transform into a duel in defense of her honor and the romantic prospects both him and Felicity. With a semi-adventurous flick, Duel will keep you in a flux that entails you getting gripped to your seat (whilst reading from the pages or a book or on a computer screen) or in a relaxed mood.

The story brings into life new interesting characters; some from the imagination of the author, and others recalled from the Felicity series books written by Valerie Tripp, as well as from two of the Felicity books written by Elizabeth McDavid Jones: Traitor in Williamsburg and Lady Margaret’s Ghost. Inspired by the Firefly TV Series episode Shindig. Story title derived from a famous quote about T.R.: “Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt.”

The Wedding of Felicity and Ben

This wedding story of Felicity Merriman and Benjamin Davidson is supposed to be the culmination of most of the Lissie and Ben stories that take place in the post-Revolutionary War era. After four years of seemingly agonizing waiting for Ben, she and her handsome lover finally get married. Their wedding involves almost the entire community of Williamsburg, as the town itself is close-knit. The story is supposed to be the last of Commander Cody CC-2224’s finest works on the teenage/grownup years of Felicity and Ben.


A Dangerous Treasure

This is Commander Cody’s very first fanfic work based on the Tangled film. This story features Flynn Rider’s first encounter with Mother Gothel…for the very first time. Flynn unburdens to Rapunzel a horrible moment in his life that took place during his career days as a soldier-of-fortune. He details how he, along with the Stabbington Brothers, first encountered her on a search party. But is Mother Gothel just an eccentric, innocent woman, or does she have a devious plan involving Flynn Rider himself? Story inspired by Treyarch’s latest cinematic videogame of the Call of Duty series titled Call of Duty: Black Ops. Only two chapters long, so that makes for easy reading!

Entangled in Plague

Set about five years later after the events of the Tangled film, Flynn Rider tells the story of how he disarmed a dangerous Plague Device in Corona’s Capital City to his five-year-old daughter Daphne. It is a royal commission from the King and Queen of Corona, but it carries a great risk not only to his life but to the city and its inhabitants as well. Flynn would not be here to tell his story to little Daphne if he had not succeeded; but how in the world did he manage to achieve his objective and make it out alive at the same time? Story inspired by the motion picture The Hurt Locker.


The Needs of the Many


The Needs of the Many II




Judy Moody and her Evening with Infinity Ward

The first Judy Moody fanfic ever to be released on FanFiction.Net…and crossed over with the Call of Duty video game series! Judy Moody and her brother Stink experience their first thrills with exploring the Infinity Ward Museum in Encino, California. But when the pair explores the very same room that was featured in the very last level of Modern Warfare 2, things start to go awry as a single push of the information desk bell triggers a hostile encounter with the characters of Modern Warfare 2 on exhibit display. Can Judy Moody and Stink survive this deadly encounter and make it out alive?


Commander Cody CC-2224 has just officially released what appears to be his last "major" "masterpiece"...I mean, work of American Girl Fan Fiction: The Wedding of Felicity and Ben. He now intends to finish the now-50-chapter story of Star Trek TNG Souvenirs a Felicity fanfic. He hopes to at least accomplish this great project before May of 2010, by which point his teenage years come to an end.

However, Commander Cody has pretty intensive schoolwork to go through at Germanna and can only work thoroughly on the story at a possible average of one chapter a month; a week, if he happens to get lucky; this could get past the goal set in May. Chapters will take long in coming as he traverses through the pretty tough school year.

Commander Cody had planned to whip up a remotely possible fanfic novel that is heavily based on Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. He hoped to be able to accomplish this feat after finishing the Star Trek/Felicity story. After reading fairly extensive research material on the HDM trilogy, Commander Cody hoped to accomplish two primary objectives within the fanfic itself: To reunite the novel's two beloved characters Lyra Belacqua/Silvertongue and Will Parry while they are still in the prime of their lives (the beginning of their teenage years), and to reconcile the Church in Lyra's world (assuming that it can be done in a logical, realistic manner).

Commander Cody had already read the entire His Dark Materials trilogy, including Lyra's Oxford, and has already made a fairly organized outline. In addition to that, he has collected loads of Internet-based info about the His Dark Materials trilogy, too, and possibly a bit of research about the Roman Catholic Church (the religious denomination he belongs to). However, it seemed to be very much debatable as to whether Commander Cody finds it worth his while, and his time, to proceed further with such a project in mind. Commander Cody's script had sort of been made; however, copyright issues began dampening his resolve to invest his time on the project, as he hoped to write something that he can actually publish in the public sphere aside from just inFanFiction.Net.

This time, however, as of 2011, Commander Cody has official decided to CANCEL the entire HDM fanfiction literary project altogether simply because he wants to devote his life to other areas of interest.

Due to said project, Commander Cody has officially consigned Star Trek Enterprise-B - Assignment: Williamsburg to his "Limbo & Mausoleum" profile on FictionPress.Com, on the "Complete" status, with only a story summary in his chapter list, just so that readers can get a glimpse of the story exhibit, as well as a rudimentary idea as to what basically goes on in the fanfic. Also included with the collection to be exhibited on FictionPress.Com will be the reviews given for the fanfic story. Depending if the policies of both FanFiction.Net and FictionPress.Com allow for such actions, Commander Cody may proceed in deleting the story from his profile and add it to his profile on FictionPress.Com, along with the story reviews. Fortunately the operation was a great success, and now his unfinished story (accidentally posted on FanFiction.Net) is now available online to the general public.

As of now, Commander Cody has decided to retire from writing any more fanfiction literary works. On occasion, he may take the time to read a certain fanfic work and flag it as his favorite if he likes it very much. However, he might...just occasional fanfic works on this site...if he has the time.

Author's Miscellany

You know what? It just dawned on me! Concerning the word "akimbo": I looked up the definition of that particular word and I just discovered that the word "akimbo" means to have your hands on your hips, with your elbows spread out. In most of my stories I ended up using that word in the context of crossing one's arms. So if you see that word "akimbo", use it in the sense of someone crossing one's arms.

So next time, I'll just simply use the phrase "crossed his/her arms" when I want to have a particular character of mine crossing his or her arms.

(Message posted as of 08-10-2009 A.D.)

Star Trek TNG Souvenirs A Felicity Fanfic

Chapter 48 seems to have a bit of a spot. I seem to have lacked the conveying of tension among Felicity and her friends and siblings; it's almost as though they're taking the Borg invasion so lightly, when in reality they would have been pretty scared. In other words, the essence of fear is, I think, sorely lacking in this particular chapter. I intend to fix that problem when I have the opportunity, and when my mind is in writing condition.

(Message posted as of 04-12-2010 A.D.)

Author's Updates - Year 2010 (A Glorious Year!)

My most recent change to this website, as of April 19, 2010 A.D., lies in the Homepage link. Rather than taking you directly to my makeshift Wiki of Felicity An American Girl Expanded Universe, as it had in the past, the Homepage link will take you directly to a website on FictionPress.Com, where you will behold the "awsomeness" of Commander Cody CC-2224's profile on FictionPress.Com. The profile itself also has a Homepage link which will take you back home to Commander Cody CC-2224's profile on FanFiction.Net. In other words, both profiles on FanFiction.Net and are integrated together and "bridged". The purpose of this change is to allow accessers of Commander Cody's website to be able to access directly Commander Cody's profile on FictionPress.Com, where the FictionPress.Com website will become a repository of Commander Cody's discarded stories from FanFiction.Net (in case he does some measure of discarding), as well as a possible resurrection site for said stories in case Commander Cody wants to resurrect them again and bring them to their former glory on FanFiction.Net. In other words, Commander Cody's profile on FictionPress.Com is both "Limbo & Mausoleum" for Commander Cody's unfinished stories from FanFiction.Net.

As of April 19, 2010 A.D., the author will withhold the six chapters of Star Trek TNG Souvenirs A Felicity Fanfic that depict the following battle taking place between the Enterprise, the Corellian Battle Cruiser K'Mar, and the Borg collective until he has edited them for spelling, grammar, continuity, smooth story transition, and elements of tension in battle in the plot elements.

All links in Commander Cody's profile have been officially configured to open in a new web page (or browser) so that the average computer user won't get totally lost from Commander Cody's profile.

As of Monday, May 03, 2010, Commander Cody has established an official Facebook "group" called "The Commander Cody FanFiction.Net Author Site". This Facebook site is still in its infancy, and has yet to be improved; however, Commander Cody rarely touches Facebook, as he considers it to be an addictive waste of his time, and would much rather get to work on his literary opuses. If you would like, however, to take a look at the handiwork of Commander Cody, look no further than this link:!/pages/The-Commander-Cody-FanFictionNet-Author-Site/119774378040298?v=wall. This page should be accessible to anyone clicking this link.

For readers who would like to connect with Commander Cody's alias, David Thielman, you must first establish a Facebook account, and if you have already, you must send a friend confirmation request to David Thielman and wait for him to confirm it. If you're not sure which David Thielman it is to send said request, drop him a message in the FanFiction.Net's PM system, or send him an email (you must first log in to view Commander Cody's email address.) Don't worry; any messages sent to Commander Cody won't get dropped into the Spam mail dumpster.

As of May 14, 2010, Commander Cody decided to split Chapter 49 into two chapters, Chapter 49 and Chapter 50. As a result, ST-TNG - Souvenirs will be expanded into 65 chapters (rather than the original plan of 64 chapters).

As of May 17, 2010 Commander Cody is scheduled to go with his family to Abbotsford in Canada. Progress on ST-TNG - Souvenirs may be slow, and it's likely that Commander Cody may be devoting a portion of his vacation time to doing major chapter draft outline revisions on a possible HDM fanfic called His Dark Materials- Salvation. (Philip Pullman owns His Dark Materials, not me, just to let you know.) Thank you for your patience.

May 27, 2010 - Commander Cody has arrived from Abbotsford and has arrived back in Fredericksburg, Virginia, two days before this yeardate. However, he was signed up for academic summer courses at the Germanna Community College; and this is a type of summer that Commander Cody really ain't looking forward to. Because Commander Cody is, at the present, bogged down with so much s*-* to do that he doesn't even know where to start. Aside from that, he is also struggling to make sense of the academic s*-* that he's been bogged down with. Because of his present circumstance, it will be some time before he can upload more chapters to FanFiction.Net for Star Trek TNG Souvenirs. However, the one thing that Commander Cody can look forward to during the Long Hot Summer is that he has only signed up for two courses at Germanna. But don't start thinking that two summer courses ain't that overwhelming; in fact don't even be fooled about college courses being easy to tackle. For the average human being like Commander Cody, they are not, and most likely the same can be said of other people like him, too. Commander Cody has already had a taste of what college can be like at its most overwhelming during his days at CUA, before he had to withdraw from two courses due to imminent course failure. But don't worry about him, folks; Commande Cody may be able to get back on track with finishing ST-TNG-S if he has the time. If you'd like to assist him in his endeavours in your own ways, however great or small, you can start by giving him your prayers.

June 29, 2010 - Commander Cody has finally submitted Chapters 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 of Star Trek TNG Souvenirs. Some thought-provoking questions are embedded at the end of some of these aforementioned submitted chapters. Just a little something for readers to do while I'm working at the rest of the story chapters.

June 30, 2010 - In Chapters 55 and 56 Commander Cody decided to feature Felicity use the Russian PPSh-41 submachine gun instead of the Italian Beretta Model 38A. The reasons for this change was: (1) He thought that it would be practical for Felicity to use a firearm with a larger ammo drum capacity, (2) That the PPSh-41 was a more recognizable weapon in WWII history on the Eastern Front, and (3) "c00ln3ss"; the PPSh seems to look aesthetically better and practically a little more effective in firepower rate than the Beretta Model 38A.

July 06, 2010 - The next several chapters (estimated to be Nine left; yeah; the Nine!) will take a while in coming. At this point Commander Cody is busy putting the remaining chapters from script form to narrative form. Commander Cody hopes to get this done before the fall semester, before he gets too bogged down with even more s*-* to do for the fall.

August 03, 2010 - Commander Cody has uploaded the last chapters of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Souvenirs! It's finally finished! Also, Commander Cody has done the necessary and much-needed housekeeping on all his story chapters on every story he's posted on FanFiction.Net in the past two years. He also moved the officially unfinished Star Trek: Enterprise-B - Assignment: Williamsburg to his Commander Cody CC-2224 profile on FictionPress.Com. Commander Cody is due to start the fall session at Germanna Community College, and it may be well possible that he won't be writing any more stories for the time being.

And Finally...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - Commander Cody has officially announced that he is going to retire from fanfiction writing. He wants to devote the next portion of his life to other interests aside from fanfiction writing. However, he might post occasional fanfic works on this site. But his legacy shall always remain on FanFiction.Net for ages to come.

Author's Updates - Year 2011

June 19, 2011 - During this current year, fanfiction writing activity virtually ceased during the spring semester, and Commander Cody has not visited his profile a lot; much less this fanfiction site itself. That's because Commander Cody was heavily engaged in schoolwork, as well as various extracurricular activities, such as playing video games on his brand-new Cyberpower Gamer Ultra GUA-110 gaming computer.

However, Commander Cody had found time to engineer the release of two brief fanfic works based on Disney's Tangled film. The first, A Dangerous Treasure, takes place during the Tangled film, and has already been released on April 2011. The second, Entangled In Plague, takes place after the events of the Tangled film, and is bound to be released either tonight or tomorrow. More information on these two films later on the NOW OFFICIALLY RELEASED section of this profile.

Commander Cody plans to release a second one-shot fanfic of the Star Trek 2009 movie featuring Kirk, Spock, and McCoy engaged in philosophical discussion about the latest Fable video game, Fable III.

September 12, 2011 - Commander Cody will now be divulging his new YouTube channel called DavyTheEntertainer. He has officially released a brand-new video lecture called "Why James Cameron's Avatar Is Not Anti-Military". Click the link to watch:

Part 1 -

Part 2-A -

Part 2-B -

Part 2-C -

Part 3 -

Part 4-A -

Part 4-B -

Part 5 -

Commander Cody is also planning to release a new Lissie and Ben fanfic, and it's called His Excellency's Orders. This fanfic will delve into an area in Ben Davidson's military career during the American War for Independence, which comprises of a military assignment that will take Ben and his war comrades, Walter Wheaton and Matthew Brady to accomplish. (Both the characters Walter Wheaton and Matthew Brady were featured in Duel For You, Ben Davidson; however, Walter Wheaton was originally featured in Elizabeth McDavid Jones's book on Felicity the American Girl titled Lady Margaret's Ghost.)

However, Commander Cody plans to tell Ben's story in the form of a flashback; he will be telling his story when both Felicity and Ben are married and have children of their own. That's to make sure that Felicity is not left out entirely in the story.

May 25 - The first two chapters of “His Excellency’s Orders” has been released. The rest of the chapters will be released in serials, so check back often, or at least once in a while. Readers who consider this fanfic work of interest to them may want to subscribe to the story to receive notifications of newly released chapters.

May 26 - “Star Trek TNG: Souvenirs” has been moved back to the American Girl section due to the fact that there are just so many fanfics for Star Trek The Next Generation, and the American Girl section contains only at least a tenth of the amount of fanfic works that the Star Trek TNG section has. The author assumes that the Star Trek universe has made a significant impact in world history, so he assumes that readers in the American Girl section will have some familiarity with at least some of the characters of Star Trek ; however, some readers might want to head to to look up certain characters they encounter in “Star Trek TNG: Souvenirs”. After all, this epic fanfic work is mainly about Felicity the American Girl and friends...

Author's Updates - Year 2012

August 8, 2012 - The final chapters of the seemingly long-anticipated fanfic "His Excellency's Orders" have...FINALLY...been released. Remember Ben Davidson, the character from the Felicity the American Girl Series? For some of you who may not be familiar with the work, "His Excellency's Orders" features a glimpse of Ben Davidson's participation in the American War for Independence. Rather than featuring Ben as a common soldier in Washington's Army the way most fanfics about Lissie and Ben seem to have done, this fanfic takes a pretty radical step; it features Ben participating in a special tasks branch in Washington's Army known as the Fifth Regiment.

The fanfic features Lissie and Ben, and it also...briefly...features a reprise cast of all the characters we have read about in the Felicity the American Girl series. We get to see Lissie and Ben's children, and those of Elizabeth and Phillip Michaels, previously featured in "Duel For You, Ben Davidson". As the children of Lissie and Ben and Elizabeth and Phillip listen with rapt attention to Ben's storytelling, we get a glimpse of what it is like for Ben and his two trusty comrades, Walter Wheaton and Matthew Brady to operate behind the British lines. When Ben and his comrades are assigned on a special sabotage and rescue mission by His Excellency, General George Washington, the stakes in securing the freedom of the Thirteen Colonies have never been higher. Will Ben and his comrades be successful in pulling a double-assignment off? Read to find out!

As of August 8, “His Excellency’s Orders” will, by far, become the last fanfic Commander Cody will write, as Commander Cody intends to spend the rest of his time to devote himself to other projects not related to writing fanfiction. Commander Cody, however, may occasionally read and flag-favorite other fanfics on this site.

Commander Cody will be taking college courses related to accounting both at Germanna Community College and Mary Washington College. He is in the process of pursuing a degree in Business Administration from Mary Washington College with an Accounting Track.

Authors Updates - Year 2013

February 9, 2013 - It has been a very, very long time since Commander Cody has posted much of anything resembling even a story. Of course he's still retired from fanfiction writing, but it didn't take a whole lot of effort on his part to come up with a different take on the biblical story on the Wedding at Cana. It's now available on this site. Enjoy, and happy reading.

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