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Author has written 4 stories for Warriors, and A Separate Peace.

I mainly write Warriors fanfics, however, I will also write Harry Potter, Twilight (possibly), Friends, and many others.
Got any ideas for a story, you just don't know how to word it? Send me your ideas and I'll probably be able to write it down for ya, I'll just need to know what the fanfic is for. I'm a nice person and I love writing. So just take a look at my work, and tell me what you think :}

I roleplay on
Ask for the accounts, and I'll totally give you them.

I also have a Facebook, so if you want, I might give it to you, it depends ;)

But until then, thank you for reading this and I hope you have a nice day.

Much love, Spottedfire of Shadowclan.

My favorite Warrior Cats~
First series: Firestar(I love Firestar because of his loyalty to his clan and how true he is to his friends), Tigerstar(I felt that he was just misunderstood and I loved him from the moment I was introduced into the Warrior world until the last moment when he was taken away from the Warrior world), Spottedleaf(She was Firestar's first love and I thought that she had the purest of hearts; she did not deserve to die), and really, at the end of the series, I loved both Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw, because Bramblepaw stuck by his Clan even though he was judged harshly for his blood, and I admired Tawypaw, because she was strong, and did what she felt was right, even though she never like her father.
New Prophecy: Brambleclaw, Hawkfrost, Crowfeather, Silverfeather, and Tawnypelt were my favorite in this series. Brambleclaw, because of earlier reasons from the first series, but also because of his personality. In so many ways, he acted like his father, but Brambeclaw had something Tigerstar never understood; he had love and he embraced it. Hawkfrost, because just like his father, he seemed misunderstood. I know how that must sound, seeing as Hawkfrost&Tigerstar were both murderers, but I think that every murderer starts somewhere, and I just feel as though they weren't acknowledged or cared for enough in their kithood and everyone expected them to do better, so they tried their hardest, that's why I like them. Crowfeather, he was in love with Silverfeather, and his personality made me smile. He was stubborn, and I liked that about Crowfeather. I think Silverfeather was good for him, but her fate lay in Starclan's paws, so they were never meant to be. Silverfeather, she was a hero, that's all I have to stay. She embraced her destiny, and when Crowfeather fell in love with Leafpool, she told Leafpool to take care of him. There is nothing stronger than a girl (or in this situation, a she-cat) that is willing to let go of their loved one if it insures their happiness. And lastly, Tawnypelt, just as the reasons stated above, however, I find that I liked Tawnypelt better in the New Prophecy because she was given more of a personality. She's stubborn and even though the remainder of her family is in Thunderclan, she remained strong and was loved by her new Clan so much; she wasn't even hated for her blood. To be honest, she was more accepted into Shadowclan than she appeared in Thunderclan, even if those cats would never admit it.
The Power of Three&The Omen of the Stars: Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Crowfeather, Flametail, and Tigerheart. Lionblaze, I adored his courage and the way he walked away from Tigerstar and Hawkfrost after they had trained him so hard, it must have been so hard. Especially since I'm sure Brambleclaw knew about it the whole time, he just wouldn't say it. Lionblaze just seemed like a cat I would get along with, despite how cocky he is. Jayfeather, I have to admit, I didn't like him in the beginning of the series, but the more I read it, I slowly started realizing the similarities he shared with his father, Crowfeather, and I guess that's why I started falling in love with Jayfeather. Not only that, but I loved his past as Jay's Wing and how strong he tried to be even though he was blind. I even envy for his courage to try to become a warrior despite being blind. It takes a lot of heart to do that. Crowfeather, I adored him, as I always have. However, I don't think I liked him so much when he denied Hollyleaf's statement, but he wasn't going to admit that he had been in love with a medicine cat! But, all in all, Crowfeather was a good tom. He was heartbroken after Leafpool left him and it left a hole in his heart, and I think after the day he found out, he secretly watched his kits from a far. Flametail, where to start? He was so adorable as a kit! And the way he and Jayfeather were both studying to be Medicine cats really made my heart quench. The part that I loved the most was when Flametail was a kit and he looked at Lionblaze, putting his paw up to his eyes and saying that they're the same. It just made me smile so wide! It was the cutest thing. And out of the whole series, I never cried so much when he died. R.I.P. Flametail! Now, Tigerheart. He's defiantly an interesting one. In fact, I think he's more like Brambleclaw now that I think about it. He fell in love with someone he wasn't supposed to, he went to the Dark Forest to train because he thought it was the right thing to do, and he did what Brambleclaw did too; he became almost an exact opposite of Tigerstar.

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