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8/2/12 - I have returned, yet again. I have completed my rewrite of Fate and now am issuing a challenge to my fellow writers. Write me something worth reading. Don't mistake me for being arrogant, however, looking through the site periodically I have found very few stories engaging. Therefore, I'm encouraging all of you who read this to write something to stop my complaining. Not so long ago there were many great story writers, now it seems that most of the population has the writing capability of elementary school children. I'm not the best writer here, far from it, in fact a handful of people I think are way better than me can be found in my favorites. Write me something I want to read again. I will continue my own work from this point on so that people like me will have something decent to read. I may change some things in Waking Destiny and The Lost Ones will resume in due time.

12/29/10- Finally a new chapter posted for The Lost Ones. I would have had it posted a lot sooner if I hadn't had to recover my computer system. Unfortunately I had up to chapter ten done and then I lost all of my work after the Interlude, but no worries. I did a rewrite and will be working to replace what I lost. I will also be trying to work on my ReVamp of Fate as much as I can, both are my priority.

6/14/10- ALL WORK IS NOW COMPLETELY ON HOLD! I'm moving and will not have access to the internet for at least a month, therefore, I will be unable to update. terribly sorry, but there is nothing I can do about it.

5/26/10- Noticed problems in SOTB with my section dividers suddenly not being there for some reason. Working on that and also fixing some of my other grammatical errors while I do. Don't worry, I'm still alive.

3/17/10- Getting rid of some of the writers block. New chapter up for The Lost Ones and repost of Fate of Awakening Love! Deleted Nothing To Do. it just didn't have a place anymore. I think Fate will be much more interesting now though.

2/7/10- Experiencing some major writer's block here. Hope it ends soon. In the meantime, new story posted in effort to rid myself of the curse. Just another oneshot of randomness.

6/28/09: As much as I love my spelling errors, I have gone through ALL of my stories and corrected them. There should not be any left. Sadly, I was making so many because I thought I didn't have a word processor. I only found out that I did after I wrote Chapter 23 in Waking Destiny. You should not find any in Secrets of the Blood because I have been using it since the aforementioned chapter in Waking Destiny. Special thanks to rufustehshinra for the review that kicked me into proof reading action. Now we can all enjoy a proper reading without getting pissed off at me for not being able to spell sometimes.

STUFF ABOUT ME (Because I'm finally getting around to it)

Likes- String, reading, writing, plotting against people, drawing, painting, good music, good movies, colorful things, shiny things, scaring people, randomness and probably a lot more stuff than that.

Dislikes- Stupid people, bad music, bad movies, typos (even though I tend to have a lot of them, they give me nightmares I swear it), evil pink bunnies, people who tear apart books, people who say they hate books, chocolate, and I'm going to stop with that because I could go on forever.

Gender- Guess

Occupation- Plotting against people

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Favorite Subject- Art

Favorite Instrument- Irish bagpipe

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"When life gives you lemons, squirt them in someone's eye." (My personal saying)

"The ending is always bloody, however fine the rest of the play." -Pascal

"Life's a bitch, now so am I!" -Catwoman, Batman Returns.

"Sentimentalism is the working off on yourself of feelings you haven't really got." -D.H.Lawrence, as quoted in White Oleander by Janet Fitch

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A Gift of Malice by Astridhe reviews
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Jarlaxle awakes to find that Artemis had just started his escape plan. Their only chance: to flee through the magical door Entreri saw when they were captured by the sorceress Tandy. Jarlaxle is still weak. Will Entreri remain partners with him? NO ENDING
Forgotten Realms - Rated: M - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 21 - Words: 108,851 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 12/19/2011 - Published: 2/19/2008 - Artemis E., Jarlaxle - Complete
The Only One by Lola Witherbottoms reviews
After Drizzt loses everything important to him and is taken prisoner in the worst way, Artemis Entreri may be his only hope for freedom and a chance at a new life. Major slash, majorly OOC--you've been warned.
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Bleed by Lola Witherbottoms reviews
Lying on the floor was nothing new. It felt as though he did it every day of his life. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend he was dreaming and ignore what little remained of the pain. A short fic detailing the last moments of Drizzt Do'Urden's life.
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62 Ways to Annoy Jarlaxle by Theine reviews
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A Troubled Partnership by Surreptitious Chi X reviews
A short scene. Jarlaxle, Artemis, and Drizzt all working together amicably has a few problems. One of these problems is Jarlaxle's propensity to play tricks on people or embarrass them for no rational reason. This is strictly a humorous idea.
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Fool by Nariel reviews
Set during end of "Starless Night": Drizzt is on his way back to the Surface with his most beloved friend and his most hated enemy. The Baenre dungeons have left their mark on him, but Artemis Entreri is being far from sympathetic...
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SLASH! Drizzt is captured and tortured in the Baenre complex during Starless Night. How far will Dantrag Baenre go to make sure Drizzt lives to fight him, and how far will Artemis Entreri go to save him?
Forgotten Realms - Rated: M - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 15 - Words: 13,927 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 12/6/2004 - Published: 8/19/2004
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Fate of Awakening LoveV2 reviews
Revamped from the original! When two people who don't know each other start having dreams about the other, what will happen? Is it destiny, or just a coincidence? This is my comeback! COMPLETE! And shorter
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I don't think people have written enough about Cadderly and Danica, so I imagined what it must have been like for them when they found out they were having twins. Danica found out and she surprises Cadderly, and he does what most guys would do.
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Hatred is only a relative term. It is to dislike, to not love. Murder is also a relative term. It does not mean to simply kill. One must have motive. One must have means. Something other than the desire to kill.
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It started with strange dreams. Then he ended up working with his former enemies. She had been betrayed by her so called friends. Was it destined by the stars or something else? FR x-over surprise. Rewriten as of 2/6/09
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