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Hi! I'm Ann, otherwise known as maybeshescrazy around the internet. I'm 17 years old, and from the UK.

I'm not sure exactly how much you want to know about me, but I'm guessing that the majority of you are primarily interested in my writing. Well, I've always been a bit of a book-worm, and even when I was young, I loved telling stories and describing places in detail. Somewhere along the line that stopped, probably when I discovered the internet and stopped reading regularly, or maybe when I'd read everything suitable for a thirteen year old anyway.

When I was about fifteen I was introduced to fanfiction, and wrote a couple of my own. At that point I was only familiar with "filling in the blanks" - writing sections which had been missed out in books, or writing from another character's POV. Still, I found it really interesting to have to keep within the parameters the author has already set for a character, and to continue that, whilst writing what you believe they would think, say and do. It didn't really hold my attention for long though.

Recently I've got back into reading a lot, and as I get really "into" books, I find myself wanting more, and sometimes even irritated with authors for missing out parts, or for not re-writing the book from every character's POV! Okay, so that isn't really feasible, but this is where fanfic plays its part, but it's always subjective to how that particular person has interpreted the books, so sometimes I just don't think it's right. Or sometimes it doesn't exist, and that's where I fill in the blanks.

I enjoy writing small pieces, especially from different POV because the characters are already set out for me and I don't have to make up how they react (although sometimes it's hard getting them to do what the author thinks they should do, and not what you think they should do!), but I don't think I could ever write anything long. I've got ideas for a couple of novels, but I started one, and I just don't think I could ever have the willpower to finish it.

I have, however written a few songs of my own (although I must say that the music is far better than the lyrical content), and music is a big inspiration for me - it's the only thing I really want to study. I'm especially interested in the atmospheres different types of music creates, especially in films, and this is a big help when I write - if I know the mood I want to create, I put on the right music and writing's pretty easy after that.

If you've got this far, then I'm flattered that you are interested in me that much! If you really want to find out more about me, rather than the writing, then I suggest you head over to my website, and check out the stuff there.

Lastly, please feel free to contact me about anything, I love hearing from people!

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Decisions reviews
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