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name: steven (steve for short)

age: 19


hometown: Baltimore

state: Maryland

Anime i watch: air gear,darker then black,code geass,black cat,gundam seed,gundam seed destiny,Rosariovampire,gravitation,gravion, yugioh 5ds,moonphase,naruto,bleach,fma, digimon, buso renkin, ouran high school host club,inuyasha, ranma 1/2 and much more

tv shows: kamen rider series, Rescue fire, Rescue force, Ryukendo and all the series similar to it.

note: i am currently working on a list of stories that im writing down from my head. they will be from different animes but there will be a lot. idk when they will be up on my profile, but they will be as story challenges for readers. if anyone is interested, message me and ill tell you when the story ideas are up. but i will leave some story ideas up, and add more when i can. most of my story ideas will have a harem, or a pairing. But no Hinata. I am sorry if anyone who is interested in a challenge I have, and want Hinata in the Harem. But you could have her as an apprentice or something like that.

And for anyone interested in my challenges, please do not hesitate to private message me. I'm easy to get along with, and I do not bite.

Story Ideas

Naruto/Final Fantasy 7 challenge

After the events of the Valley Of The End, Naruto is betrayed by the ones he loved, and considered his precious people. In a fit of rage, he heads into the Hokage Monument, and discovers two statues. One of a hero called Cloud Strife, and a villain known by the name Sephiroth. Feeling the statue of Sephiroth call out to him, Naruto touches it, only to meet Sephiroth in some sort of mind scape. There he is left with a choice. Accept the power of the one winged angel and destroy everyone who betrayed him, or refuse the offer for power, and stay the weak person he is. With his choice already made, Naruto sets out to make a name for himself, as the one winged angel. Sakura bashing, Sasuke bashing. good Akatsuki

Naruto challenge 1

During the time where Naruto got kicked off of the cliff and into the crevice where he was supposed to summon toads, he summons something else entirely, and unlocks his heritage that was sealed by the Third Hokage to ensure he would be loyal to the village. His heritage takes him away from the village never to be seen again untill the time of his match in the Chunin exams. The thing he summoned? The long lost dragon contract. His heritage? the prince of dragons and the dragon eye. He will see to it that his goals are achieved. To get rid of all the corrupt evil in all of the nations, even if it means that he has to kill the people he once love. Along the way, he will meet new people, who will become friends, allies, or enemies. But that is up to the people he meets, to choose there path. To follow him, or be destroyed along the way. Village bashing, Sasuke bashing and Sakura bashing. Harem.

Naruto challenge 2

Naruto always thought he was different since the age of three. It first started with strange red colored birds protecting him when he was attacked, the birds killing the attackers. It got even weirder when they covered his body when he didn't have a blanket in his run down apartment, keeping him warm at night. Now at the age of seven, he finally found out why those birds always protected him when he was younger. He was chosen to become their heir, their king. The king of the Phoenix. With there help, he graduates from the academy on his first try, and thus alters how his destiny was supposed to be. His new destiny? Rid the world of the ones that have already wronged him, and the ones that will in the future. Anyone that tries to hurt him will be burned to a crisp, and no one will stop him, not even sarutobi. He will have the help of leaders from he past, and ones of the future. he will rebuild his lost home of his ancestors, and will strive to free the biju, and meet the one that became nine. The one will then have a choice, Join him, or be sent back to the Realm of the Biju. Naruto/Female Biju or Naruto/Harem. Village bashing.

Naruto/Dot hack challenge

After the events at The Valley Of The End, Naruto was successful in bringing Sasuke home. He thought he was going to be praised but he was wrong. After getting his trust destroyed by people he thought was his friends, he leaves the village and the Kyuubi tells him of a place where he could go, and not be abused by other people due to the power he has. Naruto arrives in this world, only to have to choose what class he is. He chooses the Twin Blade class. After arriving in the world and discovering his purpose, he decides to help out kite and the others.

Naruto challenge 3

Kage Bunishin wasn't the only technique Naruto found in the Forbidden scroll. After finding the scroll of the elemental dragons, he shall rise to greatness. with a sword weilding sensei and a team that could actually help him, watch as Naruto Uzumaki makes a name for himself that could likely change the world of the ninja as we know it. Naruto/Yuuago

Naruto/Bakugan challenge

They told me I was a freak, a demon. Forced out of my home, and not welcome by the other villages, I did what I could only do. I used a time space jutsu to send me to another time. Now im stuck here, with people telling me i am to become leader of the vexals. My old name was Naruto Uzumaki. Now my new name... is Spectra. Dark Naruto

Naruto/Bakugan challenge 2

After Watching his best friend kill him at the Valley Of The End, Kyuubi gives Naruto a choice. Either die, or go to a world where they can live in peace. Arriving in a place called Bayview, he takes upon a new name. After getting infused with half of the silent core, and being caught in the explosion that changed Alice and her grandfather, he becomes Masquerade, while Kyubi becomes Hydranoid. With these new powers, Naruto allies with Naga, and swears to bring down bo the elemental nations, and anyone who stands in his way. Naruto/Female Naga/Alice

Naruto challenge 4

People think that im a dead last, a loser, and someone who could never become anyone or anything. What they saw was all a mask, my fake self. all my life i had been trained by Danzo, and Miyuki, the two people i would consider the closest thing to a family. Now after graduating from the academy, and becoming the one thing I wanted to be as a ninja, I will show everyone my true shinobi way! Naruto/Ino/Female kyuubi. Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata bashing

Naruto/Rosario to vampire challenge

During a battle during the fourth great ninja war while battling Madara, The Kyuubi sees a weakness in the seal, and takes control of Naruto, Taking him into the ninth tail state and absorbing the chakra of all the other Biju from the statue, he looses control, and kills Madara. With the remaining shinobi of the leaf seeing naruto now a threat, they banish him, sending him to the one place where people like him belong, Yokai Academy. While he is there, will he find love and be able to have a real family? Naruto/Harem

Naruto Challenge 5

For thousands of years, each leader of the summons have gathered, to find someone worthy of truly wielding there best techniques and summons. Now after the toad and slug leaders have heard from there summoners Tsunade and Jiraya of a young blond boy named Naruto who fits the qualifications of the true summoner, Each leader decides to reverse summon Naruto at the age of six to there meeting, to make him into the lord and master of all summons. Will he be able to handle the pressure of each summon clan? or will he crumble under he pressure and break? Naruto/Harem. Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura bashing

Naruto/Spice and wolf challenge

Instead of the training trip with Jiraya taking 3 years, it had taken 6 years. What could have had caused naruto to come back later then he was supposed to? A certain wise wolf of course. And it seems he is engaged to her? How the hell did this happen? Naruto/Holo. Sasuke and Sakura bashing

Naruto/Baka and test challenge

After being banished from Konoha for bringing back sasuke nearly dead, Naruto ventures out of the elemental nations, and winds up at a place called Fumizuki Academy, A place where the students are divided based on there entrance exam tests. Winding up in Class A, he vows to help out fellow student, despite what class they might be in. Will Konoha and the other nations find out where he is? Naruto/Aiko/Akira/Miharu

Naruto challenge 6

During his training on the island with Killer Bee to control his biju, Naruto discovers A scroll lady Chiyo left in Gaara's care that he gave to bee to give to naruto. In it is the same jutsu Chiyo used to revive Gaara, and some puppet material to make puppets out of living animals and creatures. A few weeks later, The akatsuki finds the island. Armed with his own puppets, the skills of an almost puppet master, and the reanimation jutsu, Naruto will be feared for more then just the biju inside him. Watch the rise of the kitsune and beast puppet master.

Naruto/Sekirei challenge

After arriving in Tokyo, by the request of Jiraya's wishes to meet up with his old friend Miya, Naruto ends up saving #43 Yomi moments after she lost her crest, and in turn, becomes Naruto's sekirei, even though she can't fight for now without the crest. Will the two of them get along, and be able to fight together as ashikabi and sekirei in the plan, or will they both end up getting killed? Naruto/Yomi

Naruto/Persona challenge

During the test in the forest of death, Naruto almost died thanks to the seal Orochimaru put on him. But it came with an advantage. it unlocked Something he had acquired in a dream that Naruto thought was fake. The item? The fool arcana. Now with the item that can let him summon any persona, watch as Naruto makes his own path, one that no one has seen in a very long time. Naruto/Hana/Mei. Village bashing.

Naruto challenge 7

Before the Juubi was sealed away, unknown to anyone but the Sage of the six paths, he and the Juubi had a child together. One that was destined to keep the world in balance with the sage's other two children, but before the sage died, he and the Juubi had made a prophecy. That if the child of the Juubi, or the descendants of the juubi's child was beaten for a stupid reason, the shinobi world would be no more. Seems the shinobi world did not honor the prophecy, and they will pay the price for hurting Naruto, the descendant of the juubi. Juubi child!Naruto. Naruto/female Biju harem, Certain shinobi village's bashing, somewhat good/neutral Akatsuki.

Naruto/Pokemon challenge

At the tender age of 5, Ash Ketchum and his mother had died in an attack from Team Rocket while they were on a trip to Saffron city. Outraged at letting his chosen die, Arceus searches other Universes for a suitable replacement to become his next chosen. After searching for a while, he spots one that would be suitable. A baby Naruto, just a few days born. After looking into the future of thta world, and seeing that it is chaos, and that the child would have multiple attempts on his life, and would die early on in his life, Arceus heads to that world, and discusses what had happened in his world, what he sees in Naruto, and what would happen if Naruto stayed in his world. Soon agreeing with Arceus, Hiruzen lets him take Narruto to Arceus's world. Afterwards, Arceeus and the other legendaries train him when he is older, and makes him into what Ash could have been. A powerful Aura user like the world has never seen in a long time.

Naruto/Legendary pokemon/Human Harem. Slight Gary bashing.

Naruto challenge 8

Fate would say That Naruto would be the savior of the Ninja world. But they had never said when he would be the savior of the Ninja world. Born around the same time as Hiruzen Sarutobi, he ends up being on the same team as him. But then tragedy struck, as on there first mission as team tobirama, there other teammate gets killed, while Hiruzen gets badly damaged to the point where it would be years before he could become a ninja again. And Naruto? Well he ends up unlocking the Rinnegan, preventing anymore damage to the team. And with Tobirama, seeing that Naruto had unlocked the Rinnegan, and having no other choice, he takes Naruto on as his apprentice. Watch As Naruto takes the world by storm, eventually bringing peace to the world.


Naruto/Digimon challenge

Around the tender age of 7, Naruto is hiding in one of the alleyways of konoha, to hide during the kyuubi festival, when he notices a bright light. Heading towards it, he gets sucked into it, landing in the human world of digimon 01. Not knowing where he is, Naruto wanders around for a bit, before passing out due to not eating or drinking in a while. After waking up, he soon finds out that he was found by the Kamiya's. After finding out that he has no memory of who he is before he came to the new world, only remembering his name, he is offered to stay with them. One year later, Tai is sent off to summer camp, and sometime later, Myotismon comes to the human world to find the 8th digidestined. Little did he know, that there was a ninth digidestined hidden that only Gennai knew about. As Myotismon orders Gatomon to find the 8th child, another digimon is nearby, looking for the ninth child, a Dorumon who was ordered by gennai to follow the digidestined into the real world, along with a tag and a crest. Around the time the 8th child was found, Dorumon finds Naruto, who turns out to be the 9th child, and Dorumon is found out to be his partner. After helping out the other digidestined with Myotismon, he goes with Kairi and the others to the digital world, soon after finding out his lost past, and love.

Naruto/digimon 01 and 02. Naruto/Kairi

Naruto/Pokemon challenge 2

Born in the region of Kanto, in Viridian city, Young Naruto Uzumaki has dreamed for years to get a pokedex, so he could go out and capture the pokemon type that he has always adored. The dragon types. Going from Region to region, Naruto slowly becomes a legendary pokemon master, stopping all the evil organisations along the way, and challenging all the gyms, and hopefully someday, battling the elite 4 of each region.


Naruto/Bleach challenge

For years, Naruto had defended the shinobi world, and his time was up, after killing Obito, and ending the 4th shinobi war. Due to having Kurama inside of him, instead of becoming a spirit, who would eventually enroll in the shinigami academy, Naruto becomes a hollow. After eating countless hollows, and becoming the most powerful Arrancar, Naruto becomes the god of all the Hollow's. Many hundred's of years before Aizen defects, Yanamoto Heads to Hueco Mundo, and tries to kill Naruto, to prevent him from rallying up the other hollows and try to invade the soul society, but Naruto is too powerful for him. Having no choice, Yanamoto uses the most powerful kido he knows, and seals Naruto away. Not being able to resist no matter what he did, Naruto cursed Yanamoto and all of soul society, vowing to one day kill Yanamoto, and the spirit king, and take vengeance upon Soul society. Countless of years later, when Aizen starts to Make Arrancars before he defects from soul society, he comes upon the seal, and somehow unseals Naruto. Finding out from Aizen what is going on, Naruto makes an alliance with Aizen, and decides to help him destroy soul society. Only a few will be spared, and Naruto will get his vengeance. Starts near the beginning of the bleach storyline.


Naruto/Digimon challenge 2

Ten legendary warriors assigned to defend the Ninja world while the digital world was safe for the time being. Their mission? To find the ten warriors that would be suitable to hold the spirits of the digimon warriors of the elements. They did, but at a price. the legendary warriors were sealed inside of the chosen ten, while the legendary warriors were referred as the biju. Many years had passed, and it had come to the 4th shinobi war. Naruto, the one who had the legendary warrior of darkness sealed inside of him, was the only one left that had the legendary warrior inside of him, while the other spirits had left for the digital world when there partners had died at the hands of the akatsuki, and Obito. With Naruto soon told that he needed to go to the digital world to help out the other children that would soon be chosen by the spirits, he complied, and left the ninja world behind. Watch out digital world, here comes Naruto, the holder of the legendary spirits of the darkness.

Naruto/digimon frontier Naruto/harem

Naruto/Digimon Challenge 3

When the Eight digidestined had defeated Apocalymon and had left the digital world, Gennai had known that evil would not rest after the digidestined had saved the digital world, and he knew the digital world would be in danger once again. To make sure it was well protected, gennai had thought of many things, such as the warriors that had defended the digital world long before the digidestined had. The warriors who had defended the world from Lucemon. He knew that the original humans were long dead by now, and he also knew that only the spirits of darkness had remained. Using what power he had, he brought the spirits of darkness to his location, and had called A human to the digital world that would be most suitable to use the spirits to protect the digital world until more digidestined would be able to return to the digital world. The one thing he did not count on however, was that the person would be a ninja. He also did not take into account that overtime, the spirits would become one with Naruto, turning him into a human/hybrid digimon.


Naruto/Kamen rider challenge

The battle fight was supposed to be the end of all of the undead. But it was only the beginning. Thousands of years later, during the Pirate era, the undead arise once again, and only one person is able to stop them, and seal them back into their cards before they destroy the undead. The undead Joker Naruto Uzumaki, wielder of the kamen rider systems.

Naruto/Boa Hancock

Naruto/digimon challenge 4

This was not supposed to happen. Fate was supposed to have it to where all the members of the digidestined saved the world from MaloMyotsimon, and the world would be at peace, and it was supposed to be that way. But for some reason, events did not go fates way. Tai, was killed in the real world, by a stray digimon that no one had seen escape a while back, and Davis was killed by one of MaloMyotismon's attacks before Imperialdramon fighter mode could delete MaloMyotismon. Before the both of them could let there spirits pass on, they were asked a question, if they want to correct the mistakes before all of this could happen. Both of their answeres were yes. And that answer took them to the beginning of season two, a few days before Davis met up with Kairi before school started, and for Tai, a few days before he went to the school. Now with their memories of the events still with them, they finally had a chance to change the events that went wrong, and save the world.

Tai/Mimi Davis/Kairi Augumon/Palmon Veemon/Gatomon

Digimon challenge

Fed up with things not going their way, Tai, Davis, and Veemon got together, and made a plan to ask the person they liked on a date. Along with that, they had other problems on their hands. One organization wanting Davis to rule the digital world, An organization wanting Veemon to free the digimon that were partnered with digidestined, and a horde of fan girls chasing tai everywhere he went. Will all three of them be able to deal with those problems, and finally get a date with the girls of there dreams?

Tai/Mimi Davis/Kairi Augumon/Palmon Veemon/Gatomon

Pokemon challenge

Many years from running from the evil organizations that have wanted to enslave pokemon, and have chased Ash because of his interference with trying to stop them, has made Ash realize one thing. In order to defeat a great evil, sometimes someone has to become a greater evil. With that decision in his head, he starts to gather people, and make them into his own followers. Will this plan keep ash still a good guy? or will this plan of his turn him truly evil, and make him want to rule all the regions?


Naruto/Bakugan challenge 3

After the events of the first season of Bakugan, the Ancients fear that Dan Kuso and his friends will not be enough to deal with the future events on New Vestroia, Neathia, and Bakugan Interspace. So they find an upcoming strong Bakugan who Not only has the Haos attribute, but also the Darkus Attribute, and is the only one of his kind. Brought to where the Ancients are, he is given the chance to go to New Vestroia, to help out, and is given an human form, along with the Name Naruto. Will Naruto's appearance change the tide of the battle ffor either side?

Naruto/Bakugan Harem/Fabia

Naruto/Bakugan challenge 4

Legends foretold of an evil bakugan spirit that was so powerful, it had the ability to absorb other Bakugan, and add their attributes and power to it's own. So powerful, that the Ancient bakugan had to seal it into the doom dimension, never to be seen again. But After Naga and Masquerade had started sending Bakugan to the doom dimension, The evil Bakugan spirit had escaped, and possessed Naruto, a Normal Bakugan player who wanted to be the best Bakugan player ever. After the spirit had possessed Naruto, it gained the ability to create evil Bakugan versions of existing Bakugan, and Make it's own Bakugan. Will naruto be able to control the spirit and use the powers for himself? or will the spirit be able to control Naruto?


Naruto/Inuyasha challenge

Many centuries ago, during the time that Midoriko was alive, There was a kitsune Named Naruto, who was the son of the Kyuubi and the Matatabi, who were the rulers of the northern lands, but passed the title down to Naruto, so they could retire into the castle that the three of them owned. During one of Midoriko's trips to purify Yokai, she was ambushed, and would have died, if not for Naruto being nearby, and killing all of the Yokai that were going to attack her. That one event changed the both of them forever, starting a relationship with eachother. Years passed, and soon enough, Midoriko had to make the Shikon Jewel in her final battle. After hearing what had happened, naruto put himself into a deep sleep that preserved his age and form, so that when the Shikon Jewel was used once again, he would awaken. That time was around the time That Kikyo had burned her body, and Naruto had started to wait. The moment where Kagome had shattered the jewel, Naruto took his chance, and got midoriko's soul out of the Shikon Jewel, thus bringing her back to life. How will the story change, now thta Naruto and Midoriko are there?


Naruto/Inuyasha challenge 2

The moment that Minato had used the Shiki Fujin to summon the death god, he knew something had gone wrong. Instead of the Kyuubbi being sealed into Naruto, The death god had taken both Minato's, and Madara's souls, and sent The Kyuubi with Naruto back to the Kyuubi's own home, the Feduel era, allowing Kyuubi to raise Naruto as a kitsune, and as his own son. Many years later, near the events of Naraku forming, Narruto and the Kyuubi feel a great evil coming, and Naruto goes out to stop it.


Naruto/Sword Art Online challenge

Back during beta testing of Sword art online, and known as Kyuubi, he was the only one out of the beta testers who made it the closest of getting to the final floor of the beta testing. Due to this, he was invited to meet Kayaba Akihiko offline. After meeting him, and talking with him, the two of them devised a plan, where Naruto would kill the weakest players in the game, after Kayaba would remove the log out button, but he wanted Naruto to find strong players, and help them out. To that end, He gave Naruto these two special swords, Howling Moon, and screaming nightmare. Unknown to Naruto, the more he would use the weapons, the longer it would corrupt him, taking away Naruto's sanity, and leaving him as only an digital entity. Would Kirito and the others be able to save Naruto, or will Naruto kill everyone in sight in the official version of Sword Art Online?


Naruto/Bleach challenge 2

After Saving the world by ending the 4th shinobi war, while dying in the process, Naruto hears all the bad things that the shinobi are saying about him, even after saving the world. Pissed off to high heavens, and wanting to get away, even though he knew he was dead, Naruto left Fire country, going through the other shinobi villages and the places he had saved. Meanwhile around the same time, a while before the Zanpakuto rebellion arc, Muramasa senses Naruto, and drags him from his world, into the world of bleach, sensing the immense power naruto has, and explains to him about Hollows, the Soul society, and his plan on to release the zanpakuto spirits. Teaming up with Muramasa, Naruto helps him free the Zanpakuto spirits, and soon finds that some of them develop a crush and a likeness to him wanting to get to know him better. On top of that, Narutop finds out that due to Kurama being inside his body even while he is a spirit, he develops Shinigami powers due to some of the power from the zanpakuto spirits leaking into his body from the wounds he sustains while helping out the spirits against soul society. Due to that, he finds out his new Shinigami powers allow him to unlock the full potential of the zanpakuto spirits if he uses there shikai and bankai powers. And also on top of that, Kurama can now fully fuse with him, like how an inner hollow does while trying to take control of it's user. Can Naruto's life get any worse?

Naruto/Zanpakuto spirits harem.

Naruto/Bleach challenge 3

Before Sosuke Aizen had Started the hollowfication project, he had wandered many worlds that had spiritual pressure, looking for Candiates to join him on his quest to make the kings key, and overthrow Soul society. What he did not expect that would change his plans, was arriving in the Shinobi world, and falling for Kushina Uzumaki, mainly due to her red hair. He had spent a lot of time there, using his Zanpakuto's ability to fool everyone in soul society that he was there, and using the ability on various people in Konoha so he would look to be around Kushina's age. Soon enough, around the time that Minato became the 4th Hokage, Aizen told Kushina how he felt about her, and to his surprise, she felt the same, and they got married, and soon enough she became pregnant, and Aizen soon had to go, but not before he told her of his plans, and how he was not of this world. At first she was mad, but she soon understood, and wished him the best of luck, and had promised to each other, that they would meet in Soul society some day.

As he left, little did they know that they would meet sooner then they thought. Minato Namikaze also had loved Kushina, but was way to forward with his feelings, and she had rejected him, even beating him in a taijutsu match since he would not back off no matter what Kushina did. On the night that Kyuubi attacked, Minato soon had his revenge on Kushina, for not being with him and having a kid with him. As soon as Kushina gave birth to her and Aizen's kid, who was born with his hair in the colour of Aizen's hair, and having Kushina's eyes, Minato appeared in Kushina's hospital bed, and killed her, and went off to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto. He succeeded, but soon after Aizen had appeared, having felt his connection with Kushina vanish. After seeing what Minato did to his lover, and what he was going to do to his child, he went on a rampage, killing Minato, and tearing his body to shreds. Afterwards, he had left back for soul society, intent on starting to kill the people of Karakura town, but not before leaving infant Naruto with a message inside of his mind that would only be revealed when he was old enough to read.

Around the age of five, and after another beating due to the villagers thinking he was the Kyuubi, He came into his mindscape, and noticed the message from his father, and a Zanpakuto next to the message. In the contents of the message, Aizen revealed to Naruto who he was, and all he had did upon first entering the soul society. Knowing that Naruto would probably follow in his fathers footsteps, Aizen had his Zanpakuto rigged to where incase if he was sealed away for his actions, or something similiar, Kyoka Suigetsu would teleport into Naruto's mindscape, becoming his Zanpakuto spirit. Naruto Uzumaki will never be the same again. How will the Shinobi world, and later on the Bleach world, react to Naruto weilding his fathers zanpakuto? Both timelines will never be the same again.


Naruto challenge 9

Four years after the 4th great shinobi war, Naruto was still in konoha, and was getting sick and tired of this place. After retreiving Sasuke two years after the war had ended, and bringing him back to Sakura since he could still not break a promise, he over heard some Jonin that Tsunade was going to retire soon, and that she had chosen Sasuke to be the next hokage, much to the anger of Naruto. Later that same day, Naruto was eating at Ichiraku's, when he had heard Sakura and Ino enter, and over heard them bashing Naruto, and also hearing how Sasuke would probably kill the demon spawn when he became the next hokage. Furious, and somehow able to keep his anger in check so Sakura and Ino would not notice him, he went back to the Namikaze compound, which he lived in after the end of the war. Having had enough with the village, Naruto remembers that all the Biju, including Kurama had left the Ninja world after the end of the war, and had went back to the demon realm. Before Kurama had left however, he had left some of his chakra behind, so they could talk every so often. Establishing a link with Kurama using the chakra, he had told Kurama what had happened today. Furious, and not wanting Naruto in that human world anymore, as he knew that as long as naruto stayed in that world, he would not be happy, he invited Naruto to stay with him and his family in the demon world.

Naruto soon agreed, and after taking everything he needed from the Namikaze compound, he left for the demon world, and was amazed that when he got there, it was exactly like the 5 great Nations and the other countries, but instead of humans and all the trouble, it was a peaceful place, filled with demons. After getting to the village where Kurama and the other fox demons lived, he was welcomed, and the better part of Naruto's life began. A few years later, after living so long in the demon world, Naruto got used to the place, and had become quite a good leader among demons, and was also good with kids. Unknown to Naruto, he had caught the attention of Matabi, and Chomei, and they wanted to get to know Naruto more, and hopefully in a romantic way later on. How will he deal with Romance, when he has not had any in his entire life?


Naruto/Kamen rider challenge 2

At the age of 5, during an attack by the villagers, with Nauto almost to the point of dying, even with the Kyuubi's help, Naruto could die soon. Calling out, for anyone to save him, he is saved by a small mechanical T rex, which turned out to be the fang memory. After the events of W, somehow all the memories vanished, and the sonozaki family revived and went with the memories, arriving in Naruto's world, where the fang memory saved him. With the villagers stunned at the sight of the mechanical T rex, they did nt notice the Sonozaki family sneak up and kill him, taking him away from the village for a very long time. Being told about his Heritage, who is sealed inside of him, and who the sonozaki family is, and what the gaia memories are, Naruto decides to not go back to konoha, and the Sonozaki family gets in contact with Sarutobi, and tells him of Naruto's decesion. Tired of Naruto being abused in the village, he lets them train Naruto, knowing he will be in good hands. Over the years, while being trained by the Sonoozaki family, and eventually becoming part of the family. The Sonozaki family then decides to start distributing the memorys all over the nations, including the donpant memories, also eliminating the ones who go mad with power over the memories. Soon enough, Naruto and the Sonozaki family decide to let Naruto enter the Chunin exams, so he can increase in rank as an ninja, while working as a kiri ninja. But before he goes to the chunin exams, The kyuubi lets Naruto use her power, allowing Naruto to finally use the full power of the fang memory, along with the enternal memory. Watch out Ninja world, there is a new naruto, and he takes no shit from anyone.


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Contract of the Shinigami by KyuubiGoku reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 57 - Words: 722,142 - Reviews: 2730 - Favs: 5,780 - Follows: 5,316 - Updated: 12/3 - Published: 5/13/2012 - Naruto U., Kushina U.
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Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 54 - Words: 924,206 - Reviews: 3993 - Favs: 4,330 - Follows: 3,908 - Updated: 8/13 - Published: 5/8/2012 - Naruto U., Ultear M.
A Foxes Tale by Chrisdz reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 91,852 - Reviews: 1082 - Favs: 3,060 - Follows: 3,316 - Updated: 12/5/2016 - Published: 11/21/2012 - Naruto U., Ino Y.
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Crossover - Legend of Zelda & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Tragedy - Chapters: 28 - Words: 148,626 - Reviews: 597 - Favs: 920 - Follows: 985 - Updated: 11/4/2016 - Published: 7/11/2012 - Naruto U.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 19,725 - Reviews: 935 - Favs: 2,740 - Follows: 2,990 - Updated: 6/6/2016 - Published: 3/10/2012 - Naruto U., Jiraiya, Tsunade S., Kushina U.
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Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 29 - Words: 93,211 - Reviews: 1249 - Favs: 2,789 - Follows: 2,194 - Updated: 9/26/2013 - Published: 1/7/2012 - Naruto U., Erza S. - Complete
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Crossover - Digimon & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 27,197 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 347 - Follows: 313 - Updated: 9/6/2013 - Published: 12/20/2012 - LadyDevimon, Rosemon, Lilithmon, Naruto U.
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village of the kitsune reviews
after the battle at the valley of the end sasuke is sent back to the village while there is no trace of naruto. the kyuubi offers him a deal: if he goes to the demon realm and make a village there the kyuubi will train him. what is naruto's answer?
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,931 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 9/20/2012 - Published: 10/24/2009 - Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama
Naruto VI britannia reviews
naruto is not from the ninja world. he was born as Naruto VI britannia son to Lelouch and C.C . 5 years after his birth C.C has come for her son. Watch as Naruto takes the code geass world by storm and how he changes it.
Crossover - Naruto & Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 1,341 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 67 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 9/20/2012 - Published: 1/26/2010 - Naruto U., Tianzi
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