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Wow that poll was up for like seven and a half months. I need to change them more often, the results are.
41% of you would stalk me...thanks...I think.
29% of you said yes. You're all too sweet but I'm taken. It's possible the girl who took me voted on this poll...Allie?
20% of you said yes if you were gay or straight. You guys are sweet too.
8% said no...jerks. I'm kidding

Sometimes you find that something you hoped for will never happen and it hurts.
Sometimes when that thing you hoped for was very close to you it hurts even more.
Sometimes when that thing involves the person you love more than anything, that's when it hurts the most.
And then when you're hurt the most, that's when you find something, someone that makes you forget all that pain and makes you feel good again.

News Update:As some of you may or may not know I was entered into the Cullens Incarcerated Contest. Well the winners were just announced and I'm proud to say that I took Second place with my story "Justice is Blind" starring Alice and Rosalie. The story is still on the Cullens Incarcerated profile http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2163960/Cullens_Incarcerated#, but I will be moving it over in the few next days or so. So feel free to check it out, and as soon as I can figure it out I'm going to link my awesome personalized banner. Needless to say I couldn't be happier especially with my friend Jocelyn Torrent taking first. Take that canon pairings. I am sorry that the story "Letter to Mabel" didn't win, I think it deserves an Honorable Mention so if you go over to the CI page, give it a read. And of course a big thanks to all of you that voted for me. It really means a lot and as long as it isn't creepy I'm hugging you all in my mind right now.

If there is something in my profile that you wish to put in yours please ask...I'll more than likely say yes, but these are my original thoughts and ideas. -- Management

About me: I'm either twenty-one or two hundred and seventeen (I always get those two confused.) I'm a psychology major/English minor in California (actually I just transfered to the University of Arizona) it's a big enough school that I'm not worried about stalkers. I write for fun and to relieve stress, so I get much more done while I'm in school or working than I do in my off time. It's weird I know.

People of FanFiction.net get your own pen name! Stop stealing the name of a character and then add you first or last name to it, or putting two characters together, or telling people that two characters should be together forever. It's not funny, it's not clever; it is stupid and annoying. If I'm describing you. Take it as a hint and get an original name, this is about the nicest way I have to tell you. This is a bit of friendly advice, what happens if you want to write a story set somewhere where your name doesn't apply or it sounds stupid. Then you'll look like a fool and people will laugh at you; then you'll say "I shoulda listened to Enjorous."

My Review Policy: I'm not a huge reviewer, to date I've submitted nearly 100 reviews, both signed and anonymous. I'm also not big on adding stories to my favorites or my alert list. I'm sorry if this upsets you, but that's just me. I review when something in a story grabs my attention and makes me feel strongly, be that positive or negative. But I've found that it's easier for me to feel negatively toward a story than to feel positively. Hence why many of my random reviews come across harshly.

Quotes: These aren't your average typical copy and paste quote section that oh so many people do. These are personal quotes cataloged by my idiot friends. You can probably find some version of at least one of these online.

"A person, at times, has the ability to be rational; people, on the other hand, don't." Yup I'm a misanthrope.

"No, but I'll put it on the list." A repeated phrase when someone starts a phrase with 'Ya know what pisses me off?'

"I'm 85-95 percent sure that all the geniuses in the world were dropped in their heads as babies, it's the idiots in the world who weren't. My advice drop your baby on the floor at least once. If you're worried that you'll actually hurt them, drop 'em on a pillow."

"Rule number one: people are idiots. Rules 2-19: always defer to rule number one." This is the last misanthropic quote for right now.

"Highway 99 is an alternate dimension where the laws of logic and common sense stop abruptly and for no good reason." Now you can figure out where I live...ish.

"Nutterbutter is an extremely technical term that psychologists use when calling a person crazy is in poor taste."

Feel free to PM me with any questions comments or arguments you have. I consider myself pretty easy to talk to.

Blurred Lines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Zombies reviews
Alice and Emmett discuss the end of the world...zombie style.
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Isabella Swan arrives in Forks with a secret so powerful that it threatens all those around her mortal and immortal alike. A bit A/U and OOC but hopefully not much and it is an A/B fic.
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Justice is Blind reviews
Justice is blind, isn’t it? It may be, but is that always a good thing? If someone doesn’t remember her crime at all, can she truly be guilty? If someone did it for a good reason, can she truly be innocent?
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