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Name: Kikyo Momiji

Age: 12 Years Old

Grade: 7th Grade

Loves: Music, Drawing, IMVU, Fanfictions.

Currently Obsessed With: In The Palm Of My Hands (Sweet.Crazy-DramaQueen)

The Guardian (rebellion2fate) (Yes it's a yaoi, but I love the storyline!)

26 days (SerenitySilence)

100 Kisses (The Freak Down The Street)

When The World Comes Down (The Crack Fairy)

Hi This Is Kikyo! I'm on summer vacation, but it seems like it's taking me more time to type out my chapters than before.. Maybe it's because my mom's been trying to keep me off the computer... Anyways, I'm focusing on Metamorphose, and I doubt that anyone will review for Vampire Kisses, so I might drop that story... I did have some good ideas though.. If I have enough inspiration, I might update... Even though no one reviewed.

I Hope A Lot Of People Will Read My Fanfictions And Review So That I Can Get Good Feedback.

I Love Jrock, Kpop, Jpop, Other Asian Types Of Music, Techno, Trance, And A FEW Exceptions Of American Music. I AM NOT RACIST!! Just To Get That Clear :

Anyone Who Has An IMVU Is Welcome To Drop By And Leave Me A Message Telling Me That Your From Fanfiction.net : I Love IMVU And I Love Editing Pictures SO If You Want Anything, Just Send Me A PM!

Nobody Beg For Faster Updates!! I Have A Life Besides The Computer People!!



I Uploaded Chapter 16! I don't really like how I'm not so enthusiastic about this fanfiction... Plus, people haven't been reviewing as much... Even though I know that 100 reviews is a lot, people aren't reading my stories as much anymore...

How I Think My Characters Would Look:

How I Imagine Genjiro To Look:

The Whole Crew:

Sexy Picture :P

The Crew Again :

The Art Is NOT Mine!! Did I Forget Anyone?

Vampire Kisses:

Uploaded Chapter 3 :

Chapter 1 = Prologue

Chapter 2 = Chapter 1

Wizards And Ninjas?:

Chapter 1 Is Up!

People Don't Seem To Like This FF...


Uploaded chapter 2! I hope more people read this, even though it's just a side project...

Upcoming & Ideas:

Title: Entangled

Summary: Deidara can't remember anything, and Sasori isn't too happy about finding a complete stranger in front of his house, even though that person is injured. Working as a F.B.I. agent and a doctor gets harder for our favorite red head when a certain blond is included. But what are Deidara's secrets?

Rating: M(?) Not Sure

Pairings: Sasori x Deidara. Kakuzu x Hidan. Pein x Konan. Zetsu x Tobi. Itachi x Kisame.

Title: Nightmares Don't Last

Summary: Life isn't the greatest when you're chased by the villagers everyday, beaten constantly, and accused of being a demon. It only confuses Naruto more when he keeps seeing a mysterious silhouette that saves him every time he's in any grave type of danger. But Naruto wants to escape. Escape from the village that abuses him so... With the help of a few friends, Naruto's escape is planned. But who's the person who calls himself Kitsune, that appears, 8 years after Naruto's disappearance? And what are those cursed things that appear out of the blue? Demons? Truly demons?

Rating: T-M Not Sure

Pairings: Naruto x Hinata. Itachi x Sakura x Sasuke. Other little pairings.

Title: Lost Sheep

Summary: In on high school, the school is ruled by those with the most authority.: The Players. They consisted of the school's most attractive and richest students. They all shared a common trait. They were players. Only thing is, they've seemed to settle down with each other. When Sakura breaks up with Sasuke after 3 long months, The interest of all the males in the school are perked. Watch out for the stampede. That is, until a deal is made between Itachi and Sakura. One wolves battle for one, not-so-innocent sheep. Watch out Konoha High. It's the battle of the Uchihas.

Rating: T

Pairings: Sasuke x Sakura x Itachi (Eventually only Sasuke x Sakura). Naruto x Hinata. Tenten x Neji. Temari x Shikamaru .

Title: Past Lovers

Summary: Ino was a normal high-school girl, going to an elite high school for the rich... Until he showed up. "Hime-sama. I have arrived." That was when my whole life was twisted upside down, and I started falling in love with my lover from the past.

Rating: T or M Can't Decide...

Pairings: Ino x Sai. Sakura x Sasuke. Naruto x Hinata

I'm Done :D

I'llTry To Update As Fast As I Can!

xoxoxoxoxoxMulticolored :D

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