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Hello fellow readers, I am someone who doesn't wished to be hated by alot of authors on this site, meaning that I don't bring any harm to anyone. I am nothing but a kind person, and I'm just writing a few decent stories, and hopefully I won't get flames on them. Please don't hate someone who is just trying something different, or because they're different or new on this site.

After some hard times and terrible fights, I think I've been finally accepted as an Author. I may not fit in with everyone yet, but soon the time will come. I'm starting to think my story ideas are getting REALLY interesting now!!

This is Valenor, Mother Nature's Greatest Creation, as I try to keep the world into Healthy balance!!

Age: 17

Authors, who I think seem to be nice friends in the Sonic Leaders Forum:

Babylon Sky Hawk: Okay, so he isn't THAT great, considering he's a little..."high strung"...but he makes good stories, I can tell you that!

The Brawler: This guy helped me into the Sonic Leaders Forum, and also...actually I haven't seen him around for quite a while.

DarkspineSilver: I'm still trying to figure out about this one...he IS supportive, I can say that. And he DOES appear to be the most responsible guy in the forum. So frankly I hope he's the most honourable person, meaning that he'll keep his word. (Don't ask)

Ms. Smiley and Qwerty: This author is REALLY fun to talk to, since she's funny, and nice, and also supportive.

SlashBandicoot43: Now THIS guy is really quite a good friend, he's actually supportive, and he'll help others in the Forum who have troubles.

Blue Kaous: I don't seem to know this person alot, but boy does he/she have quite a cool personality...I think that's what it is.

Mariko-ai-chan: Okay, NOW this is definitly the most funniest yet most random person I've ever talked to. Oh what am I saying, we're BOTH random on the Forum!! XD


Sonic The Merhog: Series: This is going to be my biggest project ever!! My other stories will have to wait (since I haven't got that much reveiws lately). It all begins in the country of Soleanna, where Elise is still the princess, but Sonic and the others are all mermaids!! And what's even more amazing, is that I'm allowing OC's in this story! What's even better, is that this will be the first Mermaid Sonic Fanfic ever!! (And this is definitly my FIRST SonicxElise story!!) (And this is for all of you Sonise fans!)

(Please Read and Reveiw!!)

List of Stories that are being used for random reasons:

Rise of the Viral: What started out as a simple day for our blue hero, turned out to be the end of his life. A force named the Dark Lords attack Station Square, as Sonic and the others are trying to defend the city against them. But what neither of them are aware (except Sonic of course), is that a creature named Galvador has the power to infect anyone by turning them into monsters like him; Sonic was the first to be infected with this thing called a Viral, and soon MORE of these things will start showing up until there are hundreds. And when the invasion begins...the very city that Sonic's trying to protect, will either be turned into a battle ground, or will probably soon become Sonic's new empire...

Tales of New: Sonic the Hedgehog: The story of the legendary blue hedgehog is once again MY style!! A young hedgehog named Sonic has gone through many and many adventures, such as fighting Eggman for the first time, discovering he has a brother and sister, and meeting a girl named Amy Rose. More adventures that have not been shown are revealed, as Sonic is trained from a hedgehog he met earlier named Azaroth, on how to produce Chaos Energy on an unknown island called Orcania. But soon things will get intense after Sonic finally discovers this planet Eggman was studying on...Earth...

The Life and Times of Sora The Hedge-Girl: During a small and simple adventure from Sonic, Eggman was bent on ruling the world as he was working on how to mix anyone's DNA with a Chaos Emerald, thus giving them unlimited Chaos Energy. The madman was close to completing this twisted goal, but he was once again thwarted by the blue blur...but not for long. As Eggman steals Sonic's and Elise's DNA, he attempts to create a life form that would be powerful enough to destroy his nemesis once and for all. But instead he ended up with something odd and unatural, as he created a baby human with blue hedgehog ears and a tail. After deserting the little thing for it to die in the forests of Soleanna, Sonic unknowingly discovers the girl and figures out that it was created from his and Elise's DNA. And so the blue hedgehog and the Princess of Soleanna work together in order to raise the hedge-girl, as they name her Sora. After 16 years, the new Heroine is now sent on MANY action packed adventures with not only her new friends and the old Sonic Characters, but probably YOUR OCs as well!!

List of Stories that are back in production:

The New Sonic Heroes: Imagine a world where there are no anthros in this world, only 11 humans who will become great heroes, as they transform into the characters themselves!! (I suck at summaries -_-;) By the way, you may not know this, but this story is actually dedicated to Babylon Sky Hawk, The Brawler, Icy Knuckles, and Sonic Phantom, with their stories that inspired me to write this!!

(I don't get's my first fanfic, and it has to be the WORST story I've written, and yet it's still attracting more Authors.)

The Tale of Azaroth: The Prequal to The New Sonic Heroes, the story that wasn't told. Read the tale of the mysterious Azaroth, which explains everything about his mysterious past before he appeared on Earth, and helped Sean and the others become the Sonic Heroes!!

My Sonic Story Book Collection:

Sonic Stories: Darkness Falls: A story that contains Zelda and Bionicle. Sonic was just enjoying his days kicking criminal butt as usual, but even though he still wasn't strong for the Dark Lords. But after a strange voice tells him that there's a way to stop them for good, Sonic listens to the voice and searches for the Master Sword. But after finding it and pulling it from it's pedestal, a seal is broken, and a terrible man named Ganondorf is unleashed upon the world. Sonic tries his best to stop this man from ruling the world, but it'll be so difficult when the Piraka are hunting him down. Little does he know, that the voice from earlier is after something...but what?

Sonic Stories: Orcania: A story of surprises and romance. After recieving odd tickets to a cruiseline, Sonic and his friends are sent on a vacation, until Eggman interfere's with their fun. But mostly a terrible storm occurs, and sends the Heroes and Eggman on an unknown island that was never discovered before called Orcania. Filled with many magical and extinct creatures, the Heroes are surprised by this enormous island. Not only that, but feelings slowly start to bloom, as Sonic and his friends are starting to open their hearts to those they love the most. But soon all that will be interrupted when Eggman discovers a strange power source called the Pure Emeralds, which are powerful gems that are even more stronger than the Chaos and Sol Emeralds all together!! Will the Heroes be able to stop Eggman and the Metallic Clones, and will Sonic finally tell Amy how he really feels, or will Eggman become supreme and rule the world?

Sonic Stories: Sacred Skies: A story that takes place in the sky. Somewhere in the sky, in a world called SkyBorne, a certain hedgehog named Zinthos calls upon Silver and Blaze, as they were currently working on something else. Once Silver decides that he's up for another adventure, he goes up against the Skylians' enemy, the Drakon. But in order to stop them for good, is to find this special weapon that was used in the old days called the Sacred Blade. But unfortunatley, the Blade is shattered into peices, and is scattered all over this strange world called Fantasino, which is hidden in the skies. Will Silver and Blaze find the shards to complete the Blade, or will the leader Kildrak find them first?

Sonic Stories: Vector's Big Chill: A story that doesn't have much action in it. After Espio and Charmy figure out that Vector's been working overtime (probably WAY overtime), they send him to a mountain resort in Ice Cap. Once he is on his way with Vanilla, they both get time to relax for abit, until strange things start happening. People are disappearing, small avalanches occur, strange lights in the sky at night, and strangest of all: Sasquatch sightings? Will Vector be able to solve this mystery before more people disappear, or will it be too late?

Sonic Stories: Drake's Race: A story that explains Jet's son, as he has been raised to become the new Leader of the Babylon Rogues. But there is just one small problem...Drake doesn't want the job at all. Instead he'd rather be racing in the Extreme Gear Races, which he was suddenly encouraged by his mother Wave. Since Jet has always wanted the Babylon Rogues to live on as they always have, he had no choice but to support him for abit until he loses a race. But during these races, a dangerous gang is out to stop Drake before he get's a chance to enter the Grand Prix. Will Drake be able to survive these new and dangerous races, or will he lose and go back to fulfilling Jet's dream?

Couples I like:

SonicxElise (Big Fan of it!!)


SonicxBlaze (I finally understand why people liked this couple!!)

SonicxOC: Nava


SilverxAmy (It could work out well)






SilverxTikal (Started liking this couple ever since High School Years)


OC: AzarothxAmy (I'm planning on doing a one-shot fanfic about them)

Couples I don't like:

BlazexBig (EWWW!!)


ShadowxSonic (Sorry for you Sonadow fans! I just find it a little...disturbing)


VectorxBig (Don't even get me started!)

ShadowxSilver (How on Earth would THAT work?!)

SonicxSally (I find her really uptight)

SonicxEggman (WE WOULD DIE IF THAT EVER HAPPENED!!) (Runs into a brick wall)

Future Stories I'm planning on doing:

Sonic Next Gen: (Begins 2 months after The New Sonic Heroes). Ever since the Sonic Heroes made their victory after saving the city of Station Square, and probably the world from an infection that kept spreading, Shadow and the others look for Sean ever since his disappearance. Unfortunatley, no one's found him, until they hear rumors of a certain blue hedgehog being spotted at a far off city called Soleana, so Tyson, Kyle, Amy, Cody, and Scarlet head to the city to find their friend. But Sean's life will change when he meets the Princess of Soleana, Elise, as Eggman attacks the city and kidnaps the princess. Will Sean and his Sonic form be enough to not only save the princess, but time and reality itself??

(Please Read and Review!!)

Earth's Turmoil: (Continues 5 Months after Rise of the Viral). After saving not only the city, but the entire world from Viral Infection, Sonic and his friends are finally back to their normal duties. But when strange things start happening, such as GUN forcing all the Heroes to work and live together, and having someone else lead the team other than Sonic, AND Sonic's old teacher Azaroth comes back to tell him that a new deadly force name the Inevitable are coming to take over the Earth, as these strange beings and hedgehogs are being led by this mysterious yet powerful hedgehog named Apocalypse. Will the Sonic Heroes be able to stop this new force, or will the Inevitable get ALL the Emeralds in the world into their grasp, and take over the planet?

(Please Read and Review!!)

Lost Moon: (Begins 1 Year later after Sonic Unleashed). What started out as a normal run for our favourite blue hedgehog, turned out to be a rescue mission, as Sonic hears the news that Knuckles and the Master Emerald itself have been stolen by none other than Dr. Eggman himself. The reason is unknown, as Sonic bravely rescues his old pal, but that's when Eggman activates a special laser that's changed Sonic back into his Werehog form. Not only that, but Knuckles was affected by it too, as he was turned into something called a Lunar Echidna. Now that the Master Emerald is missing, and these new Lunar Hunters show up, will Sonic and Knuckles be able to stop Eggman before he unleashes a dark power upon the world?

(Please Read and Review!!)

Bablyon Eclipse: (Continues 2 Years after Zero Gravity). It's the Solar Festival in Station Square, as everyone is celebrating about a special Solar Eclipse that's said to make the sun red. But not everyone is celebrating, as the Babylon Rogues are once again up to their theiving goods. All that is soon washed away as Azaroth warns them of what will happen when the Solar Eclipse is complete...but unfortunatley the Babylon Rogues ignore him. Once the Eclipse is complete, the entire city is covered in a strange cloud of darkness, and what's probably the worst is that Jet has become affected by the clouds, and has transformed into something called a Babylon Griffen!! Soon accompanied by a mysterious Chao, Jet is soon dragged into another adventure, as he tries to discover what Babylon Garden has to do with this, and who the Shadows are working for. But will he be able to stop this insanity before the world is shrouded in the dark clouds...and himself?

(Please Read and Review!!)

Nazo's Reign: (It's sort of a Five Shot Story). It was just an ordinary night in Station Square, but soon everything becomes chaos, as Sonic sacrifices himself after destroying a strange creature. Everyone is heart broken, especially Amy, and what's worse is that Nazo suddenly makes his move to conquer the Earth. Will the Heroes be able to stop Nazo without Sonic, or will they fail and join him in the after life?

Return to Orcania: (Continues from Sonic Stories: Orcania). During another ordinary day in civilization, Azaroth makes his way to Sonic's place and warns him that Orcania is in trouble. Soon the Heroes are once again returning to the island. But once they get there, the island paradise they knew...has become a nightmare, as many deadly creatures have destroyed everything. Will the Heroes be able to stop this deadly threat, or will these creatures make their way into Station Square?

(Please Read and Review!!)

Mobian Heroes: (Begins During the Sora Legacy, then returns back to the story). During a mission that involved Eggman-Nega, Sora and her friends are sent to another planet, after an accidental warp made by Nega. After discovering that this place is filled with Mobians, they soon know that they're on Mobius, the birthplace of their parents. Now that Eggman-Nega has discovered that the Chaos Emeralds have warped here as well, the new Heroes must stop him before he causes destruction on their parent's home world.

(Please Read and Review!!)

Blue Atmosphere: (Continues from Earth's Turmoil). A very special story that won't be explained when the time is right...

Also I'm planning on doing a few parodies of Sonic, but I'm not gonna tell you which ones though, otherwise that'll spoil the surprise!

List of OC's I have so far:

I'm very sorry, but my OC's are currently under reproduction!

( _ )

Cute little bunny, isn't it?

Well, that's all I've got to show for now, so enjoy my stories!!

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