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Helo my nam ez Erika an i luv pirtates & vampirs.i am obsesed with them. thay our awsom.

if u dunt lik dem than u can go dye in a hol.Goddit?

i hat ppl dat hatte twilit and pirates of the carriben cuz dey oure genius i men srly get a live u posers u arnt as smrat as u thik!

and stop assumeng dat im 10 or smtihing i am so not 10 im older u preps.

if ur wondering sumtimes im prep but sumtimes i go gogth so somtims ill hat on side then ill hat the first i was perp all da way but den i red my immortal by tara and i lernt dat gofs cold b cool t2.

preprs n goffs suld get togeter and tak over te word togeter we wold b awsum and we cult stop da emo revoltion

i am treeing to lern newer biggor words so if u wana u can send me words+deffinition and ill macke surre to ad it i promiss love ya xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

oh i like music like gren day, god charlote, simply plan and avril laving and hilary duf and mily cirus and britany sears and jonas broders they our all amzing bans if u never herd of them than u can cut ur ears of like vango did and paint urself you emo kid god. o and i fracking h8 celine dion!

my fav movies r twilet, pirtes of cariben, coprse brid, nitmare b4 xmaas, men girls, and stuff lyk that.

i rely hat ignorent ppl dat are meen and think they aer better then every1 elsa i men common u arnt dat grate oui are all equals i maen get over urself god!!11 i hate u so much get out!!1111


anywai red my storys plz thnz plankz & fangs (Ull understand planks if u read my Pyra storei and u'll undersood fangs if u red tara;s story)

also id like 2 planks (geddit? u will if u read ma storee/) Cara four helping me corect my speling in my fics planks&fangs iLOVEyouSOmuch


Disclamer: I do nut owe teilite stepahie mayer dos shes a righting geneus

Autores note: sry bout speelin hear but CLARA corrected my dfic so it suld be god tkz caral lulz btw plz reviw PLZ dunt flm eider I mean it its nat nike htx


Hello my name is Brittany Pink Cyrus and I really love my life. I’ve got a lot of friends and they all think I’m cool. All my straight gay friends think I’m hot, so do all of my bi and lesbian friends, and all of my straight girl friends and gay guy friends think I look sexy too.

I look exactly like Sarah Palin (IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO SHE IS GET OUT OF HRERE YOU GOTH LIKE OMG SERIOUSLy!!) but my hair is naturally blond and I wear it down in long, beautiful flowing curls that go up to my mid back and I don’t wear glasses and I’m not like old.

I live in a sunny city in Washington called Forks (Not like Forks you eat wit). It’s a quiet place except for when scary vampires eat people and stuff.

Anyway, this is like totally my first day in this high school. I moved here from Oregon. I’m so excited for the first day of school. I’m going to wear my jean miniskirt and my white spaghetti strap tank top that shows off my belly button with a pink vest. I am wearing pink flip-flops and some pink pantyhose.

Anyway, as I walked into the school there was a lot of guys (and lesbians) checking out on me. I put up my middle finger to some Goth chick called Gothica because she was talking to a hot guy with pale skin and perfect white teeth. His eyes were beautiful. He looked exactly like Robert Pattinson except he didn’t look like he was on drugs and his skin was more pale.


“What?” Shrieked Gothica, all evil and gothic-like.

“OMG OMG!” I continued yelling enthusiastically, jumping up in down in joy because pale-white guy is sooooooooooooo freakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!! You have no idea how hot he is.

Suddenly, Pale-white skin dude pushed Gothica away and started talking to me because I’m hot.

“So,” he said, “how about you go out with me and we see a movie? I’ve been watching you sleep for a month now because you smell so revolting.”

I couldn’t believe it! Not only did he want to go out with me but he also thinks I smile good! So I said yes and we ditched. As soon as we walked outside, I saw his skin sparkle sexily in the sunlight. His white skin was the most sparkly sparkles that ever sparkled in the history of sparkling. It was so sparkling amazing!

He looked at me sexily while sparkling sexily in the sun. “Let’s go watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!” he shouted enthusiastically.

“That’s so awesome” I said, then I suddenly remembered that I did not know his name, “I don’t know your name.”

“My name is Edward Cullen, but you can call me Butterfly,” he said all sexily and sensitively. I couldn’t believe how hot and sensitive he was!

Suddenly, Gothica came up to us and said, “where are you going with my boyfriend, bitch?”

“Brittany, this is my girlfriend Bella. Bella goes by the name of Gothica. But I’m breaking up with her to be with you because I love you and Bella isn’t a prep like you are.” Edward confessed his love for me all sexily and gave Gothica the middle finger with his right hand. Gothica started crying and ran back into the school in a very unsexy way.

Butterfly and me rented High School Musical and we went to his house. He started singing to me along with the movie, “Ya never know what you’re gonna feel, oh ya never see it comin’ suddenly it’s real”

Then we started making out compassionately and he put his tongue in my mouth and then suddenly backed away and flew out the window, leaving me alone in his home.

Suddenly……………………………….. . . …… . . . . . Came a quite unremarkable average looking James!!11


Athoures note: so whatdaya tink bot my fic??/ Dis is my ferst fic 4 twilite eye rot 1 4 pirates of the cariben two if u wan2 red but u dun need to. THNZ CARLA FOUR CORECTTING MI FIC I LYVE U SO MUXH xoxoxxoxxoxoxox+


Disclaimer I du not own twilet stefanie mayo doues

Other’s noye: omg seriously u guys our such hypocrites omg!like possum gurl that was 2 wimpy to loggin u dun speel or hav grate gramer either so SHUT UP!!lik u din’t capitolise te “c” in Caral and u did’nt spelle “incorrectly” correct so THERE!!1 and my story dos hav a plot dat was jusrt a introdution srly it relly gona stat in this chap I SWEER!!1 dos is my frist twilet fan fiction so like its not gonna b perfct god AND THIS FANFICTION IS NOT SAD!!1 it’s gonna be happi ii proms!! N maybe I go to escole but im dilexique or sumthing or mabe ii dun take English class GOD YOU GUYS ATE SO STOPID SOMETIMES GOD STOP FALMING ME STORY!!111111 YOU PEAPLE MAKE ME SO MAD ITS FUSTATRING! DUN INSULT CARA SHE DOED THE BEST SHE CAN OMG!!1


“I want to suck your blood,” said James as he licked his lips (C? theire is plot!)

“NO!!1” I yelped as he started walking closer towards me. I knew he wanted me because I’m hot, but he can’t. I’m Edward’s.

He licked his lips at me sexily because I am hot. “You smell good,” he said and then asked, “what are you doing with a hoser like Edward?”

He started checking me out. I’m wearing my jean miniskirt and my white spaghetti strap tank top that shows off my belly button with a pink vest. I am also still wearing my pink flip-flops and some pink pantyhose.

He then started to bring his mouth close to my neck to suck my blood because he is a pirate. Suddenly, Jacob flew into my house and killed James. I thanked Jacob and he shook my hand sexily. He was so sexy and hairy. He was so hairy that he looked manly and sexy, but not as sexy as he could look because sensitive guys are sexy and he looks too manly to look sensitive, you know?

Jacob started checking me out and let out a wolfish howl. I giggled and blushed. He was about to kiss me but Edward flew back inside of the house and kicked Jacob in his thingy. Jacob yelled in pain. Edward picked me up and we flew outside.

“Don’t ever talk to Jacob, Brittany, he’s not a good guy,” said Edward.

I suddenly realized that Edward could fly, unlike most humans. “Edward, you can fly?”

He nodded his head and said, “yeah, I guess. Probably because… well…”

“OMG!” I yelled out, “you’re a vampire?”

“Yah, how do you know?” he asked

“Well, my sister became a vampire like a year ago. I can tell the symptoms. You have pale skin, you sparkle like all vampires do and have always done, and you’re unbelievably hot!” I explained.

“Wow, it feels like we’ve known each other forever!” He said as we landed somewhere.

“I’m so excited to tell my old fiends at my old school that I’m dating a vampire! How exciting!”

“NO! DON’T!” Edward seemed nervous, “if you promise not to tell people that I’m a vampire, I’ll buy us some tickets to go to Marylin Manson concert.”

I squeeked sexily because I’m hot and I was excited. I’ve always wanted to go to a Marylin Manson cancer! He’s so cute!

Edward was about to kiss me again but someone suddenly shouted at Edward to let me go………………………………... IT WAS JACOB and he was pointing a gun in Edward’s direction.



Anyways pleasae review and DON’T FLAM ON ME STORY!!1 lyk dont ha8 just b nice an tell me how 2 improv.oh an if u give me a word in a reviow and its definition ill right it in the next chap (I will do this all the tim four all my fics 2 lern me sum biggor words)thanks

more 2 cum suen

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