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Hello out there, thanks for stopping by!

I still feel very new to FanFic... I really only discovered the existence of all the AMAZING stories you all have come up with in January 2009.

After devouring everything Stephanie Meyer has written, both published and on her site: I was aching for more. I did a web search and came up with a story on and became well and truly hooked. I then spent the next three days non-stop reading until 2 or 3 in the morning and then waking up at 8 (late for me) and starting again! Thank goodness I was on holiday in Tanzania, else I would have been useless at work… of course I was not really taking advantage of the Indian Ocean at this point either!

Finally, one night I became determined to go to bed at a reasonable hour (as I am in serious danger of becoming a fanfic-reading recluse, my mom barely knows what I look like) so I shut the computer promptly at 11pm and determinedly shut my eyes. Only to be struck by inspiration at 11:30, forcing me to reopen the laptop and start in on a writing frenzy that lasted till 2:30am! So much for “reasonable hour!”

I’ve got a lot of my own characters and fantasy worlds floating around in my head, some of which I’ve put on paper (though never put out in the public eye….) but what popped into my head that night was something totally new!

Sadly I went back to Washington, DC which put a damper on my writing. I was losing my job at the end of January (which I knew before my holiday, but it didn't really sink in until I got back), and what with the economy and all I was scrambling to find something else. At the 11th hour I got offered a contract extension to work... wait for it... in Tanzania!! So then my life was a scramble to pack and move my stuff into storage, and then settling into a new life in Africa, and I have to admit my Muse for "the Others" has left me for the time being. Thanks for all those who reviewed and commented, I really appreciate it and I DO have a future direction for the story, but it will have to be on hiatus a little while longer.

In the meantime, I've been throwing together a story about Rosalie and Emmett's trip to Africa, based on what I see around me at this very minute, and a recounting of Alice's story. I know they've both been done before, but I'm putting a lot of effort into researching for accuracy (well, not so much for the R/Em story... research for that involves looking out the window and quite frankly doing my job as a conservationist), so i hope y'all like 'em!

Anyway, thanks for reading, Hope you enjoy!

PS Thanks to JustineLark for filling me in on the Fanfic "lingo" go read her stuff, it's awesome!!


Chapter 2- Alice out of Wonderland

Alice’s dress in the vision:


Pictures of public baths:


Movie poster for the Maltese Falcon


Chapter 3 – Alice out of wonderland

Alice’s car:


Chapter 4 - Alice out of Wonderland

Info on Christian Dior:


Info on Press Week:


Alice’s outfit when she meets Jasper:

http:///images/1948_dress_patterns/fashion3013n3014.jpg (while most of her styles were ahead of her time, thanks to her visions, Alice wanted to be properly 1948 when she met Jasper, while still a bit edgy with cloth and color. Imagine 3014 in 60’s inspired lavender and ice blue.)

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