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I'm on facebook under the same screen name. Friend me if you feel the need.

My boring and random facts have been updated yet again...

(1) If you're not going to finish it then DON'T POST IT! There are a few authors I would like to have a word with about this.

(2) I will always leave positive feedback. If I don't like your story I won't finish it and I won't review. I might leave constructive criticism but I promise what I write to you will NOT be cruel, rude, or insensitive. I understand it takes guts to post your story and I do not take that lightly.

(3) Authors... if your story is on my alerts or favorites and you haven't updated it in 2-3 weeks your story gets deleted. It's nothing personal towards the authors themselves but I follow a lot of stories at once so I tend to forget the plot if not updated frequently.

(4) If your story is on my alert or favorite list and you post that the story will be placed on hold/hiatus I will immediately stop reading it and take it off my lists. The same goes for authors on my favorites list.

(5) Please don't complain that no one is reviewing your story. Keep up with the quality of writing and they will review.

(6) The stories on my favorites list are stories I am currently reading.

(7) I only put authors on my alert list that have two or more stories I've read and reviewed. I go through both lists after a while and delete anyone who hasn't posted anything new.

(8) I've found I review every chapter if there is a funny author's note at the end.

(9) I detest authors who complain about readers PM-ing them asking for a story update.

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