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Hello fanfictioners and guests of the website!!

Thing I Guess You Should Know...

I'm so confused...

I guess that's just how I am.

I'm an extremly lazy creature that has a glare that could kill if woken. I'm in the solitary and shy category with a bubble of complete wackiness hidden deep withen. It takes awhile to get on my good side, (since I don't do well with strangers) but I'm not afriad to speak my mind which is sadly very sarcassic, a little depressing, and non-caring (But some reason people think it's comical?).

I'm the type that when giving an insult to think of something witty ten minutes later to say back. (laughs at my own stupidity)

The song that wont get out of my head for now: Crush by Pendulum, What If by Safety Suit, and Falling Inside The Black by Skillet

The Little Things In Anime I Enjoy...

The fandom:
If any of you notice, I don't actaully read or write anything else besides, Naruto. It's my main thing, at first I hated it, but it grew on me, so I'm madly in love with it now even if it's slowly becoming bad-ish and annoying. To all the people that watch the anime, you're REALLY far behind, just sayin' 'cause a lot has happened in the Uzumaki Naruto Universe! Though, I have read ither fanfics from different fandoms, i.e Batman-Harley Quinn/the Joker-and also Alice and Wonderland(I started reading them before I even knew about the movie)-Alice /the Mad Hatter. That could be about it, and anyone who likes these, you should check them out, seriously, there are really good writers out there that should acknoledged.

The favorite:
My favorite character is the great Yamanaka Ino, who doesn't love the sassy blonde?(Seriously!) I finally notice her when I started noticing how utterly annoying the Haruno girl was(though she is a good character, I bash, but only a little). Any who, the blonde is hilarious on the show, but is very strong I must say. Yet, not trying to criticize or anything, but after awhile the creater of Naruto has been negecting her, I guess some might agree with me because seriously when I read the chapther of her asking to go agianst Hidan, I thought, "Yes, she's finally going to prove herself!!" That was short lived the Shikamaru had said No. And also, she works with the mind, correct!? How come she has so few techniques?? There's so many things she could do! also, another complaint because my annoyance won't rest because of it; am I the only one that seemed to notice that Ino and Sakura were crying at the same time and Kiba so happened to come and bitch at Ino for crying? Not the I don't like Sakura (I just find that her character can be a never leaving irritation) but I mean seriously Masashi Kishimoto? It's always the blonde chick. ...Not that I'm blonde, I'm just a lowly brunette that has glasses with purple flames on each sides. (no lie there either.) Anyway, it doesn't mean I'm not right when he sometimes ignores characters completely or makes them look bad, but it's not my manga, you guys would KNOW if I owned Naruto. for instance, Sasuke wouldn't be so crazyily annoying, Sakura wouldn't be so irritating, Naruto would talk to Hinata about when she said she loved him, Ino would be more known then Sakura, and Ino and Gaara would somehow come together in the end. I either made peoples dreams come true with that, or just give them a full-blown nightmare. WHAT. EVER. Oh, did you guys know, Sakura was mainly in the Naruto series for comic relief when Masashi was picking a main heroine. It just makes me slightly upset that it could've been Ino, hell, part of me would prefered Hinata or Tenten; yet, it was not. However, who knows, the manga isn't over yet. ;]
-People who trash characters in a story merely for liking a specific pairing is obviously small minded, for with out this character, the story wouldn't be as great. Remember guys, everyone is important! So to all the SasuSaku-I hate Ino characters out there, remember that Ino didn't break up the friendship-Sakura did, for a guy that left without really saying good bye. Who knows how Ino truly feels about Sasuke, it couldv'e been a small girl crush that passed during time, something tells me that if Ino really liked Sasuke, she would've told Sakura, don't ask me why, I just do. Plus, Ino kinda' liked Sasuke first. Without Ino, your SasuSaku dreams might have lived unknown. And to all the ShikaTema-I hate Ino people, if Ino wasn't there and so sure of herself, then Shikamaru might not have even went to the Chunin exams and met Temari in the first place. Chill, seriously, Ino might like Shika or she night not, you can write your hate letters to Masashi all you want, but I highly doubt it'll change anything. And if anything, she might like TemaShika, she liked and knew of Kurenai and Asuma, so why shouldn't she? Don't be so small-minded, seriously, it's not a pretty color. And that's to every other I-hate-Ino-people-because-there's-a-pairing-of-her-and-some-dude-i-see-with-a-different-person out there, unless you have a good reason--and no saying i just don't like her charcter isn't--then you're really just making a fuss of a pairing that'll might just never happen.-

The couple of choice:
My favorite couple is Yamanaka Ino with Sabaku no Gaara. It is official, but since I have some Ino and Sasuke stories out I'll finish them, but I'm not making anymore. I used to love that pairing and many others, but you could say this pairing stole me heart and who doesn't love crack?(that was a pun, if any of you got it.) Anyway, that means, I doubt I'll read any fanfics that have like HinaGaa, SakuGaa, or MatGaa for example(which even though I'm writing that pairing wars are wrong and stuff like that, doesn't mean I can't not like something, i just won't read it or bash it on my page-sadly my stories might have these defects; oh the hypocrisy-. If it's your cup of tea, enjoy sipping it , just know I won't ask for a taste.) Though, I have read stories basing other main characters and notice those two aren't together, I'm okay with that, because I know that isn't the main pairing and I shouldn't shoot down a story just because the side characters don't hook up with the other side character I see them with. Simple as that, comrades. Don't like it? Don't look, don't watch, don't read and that's what I'll live by. But, anyway, I really love this pairng. They're oppisites, but ...the same? I don't know, it's just that, they seem right for each other. I have a feeling, if Ino was born in Suna, those two would be friends and maybe more, no doubt. Don't lie, Sakura was picked on and Gaara was ignored, if you guys truly know Ino's younger character, you know she would've befriended him and possibly made the others like him too. They just mix well for me, my wonderful cup of tea, and I plan to stand by it too, so if someone wishes to message me about how bad this pairing is, give a good reason, either way, I'll still give an evil comeback because I'm good like that.

--there will be more when i actually feel like typing of myself. ...which i usually don't.

I'm going to make a planner. Yes, a planner/notice list, because if you know us 'lazies' you also know that we're messy. ]
So here it goes for every person who actually reads this fail of a fanfic-page, along with her strange fanficz, here's how you'll possibly keep track. Another reason for this is because I rarely update- due to the now busy life that a lazy person should not have. Siiiigh, oh well- it's the life I live.

The Journal Project: My opinions on Gaara: He's a freak. With his freakish eyes, his freakish hair, and his piss off' in attitude...And what's up with the 'I like blood and thriller movies? Freak, I didn't like him the moment he laid his light green Sakura/girly eyes on me!--Alright, so I'm STILL writing this chapter, but it's almost done, I just can't fully figure out how to finish it. any suggestions? Please message me! (Kinda' sorta' haitus, but then again it isn't. ...yeah.)

Who Is This Girl?: She's different then the others… She's…not afraid… Why?--Okay, I haven't really thought of the plot, but then again, I didn't for most of my stories. (Haitus.)

Run Away-The All Seeing: I knew for a fact, that I, Yamanaka Ino, was no longer wanted in the village of Konohagakure.--This one, I'm going to think about more because this story is supposed to be more deep and 'ninja'-like; and as you all know, I suck at that, so I'm going to try hard on it. (Being revised as of now, aka under Constuction.)

Like a Woman's Scorn: Out of all the dreams the woman had, they always came through. Now, finding out about her husband's secret affair, Yamanaka Ino has to find a way to put her life and mind together, but now she's not sure which one has already gone off the deep end.--I really don't know how I even made this story, but I have a feeling it will be very good. Promise you on that. Still writing the second chapter, hopefully some good will come out of this! (Same like Journal Project, it could be, but then again, it isn't. sorry for the confusion!)

It's Whatever: AU. Two points of view. The real war has begun.--I really like this story, since it's mainly about people's forever wars of parings that don't even truly exist over-exagerating your favorite character and such. (no one like's a mary-sue, or whatever it's called really.) I hope other people like it too! (On-going, I just need to edit and figure out the next chapter to make sure it's right.)

School Uniform!: Realizing Ino's a true talent, Sasuke Uchiha does anything he can to get the blonde to go to the pretigest Sound University High School of the Arts, yet with rival schools fighting for her and fan girls trying to keep the blonde away, how will the young Uchiha get the stubborn Yamanaka into his school, and not fall for her first?--I'm not much of a 'SasuIno' fan, but I was when I wrote this, so I'll keep it up. And hey, maybe even a sequel. (My most liked story; on-going, but slow updates.)

Cooped Up in Suna City: With angering rommates, Yamanaka Ino moves out in hopes of less problems, too bad the Sabaku family is full of them. (Extra Uzumaki Naruto showings of his moved out life.) --I really like this story, and I think I might have this one planned out. But, then again, I change ideas quickly so... (Second-best! On-going, slow replies.)

And that's it so far; I might make one-shots, or whatever their called when I'm in the mood, until then, people message me ideas and stuff. I don't mind, and I don't ignore. Hey, flames will even be excepted, just don't feel offended when you read my reply. ;]

Later Guyz!

Leathally Yours,

Gum Gumz

It's so confusing trying to make a story and hope it lives up to the reader's standards.

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