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Hello ! I am UnknownPaws!

I am an Neopets, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and cats addict!



My fav pokemon pairings:

I'm not into Pokemon any more as I once was... so my interest in it has died basically. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to have any motivation to complete Auzroa... so sadly, that means that the story is discontinued... sorry about that, but I was already driving out of Pokemon when I started writing it any ways, and the plot was very dull and too childish. I used to lurk around that fandom, but nothing about it appeals to me any more.

Kingdom Hearts

This fandom I still enjoy, but the lack in progress with the third game has made me bored. I still lurk around here, and I enjoy playing the games.


Larxel - AxelxLarxene (OTP)

SaiAku - AxelxSaix (Yaoi OTP)

RokuShi - RoxasxXion

ZeShion - ZexionxXion

Marumine - MarluxiaxNamine

Xemaqua - XemnasxAqua (I also sort of like TerraxAqua, but I like this a little more)

...and a few others, but those are some of my favs.

Friendships (NOT pairings):

Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Xion - I like to see them as a group, more or less

Marluxia, Larxene - I see them as brother and sister, siblings

Xigbar, Xaldin - Same as he one before

Axel, Saix - Something like brothers, but more like friends (despite how they are not now)(this could also qualify for Isa and Lea friendship/siblings)


This is my ultimate muse. I love Hetalia so much, even more than I did Pokemon (which was a lot, lemme tell you). It has everything I like, which I did not seem to find in Pokemon or Kingdom Hearts (odd thing to say, but I am an odd person). Let me tell you though, I am the world's oddest shipper. My OTP tends to be the first two characters that get me into the fandom.


Canapan (CanadaxJapan) (OTP)

ChiViet (ChinaxVietnam)

KimchiBurger (AmericaxSouthKorea)

Germano (GermanyxRomano)

...and others, but I am too tired to think of them right now.




When Wallace bcomes marked by an odd symbol, he becomes the Chosen one to a prophecy made long ago by Arceus in the Cave of Origin. He now must journy on a quest to prevent darkness from shrouding the planet, and to save his beloved. With him are Ruby and Steven, but also two new friends, and a new ally full of emotions... Contains Gracefulshipping (WallacexWinona), Snazzyshipping (LucianxCynthia), Cavernshipping (StevenxPhoebe) and FranticShipping (RubyxSapphire).

Update: Writers Block can be a real pain in the @$% sometimes -_-;

Update: I still have some writer's block, but I have not given up on this story!

Update: Sad to say, but I've outgrown Pokemon, so this story is discontinued. I'll miss my fav characters and pairings, but I just don't get it anymore... to repetive and childish (the franchise is made for younger children any ways).

What does the Organization 13 think about you?

You are very smart and quiet. (Not smart scientificly, but more-so art wise, for me at least)
Xemnas: thinks you are good for conducting experiments, but nothing else. (Gee, thanks, eggnog brain...I'm not even into science)
Xigbar: loves to make fun of you. (I don't care, I'm too much of a mellow person to really give a hoot)
Xaldin: dosen't talk to you much. (...'Kay...)
Vexen: loves you and your amazing thinking skills, he finally has someone to help him with his work. (Aw, thanks, Vexy! ...Even though I suck at science and my thinking skills are in the arts/ imagnination department XD)
Lexaeus: is a good friend, he may not be as smart as you, but he understands your love for learning. (True, I love learning :3)
Zexion: thinks your okay, but dosen't really care what happens to you. (Thanks...-_-...Oh well, xD)
Saix: has a crush on you, but is too embarrased to say anything. (o.O Whoa... Didn't see that one coming!O_O;)
Axel: thinks you need to lighten up, live a little. (I try XD)
Demyx: fails to understand you. He dosen't understand why someone would want to calculate things all day. (Good thing I don't then, I can't do science for beans, let alone understand most of it...)
Luxord: wishes you would go away, and stop being such a know it all. (Aww... isn't saying 'shut up' enough? :'(...Oh well... )
Marluxia: is your friend. (o.O...okay...)
Larxene: dosen't really talk to you. (Oh well...)
Roxas: admires your smartness, but that's about it. (Thanks, I guess...LOL)

I also got results for carefree, good, and cool (not so much cocky or insane ._.)

Which Organization 13 member are you?

You're Demyx

Your carefree and hate fighting, your mellow in personality and that makes a lot of friends. However your a little naive and you can get over emotional quickly, you hate having enemies and try to make friends even if it looks hopeless. This can be admirable but here's a tip, be careful and think of the dangers the people who dislike you might not hesitate to start a fight like you.

I'm most like Demyx... suits me though, LOL!

What do the Hetalia characters think of you?

First Quiz

Most people like you, you're just so CUTE!

Italy: She's so sweet, and really cute. Whenever I'm hiding from Mr. Germany she never tells him where I am. :D
Germany: She's nice, but such a push over. She's not very strong and she needs to stop hiding Italy!
Japan: She's very sweet, very caring person. And she's really...-blush- ...she's umm...pretty...
England: She's adorable -blush- and she says she likes my cooking.
France: Oh hon hon, _ is the prettiest little thing I've ever seen. I'll have to get her alone sometime. ;D
Russia: She's very cute and caring...she'll be easy to crush! -evil smile- She'll become one with my soon enough, da.
China: She's SO cute! She and I always hang out and talk about so many things! I love her to death!
Canada: She...she actually notices me. She only mistook me for America once and after I told her I wasn't she started crying and apologizing. She's so sweet a-and -blushes- she always says hello to me before she talks to anyone else at the meetings.
Switzerland: She -blushes- walked onto my lawn one time and I shot at her. She came up to my door crying and apologizing. She's the only one I let walk on my lawn...
Liechtenstein: She's my best friend and she's the sweetest person ever! I think big bruder likes her. -giggles-
Austria: A very sweet girl, she always comes to visit and listens to me play music. She's so cute, like a little sister to me.
Hungary: She's so adorable! I love when she comes to visit. And if anyone has a problem with her they'll have to deal with me. -smirks and pulls out frying pan-
Latvia: So cute! She came over a few times to see us and Mr. Russia. She seemed a little scared, but she always had a smile on her face. -blushes-
Estonia: I wish she came around more, she always makes things a little brighter.
Lithuania: -blushes- she's so nice! I think she gets nervous over here but I love seeing her.
Poland: She's like totally cute! Like I don't know why she's like so nice but it's like totally cool of her. And she dresses totally awesome!
Finland: Last Christmas when I dressed up as Santa she gave me a big hug and a present. She's the cutest girl ever!
Cuba: Who?
Belarus: She's okay.
Ukraine: Adorable! She's the best friend I've ever had! I just hope Russia doesn't try to attack her.

Friends: Italy, Japan, America, England, China, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Canada
Enemies: Possibly Russia, but you're so cute he might not attack you.
Possible love interest: Japan, England, France (hopefully not), Canada, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania

Second Quiz

The creative one!
Italy: She and I paint and draw a lot -blush- sometimes she even sings to me.
Germany: Not the smartest person ever, but she can see somethings that others would over look.
Japan: -blush- Her art is wonderful! She's so talented I love her work!
America: Yeah, she's pretty hot. She's always dancing and singing. She's loads of fun!
England: -blush- She's helping me improve on my recipes. She writes stories for me personally, she's so...so...-blushes harder-
France: One time the two of us went to a club and you should have seen her dancing! -sigh- Elle est si belle!
Russia: I admire her work, she's visited several times. -slight blush- I'd like her to become one with me, da. But that won't happen for a bit longer.
China: She's beautiful! -blush- I-i mean her artwork!
Canada: She said hi to me once. -blush- I don't see her very much but when I do I can't help but smile.
Switzerland: She's okay -blush-
Liechtenstein: She's teaching me some more dance moves this week! Oh I'm so excited! She's so much fun!
Austria: -Blushes a deep red- Her music is wonderful. Sometimes we'll spend all day together. I'll play music to her and she'll sing to me. -blushes even more- We've even danced together before.
Hungary: -glaring- She's getting FAR too close to Mr. Austria!
Estonia: -blush- ...she's really pretty...
Lithuania: She's really talented, you should see her paintings!
Poland: She's like okay. But she says me painting my house pink was like tacky! But like what does she know?!
Cuba: Who?
Belarus: ...I like her singing...
Ukraine: She's like a sister to me. I love her to death!

Friends: Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Liechtenstein, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine
Enemies: Hungary
Love interest: Italy, Japan, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia

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Alan lifted his head to listen. A voice, quietly whispering words with a Scottish accent, almost begging for him to listen. Almost like a message was being written out before him with a shaky hand, something he should have realized all along. It was then he realized that Eric was not speaking at all. Singing, softly to the same tune of the song with some minor alterations.
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