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Author has written 14 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Peter Pan, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lord of the Rings, Yu-Gi-Oh, Avatar, Fullmetal Alchemist, Weiss Kreuz, and Hunter X Hunter.

Hello, and welcome to my author page. I have been a fanfic writer for going on ten years now and I specialize in various Anime titles. As you may notice, I usually write in the reader insert style...though I prefer the use of first person. I feel as though I can connect with the main character through first person than any other method. My stories tend to have much detail and historical facts (as I am an MA history student), and I take great pride in introducing my readers to new and exciting information that I often weave into my writing. I have a great deal of knowledge in Victorian, Renaissance, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and WWII history. I also enjoy Irish, Scottish, Old English, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman myths and legends. As an added bonus to my stories I try to incorporate and do intensive research on languages (such as Gaelic for my Peter Pan story) in order to create a sense of authenticity.

In writing my stories I tend to throw myself into my research...which has the tendency to prolong their completion, Haha! I have found that the more I write, the more alive my stories become to me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love to write them.

That said, now it's time to delve into my Anime side a bit. I am a fan of the classics of my childhood (in no preferential order):

Cardcaptor Sakura, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Weiss Kreuz, Inu-Yasha, Pretear, Gravitation, Ai No Kusabi, Kaleido Star, The Heroic Legend of Arislan (Arslan), Fruits Basket, Kuroshitsuji, Samurai Champloo, X 1999, RG Veda, (Most of CLAMP's work I should say actually), and many other titles. I like the more obscure Anime then the mainstream. I also like yaoi and have seen many titles. Mirage of Blaze was my first intro to yaoi.

I am also a professional illustration artist ranging from Anime to the traditional comic book. I have several cats and two dogs and I live in the woods on my old horse farm.

I hope you have fun reading my fanfics!

Waiting to Breathe by whykhan reviews
She didn't want to be in Middle Earth. She didn't even know how she got there. Yet here she was, an Edain, lonely, working in Imladris, waiting to go back home, and all the while unwittingly catching Glorfindel's eye. Rated M for future adult scenes.
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You the reader meet and fall in love with Ciel Phantomhive. I write almost exclusively with reader inserts in which case the reader is the main character.
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the reader and Yomi share on night before the Makai Tournament begins. I don't own or profit from this story. Nor do I own the yyh universe or characters.
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