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Hey everyone!

Guys, im going through the worst case of writers block I've ever had. So Im not sure untill when but I'm putting Two Worlds Collide on Hiatus. I know its only 2 chapters in but seriously i thought i had ideas for it but they all seem to really suck now, So im not sure when but I'll update it whenever i can

I'm so so so so so so sorry ='( believe me i wouldn't be doing this if i could find another way to solve it.

Updated 06/17/10

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Interesting things about me:

1. Favorite color?

Orange-black-white-clear-dot-red.haha Jk Pink

2. Favorite singer?

Miley Cyrus,Demi Lovato,

3. Favourite Band?

Jonas Brothers, Forever The Sickest Kids

4. Favorite movies?

A Walk To Remember,Camp Rock,HSM1-3, Ferngully, Mean Girls,Those are just some, but i cant think of them all

5. Favorite Kind of food?

any food from Limited Too lol

6. Things I like to do.

Hang out with my friends,write,read,watch JB youtube videos

7. Your Horoscope.


Couples I Will Write about

Camp Rock



-Mitchie X Alex



Hannah Montana


Wizards of waverly place


-Mitchie X Alex

those are the couples i tend to write about the most. You may see me write about others but more likely than not they wont be the main characters. And if anyone wants me to write anything specific just mail me and I will see what i can do :D

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You Know You're Obsessed With JB When...
You had the release date for their next album in your calendar.
(x) You're planning your wedding already.
(x) You were disappointed when they didn't take off their shirts in the "Poor Unfortunate Souls" video.
'One Day at a Time' makes you tear up.
You comment JB everyday on myspace and constantly check for their messages/comments
You can sing every JB song word for word, even the new unreleased ones
You know what "CAMPFIREEEEE!" means and can almost do it as good as the boys
You wish you were Mandy
(x) A comment from the Jonas boys is received - you jump up and down screaming for about 15 minutes (more like an hour).
You constantly think about one of the boys.
(x) You argue with anybody who thinks they like one of them more than you.
You liked Kevin before he became "Hot", and always thought he was.
You know about Nick's Christian album and all the songs that were on it.
You call them by Nicknames- Joey, Kevy, or Nicky, etc.
(x) You know all the boys ages and birthdays
You know the TRL number and have all the extensions for 'Mandy' memorized.
(x) You want a tambourine even though you don't play.
'I Am What I Am, I Cant Help Myself'
You have your local Radio Station's number memorized and have gotten to know the DJs by requesting 'Mandy' so many times
(xx) You don't understand how the girls in "7:05", "One Day at a Time", and "You Just Dont Know It" could of been so mean to them.
Your friends start to hate you because you talk about the Jonas Brothers so much.
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You have a JB Pirate eyepatch.
You know the relation between JB and Busted
Your whole Zanga/Myspace page/AIM profile is practically dedicated to the JB
You have/had an AIM screenname with "Jonas Brothers", "JB", "Nick", "Joe", or "Kevin" in it
(xx) You have at least 10 JB songs in your Ipod or MP3 Player
You put Peeps in the microwave
You know where "I Believe I Make Sense to Yo Momma" came from, and crack up when you watch that video
(xxxxxx) You beleive that Joe is the funniest thing EVER.
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Your computer desktop screen is Jonas Brothers and so is your Screen Saver.
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(xx) You know the holiday "Kwan Ziggy Ziggy Zam" and plan on celebrating it this Year!
(x) You know every girl the boys have dated and get jealous just by thinking about them.
You hate AJ for dating Joe
(x) You use the catch phrase "It was Fantastilistic!"
You keep calling the airline companies to book a flight to 'Alklahoma', but they have no idea what you're talking about
(x) Whenever you see alot of cars you yell "TRAFFIC!"
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You wear a bandana around your neck as a fashion statement
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(x) You cant help but say "Awesomeness" when you're really pleased.
When you see a picture of Nick you can't help but say "Look at Nick, hes such a Stud Muffin".
(xx) You know where "Hi, My name is Kevin Jonas, and I'd Like to sell you a Car" came from and laugh about it everytime.
You buy Baby Bottle Pops, just because of the commercial.
(x) You truly beleive that Earth is the farthest planet from the Sun
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Random Quotes From Me and My Friends(not using there real names)


-Raya(to me over bebo messaging): i dont love making you feel dumb, i just overly enjoy it.

-at a dance, some rock song comes on

Me: What is this?

Addison: I have no idea

listens for a few seconds

Me: Something about fish??

-Raya and me over bebo messaging over the summer. she was visiting her dad and was like a billion miles away. and she wasnt coming back for about a month

Raya: Because I am going to bother you sooo much tommorow!
I mean When I get back...I don't know why I wrote tomorrow...that would be completly rediculous.

Me: yes Raya, you are totaly going to bother me tomorrow.

Raya and I discussing my blondeness

Raya: I thinks soon enough you won't even need blonde hair die. I think it will just grow out naturally

Raya and I on bebo at like 1 in the morning

Raya: I can't go to sleep I'm afriad a spider will bite me

me:dont worry the spiders wont hurt you...well they might but thats a very low possibility

Raya:I know that they won't hurt me but they give me very annoying itchy spider bites on my foot

Me:wear socks to sleep then

Raya: But it might bite my nose or something

Me: then put the blanket over your face. i dunno. my brain only works from the hours of 9 in the morning untill 11 at night.

Raya: I'm sure of that. actually I already knew that

Me: so i'm guessing the spider issue is done and over with? your not going to make me use my brain again are you?

Raya:never again


Posters And Pictures :D

I Kissed A Girl Poster:




Chapter 6(IKAG)

Bridesmaid dress

Flower girl dress- (sorry if you cant see it as well as you want. its the best pic i could find)

brides dress-

Alex's dress-

Chapter 13(IKAG)

Alex's Dress-

Carlie's Dress-

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