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Hi, I'm Medea (but you can call me by my name which is Marisa).

First of all, I do like to write fanfiction. More so than reading it, so not that many reviews from me. That's kind of sad. But I don't mind writing it. Most of the stories I put up here will be stories that I posted elsewhere (like All of my work will come from one anime only and that is Pokemon. And do expect lots and lots of shipping and even a few original characters.

Writing Status

As of now, I am putting up one of my favorite stories on this site. It's actually finished in the other two sites I put it in. Romance 101 has made such a great reputation on sppf and even alert; obsessions, I thought it was time to share it with the folks here. I am the author of Romance 101 (for those who doubt me). But I did add a few things I didn't have on the original copy. Plus I have to make more editing changes. There are so many little things I have to nitpick about. So for Romance 101 on here, I will post a chapter usually when I have a day off from work and school. So like once or twice a week if you're lucky.

Outside this site, I'm also putting up Romance 101's sequel (Romance 102 duh). And am currently working on several projects. When it'll hit the internet, I don't know. That's up in the air as of now.


Mostly a Pokemon fan and that's what I mostly write (other animes I love though include: Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, InuYasha, Elfen Lied, Full Metal Alchemist, Azumanga Daioh, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Crayon Shin Chan, and Love Hina). But yes, Pokemon is my biggest fandom out of everything else involving anime. And for those who know me from elsewhere know that I have a weakness for one character on the show. I love Tracey. Damn right! You will notice that in a good number of my stories/chapters. If there's a girl named Marisa, I will sure enough try to put Tracey somewhere in there...and love will be in the mix! That's just the kind of person I am!