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It has certainly been a while, hasn't it folks? Well over a year since I posted anything here. Well, allow me to re-introduce myself.

I'm TwilightLink20xx, best known on YouTube as TwilightLink21xx, but you all can just call me TL.

I am a Christian, and don't take my faith lightly. That being said, I'm not out to shove anything down your throat, it's not why you're here.

I'm 18 years old, and have typically written in the Naruto universe, though I'm open to branching out a bit in the future, just not at this point of time. My dream is to become a storyteller in the visual world, but I do enjoy a fantastic novel, and write my storylines in novel format before I start working on the screenplay (it's time consuming, but it's how I work. That will obviously change in the future...). For that reason, I do indeed write Fan Fiction as a way to challenge and improve my writing skills, and cherish any review that tells me how I did, and ways that I can improve.

For those that remember Serpant's Vengeance, I'm sorry, but I won't be finishing the story after all, as I had a computer crash, and the documents were likely lost. I won't list it as complete, as I may one day come back to it, but I can tell you now, it won't be the same story at all.

That being said, considering I'm updating this page, I can reassure you all I'm working on a semi-secret project. If you want to know what it is, you'll have to dig through the Anti-Naru/Hina at to find me declaring what I'm gonna give a go, but I warn you all, it's not at all what you'd expect from me. Seriously!

God bless, and hope to be back soon with fantastic stories!



(Shattered Dreams Continuity

Many of the stories I write take place in the same continutity. The first story to take place in this universe is Naruto: Shattered Dreams. Now, originally, this story was supposed to be able to take place in the cannon Narutoverse, but because of my ignorance to a few things Kishimoto layed down for his world, certain elements of my stories simply break the universe rules. This litle guide to Shattered Dreams Continuity (or SDC) exists to explains the universe differences that go against the cannon universe rules, as well as minor changes in the timeline.

1. Computers & Digital Media

Massashi Kishimoto has stated in an interview that computers in the Naruto world are no better than 16-bit, and likely closer to 8-bit. While televisions exist in the Narutoverse, game systems like the PlayStation 2 both Naruto and Sai posess in Shattered Dreams cannot exist yet. SDC has computer technology at the state it was in the year 2009. However, as explained in the story, this technology is not extremely common because of high price tags. DVDs are in existance, and are somewhat common.

2. Weaponry

Guns don't exist in the Narutoverse. In SDC, they likely don't, however items like flamethrowers do, so it's not a longshot that a gun could be created. (This doesn't mean I'll use them)

3. Communications

In the Cannon continuity, land lines aren't particuarilly common. In SDC, phones become rampant, and the satelite phone exists with an extremely high price tag.

4. Internal Combustion

Believe it or not, Kishimoto has stated before that Internal Combustion does exist in the Narutoverse. We obviously haven't seen it, but it doesn't change the fact that it's out there. SDC attempts to explain that it's absence is because of the high cost of vehicles and maitenence.

These are the bulk of the quirks that exist in my stories. The timeline goes like this:

Naruto: Shattered Dreams (Completed) - Occurs sometime after February 24th, 2009 (If you can guess why correctly, I'll post why XD)

Naruto: Serpants Vengence (Cancelled, revival unlikely) - Occurs on March 28th, 2012

SDC stories will be labled as such in their summaries and placed in this timeline. If it doesn't have the label, then the story takes place in standard continuity unless noted otherwise. If you catch me using these rules in non SDC stories, tell me, please! It shouldn't happen, but just in case XD.

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