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Hey there I'm Inu-roses and I absolutly love Inuyasha and it's creator Rumiko Takahashi! Inuyasha is just a great story through and through. Rumiko has made many stories that I just can't help but fall in love with. She's so creative and she inspires me again and again.

I can't wait to for people to read my stories!! I've worked pretty hard on them to make them truly interesting!! I hope you like them and please leave reviews!! Nothing makes a writer happier than knowing I didn't spend five hours trying to write a story and rewriting it over and over again than knowing that people actaully like the story!! Really it's true I write more when I get reviews!! So please review them if you like my stories and I will work my hardest to get more chapters in quicker!!

Well I hope everyone's lives are going well and you people are happy!! Cause I am!! Well enjoy the stories, live your dreams, and stuff your faces!

I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that, but I did. So I'm going to rewrite my stories for you and finish them this time! So look forward to some cooler stuff and more action!! I command you to buhahahaha! Just kidding, well I'm kidding about the commanding stuff I really am working on my stores ;)

So I don't think me and a friend are going to be writing this story together haha! It's kinda my bad I never finished writing the first chapter but I plan to write it on my own. I hope you guys will like this story as much as the others!! This one will have lots of new characters and lots of inu demons!! I love inus for some reason, don't ask me why! I mean my fav animal is a wolf, but hey what can you do?

I started it!!!! Yay for me! I finally started the story with all the inus!!! It called The Empress!! It's already two chapters in, so check it out and of course review, I love reviews!!

Here is some information about The Empress (and probably other stories, but that's for later). I am using the real providences of Japan and no they aren’t the ancient ones, they are the ones from this day and age. It was too much work to found out their names back in the Sengoku Jidai. I will list the names of the providences and what they mean. For more info you’ll have to look it up. ^-^

Hokkaido-nothern sea

Tōhoku- northeast

Kantō- east of the barrier

Chūbu- central

Kansai- Southern central

Chūgoku- west

Shikoku- four provinces

Kyushu-nine provinces

Okinawa- southwestern

Also! I like to draw very much soooooooo...if you want to see how some of these characters looks than check me out at, there under the name inu-roses!!! Haha of course!

Soooooooo... I'm once again rewriting Nothing but Trouble, my bad I'm sure people are just done with me, but I'm sure this new and improved Nothing but Trouble will be a dream come true!!

I worked hard to revise and fix old mistake and to basically recreate the whole story! It's more centered on school life now than before, because after I did research on Japanese high schools I found lots more ideas that would work so well with this story. In fact it made it easier for me to write this story so I have a feeling I'll be updating a lot more now!!!! YAY! So tell me what you think of the new Nothing bu Trouble and leave me nice reviews and/or ways to make the story better for everyone!!



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