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#Truth is I love you, its just twisted, a tune you didn't know existed#
- Brit chick who writes because of three great loves in life: Writing/Literature, TV, and wallowing my characters in excrutiatingly wonderful angst.

Jan 9th 2005 * Hi all. Well, the fics I've written here,whether completed, in progress, or awaiting sequels were all written a good coupla years ago now when time was made to really commit to them. Since then I've been at Uni, and working outside of term time. My degree takes up a lot of my time (well the productive bits of it anyway), and the rest is choc-a-bloc with social life...plus no tv. Yup. You heard. The horror. Therefore no fic writing's been done for a very long time, and none for the foreseeable immediate future. Hope you can forgive...it's wonderful to still be getting your reviews, and it really do ache with wanting to carry on writing at times (and I do tinker with a chapter or two occasionally). But honesty's the best policy...sorry guys. You've been great, much love out to all of you for your time, consideration, and wonderful and helpful reviews. Hopefully I'll return and do updates occasionally, but i just can't promise anything imminent.

On a positive stance though, if you really can only "write what you know", living life more means more fuel for fic!

. JTxxx

p.s consider the below as indications of what i'd still love to do if time would bend to my will...

More :
- BTVS: "Someone to want me" IS COMPLTETED.
Wow, this all grew out of a nagging dissapointment at the lack of follow-up re: the effect of Riley's betrayal (and more importantly, Spike's revealing of it) after "into the woods". Love you guys for your reviews!
And I'm *so* planning a sequel - we can't leave them living in angst like that! the sequel will probably still be based as much in season 5 canon as this one was (read into that what you will). But I tell you now : it'll deal with the Angel element to an extent (I recognise that the people who find it hardest to accept Spuffy are the ardent B/A fans who can't comprehend what Buffy could see in Spike when she could have Angel. Well - i'll deal with that. But no more spoilers! You'll have to wait.

-I also have a WILLOW/TARA fic on the horizon (cuz they *are* the cutest) titled "Hold Her closer when she cries".Only prob is I'll be struggling to fit that in before season 7 arrives here in the UK and belies it all. Oh well. It'll have to be AU.

-DISCWORLD: "the shadows within". You Discworld guys have been v.V.V.*V* patient with this ...trust me, the mystery of Carrot's attack, an appearance by Vimes' old flame, and of course more glorious Vimes/Angua shippiness is still to come.
Honestly , this too will be concluded shortly ; i actually have the ending written and everything! Just have to fill in the chapters in the middle!
- CSI: "I can see through you." The one fic I've written that could vaguely be accused of hanging around the fluffy side of fandom. Will get a tad more angsty with a complication ont he horizon though folks...again, although this wasn't left at a major cliffhanger or anything, i realise its mighty annoying for me not to have updated for, well, months now. So that too is going to be gotten back to ...

oh, and a big thankyou to all of you either e-mailing me or archiving fics-with my permission I might add . If you've asked, and i haven't got back to you (highly possible with my current sate of confusion) the answer was yes. I just must be informed of where they're going. :-D. Love you people!

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