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What happens when 2 wacked out girls choose to make an account together?? Pure and random insanity of course...

Welcome to the official account of a a pair of bff's (is there such a thing as an un-official account?)

For Flame : I'm the Harry Potter obsessed freak and when I said wacked out, I mean seriously wacked. There was one time where... Oh, right. Sharing account. Well never mind!! LALALALALALA!!

My fav way of saying disclaimers:

1#. -A young Asian girl is running down the street bandishing a piece of paper- YESSSS!! I did it. I now own HARRY JAMES POTTER AND ITS UNIVERSE!!
-A helicopter came and hovered above her as a man in a black suit came floating down- Miss, Ministry obliviators. Snatches papers and burns it.

Smacks head Man, I really thought I had them there...

2#. To put it bluntly, never ownED it, not ownING it and WILL NEVER own it. Get it??

Well, thats part of me. Fell free to PM us for any more random moments of insanity.

Well, over and out,

Lots of love,
Ms. Flame

Ps. I'll drag Cherry here soon.

Cherry>> -Puff- -Pant- -YeOWW!- That's it, next time, I won't be dragged here anymore! NO. MORE.

I'm a serious weirdo (come on, who apologizes to a table after banging into one?) and a little cuckoo at times... Fine, you caught me,-monotone- I'm absolutely cuckoo all the time. But...jengjengjengjeng... BEHOLD my grasp of pure Twilight-obssesionness. Heh. You don't believe me?

Proof (in black and white):

(i) I daydream about Stephanie Meyer interviewing me on my life as a vampire and my happily ever after with my vampire sweetheart, Edward Cullen, and then, transfers it into a fictional novel with my name replaced as Bella Swan!! -Squeeees-

(ii) I nearly chopped off my mom's head when she woke me up right at the kissing part with Edward Cullen in my dream...

(iii) I made poor Flame nearly-deaf everytime I hear about Twilight (specifically, Edward Cullen -glassy eyes-), and etc etc.

Actually, this is my FIRST and ONLY account here (excluding the one with forgotten email and password). So, please please forgive me if I go all blabbery and end up being an offensive twonk. Sometimes, my retarded mind is just too stubborn to work properly. That, that, isn't entirely all my bloody fault. God knows, I'm in like, a LIFECOASTER (oh please let me get off and have a little sit-down from all the exhaustion?) with all the FREAKIN' exams, homeworks piled taller than the Eiffel Tower and being EMOTIONALLY CRAPTASTIC -grins sheepishly-

Before I drive any of you into the pit of boredom(which has giant spikes at the bottom and smells like old socks), I bid you all farewell -wipes my tears with a lacey hankie- sniffs No worries. I'm just overwhelmly touched by your willingness to suffer from reading all my craps. Thx again!~


When worlds collide reviews
Due to a prank gone wrong, 3 marauders find themeselves transported to a place so unlike their own; Forks, Washington. Hp/Twilight New Moon X-over.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,059 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 5/24/2009 - Published: 1/21/2009