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Author has written 13 stories for Twilight, and Pokémon.

Name: Megan ...

Age: 18

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Education: Doss High School '10, University of Louisville '14

Major: Accounting

About Me: I have a HUGE imagination. Seriously. I have like four of my own stories going on along with my fanfictions. I feel like if I don't write, my brain will explode, so that's how I keep myself sane. I'm also a bit of a loner, as I stay in my room when I'm not in class. I have friends, yes, but I'm shy and I don't like to go out a lot.

Favorite Books: Twilight Saga, Hunger Games, and The Inheritance Cycle. Fuck yeah they're all awesome.

Favorite Movies: 2012, Twilight Saga Eclipse, Letters to Juliet, Guess Who and Marley and Me

Favorite Games: Harvest Moon. Sims. Sims 2. Sims 3. I like Sims. :D

Siblings: An older brother, Tony, and a younger sister, Melanie.

Pets: Raven, my 1/2 Golden Retriever 1/4 Chow and 1/4 German Shepherd dog who looks like lab, and Jersey, my big fat fluffy mop of a cat.

Religious views: I'm a Christian, but I don't go to church. I do believe there is a God, but I'm not super devoted to him. I believe that sexuality doesn't change who a person is, just who a person loves, and that it shouldn't define your friendship if they happen to be a part of the LGBT community and you aren't. You should just be you. And if they come out to you, don't automatically assume that they've changed. They're still the same person they've always been, they love videos games like you or they like to go shopping with you, the only thing that's changed is that they don't have to hide from you.

Parents: My mom is my rock. For most of my life, she's the only parent I had. Yes, until about the time I was ten my dad was living with us, but he had went to jail on charges that I later found out about distributing child pornography. So yeah, after I found that out my dad became my father, he no longer deserved the title of Dad anymore. He was in jail for about five years before he got out and I didn't bother to contact him. And then my mom met my step-dad, who was a bi-polar alcoholic. Me and him didn't really get along, in fact, he actually shoved me to the wall at one point and hit me a couple times, and as a result, I hate him, will not drink alcohol, and I didn't attend his funeral when he passed away. Needless to say, my mom is the only parent I have left and I love her immensely. She may think I'm overbearing with my hugs and kisses and whatnot, but it's only because I love her and I don't want to see her go without one.

PLEASE HAVE YEARLY MAMMOGRAMS! THEY SAVE LIVES! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but since she had her yearly mammogram, they found it really, really early and she didn't have to go through chemo or take the medicine that makes her sick. Instead, she's moving around the house and back to her regular dorky self.

Bellice forum: Check out this awesome Bellice forum. Come talk to me and many other great Bellice writers (Hollowgo, JocelynTorrent, etc.) and come listen to our ideas and such!

Status on stories, in order as their links appear down below:

Pack Mentality: Completed. Banner made by AleInWonderland.

Full Moon: Completed. Banner made by AleInWonderland.

Probability and Possibility: Completed. Banner made by AleInWonderland.

Lunar Soul: Completed, still publishing. Banner made by CeCeAsh.

Optical Illusion: In progress, still publishing. (Lots of links below) Banner made by AleInWonderland.

The Secrets of the Olympic Peninsula: In progress, still publishing. Banner made by CeCeAsh.


Pack Mentality links:

Banner: Thanks to AleInWonderland for getting it done. I think it looks awesome. Check it out here:

Alice's car: Her car isn't too flashy, but for Forks it sure is:

Bella's wolf form: Well, I had to search for a wolf for Bella, and I didn't want it to be snow white but lighter than Leah. So I came up with this:

Bella's prom dress: This seems like something Bella would wear, as it's not too revealing or flashy.

Alice's prom dress: When you see the picture, you can already tell it screams Alice.

Bella's car: Here is a link to a picture of Bella's car. Nice right?

There is a trailer for Pack Mentality, as well. Want to view it? Go here: Thanks to Kyraaah1992 for making it for me!

Full Moon links:

Banner: AleInWonderland graciously made a banner for the sequel.Anyway, get a feel for these characters you see. Some will be in charge of jealousy, others love, others betrayal, and so on and so forth.

Characters: Below are the new characters in the story, along with their actor/actress name. If you want to learn more about them, please go to my tumblr account. Thanks to the ever talented AleInWonderland for doing the character manips.

August (James Lafferty):

Alvarez (Wilmer Valderrama):

Victor (Chad Michael Murray):

Nadia (Lily Donaldson):

Keely (Natalie Portman):

Mei-Ling (Liu Yi Fei):

Marjorie (Alia Shawkat):

Frank (Ben Affleck):

Like I said, if you want to get to know them, check out my tumblr!

Probability and Possibility links:

Here are some links for my newer story, Probability and Possibility.

Tumblr: If you want to know some of the OC's in the story, go here.

Banner: The banner which is created by AleInWonderland.

Trailer: The trailer which is made by me.

Lunar Soul links:

Teaser Trailer: Thanks to Catushka for making the teaser trailer.

Trailer: Again, thanks to Catushka for making the trailer.

Banner: The banner made by my Beta, CeceAsh.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS: Below are the Original Characters that are featured in Lunar Soul. Thanks go to Hollowgo for creating them and to CeceAsh for the pictures.

Hugh Bishop (Kevin McKidd):

Holly Spears (Meghan Jette Martin):

Micah Newman (Mark Salling):

Makayla Thatcher (Katerina Graham):

Fiona Stringer (Kay Panabaker):

Oliver Royston (Chord Overstreet):

BELLA: This is what this version of Bella looks like.

These are two new Quileute boys that Noble Korhedron made. The pictures are done by AleInWonderland.

CJ Black (Jesse Metcalfe):

Ricky Corenso (Vinny Guadagnino):

Another Child of the Moon, made by me and picture done by CeceAsh

Joseph Houston (Joe Manganiello):


The Child of the Moon tattoo:

Bella's motorcycle:

Alice's homecoming dress:

Angela's homecoming dress:

Bella's homecoming dress:

Leah's homecoming dress:


These are pictures for my story, Optical Illusion. Credit goes to AleInWonderland for manipulating the characters and for creating the banners.




Renee (Amy Brenneman):




Dr. Robert (Christian Slater):

Laura (Julie Benz):




Dr. Carlisle:





Jason (Gerard Butler):

Elizabeth (Kate Walsh):



Casey (Ryan Kwanten):


Raoul (Mischa Collins):











Tattoos: Thanks to Noble Korhedron for the help.







Vehicles: Again, thanks to Noble Korhedron for helping me find these.













Ace Biers:

Sadie Cullen:

Jet Swan:




Bella's bike:

Bella's truck:


Bella's wolf form:

More links to come in the future!

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