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For people who read any of my stories, i'm not sure whether i'll be updating very soon. I have homework by the truck fulls, it's christmas vacation, and I don't really know where any of my stories are going. So for now, my stories are on standstill, at least until things calm down around here.

basic info about me you don't need to know but i'm telling you anyways:

I have brown hair

I have brown eyes.

IQ is 138. heehee i don't always act like it though:P

i'm 13 and 5' 9''. yeah, i'm tall.

So my name is Abby, obviously. I have met some amazing people on here, and 2 of my best friends in the world read fanfics nonstop. seriously, one of them spent like 3 hours reading on a bus to quebec. i'm just shocked that her battery didn't run out. Anyways, onto the 3 amazing friends i have on here.

Aamna: that really sums her up. not completely, but that will be your first impression of her. She's short, loud, and extremely fun to hang with. She's the sort of person that will go up to random strangers outside of chapters and start screaming at them. but i love her anyways. always have (at least since grade 3) and always will.

Caroline: One of the most spontaneous people you will ever meet. not to mention well dressed. for twilight fans, she's a blonde alice. that includes dressing people cough me cough up. she is one of the most amazing people you'll ever be given the privilege to meet, so treat her well, k?

Dawn Run: i'm no tgiving her real name so don't ask. we met in march and agree that we are both mental/mentle. She's smart, truthful and an all around good friend. she's taught me so much (how to walk a fish), discussed school work (the insanity that is teachers and classmates) and culinary delicacies (waffles and cheese). You'd have to be a complete moron to not see how great she is so be nice. also, her stories rock. read them. now.

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car recently mentioned in ancestry: Mercedes-Benz SLR it's the number one most expensive luxury car of 2006 and i think it's awesome.

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Journalistic ethics reviews
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