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Author has written 6 stories for Chuck, Song of the Lioness, Stargate: Atlantis, Eureka, and Firefly.

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Includes original fiction and visual art. Not that it's very good visual art, but I do my best with what I got. Going to put all my fanfiction on here because... well, it's called It's right in the title there! Why shouldn't I? Plus, I'd like my pageviews to come from my own genius please and thank you. XP

Um, other stuff, right. Well for starters I've never been good at these things, can ya tell? Um... had an older account here but never really got into it... so starting fresh and here's to hoping I can keep interest or at least not forget about it.

Fandoms would probably be a good thing for here. So, in no particular order... well I take that back, I'll do them by catagories so yes it is a particular order.

TV: Chuck/Casey, Sarah/Chuck (from Chuck obviously); pretty much all the cannon parings from Firefly minus River/Jayne because seriously guys (srsly) and also, some Mal/Jayne slashage ;) Olivia/Peter from Fringe; Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Jack, Jack/Teal'c, Jack/Sam, Cam/Daniel, and from Atlantis we have Ronan/Rodney, Sheppard/Rodney, Sheppard/Teyla, Rodney/Becket, Radik/Rodney, and fuck Keller because she's a whore (I don't even know if I can swear on here O-O;); from NCIS we have Tony/McGeek, McGeek/Abby, past Ducky/Gibbs, Tony/Joan, Ziva/Gibbs (Ziva/Tony is evil. Hiss), Tony/Kate; and, uuuuuum... OHMYLORD I FORGOT HOUSE! D= House/Wilson. Yeah, I just watch House for the homoerotic situations they get in. XD Kidding. That's just part of the reason. whistles innocently I'm just not big on the other pairings, that's all. Maybe some Foreman/13 but eh. Not that you need this much detail into my thinking...

Books: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher... I freaking LOVE this series and pretty much any not completely random pairing you can think of I support, so yeah no need to list all that here (though I will say I'm a Harry/Susan fan, not so much Harry/Murphy); by Tamora Pierce, I'm more of a Tortal fan, I have to say Numair/Daine is my favorite pairing of all followed by Aly/Nawat, Kel/Dom, Alana/George, and Neal/Dom. I know they're related, shut up. Anyways, other pairings... Miri/Evan, Raoul/Buri, Rauol/Dom, and from CoM... well not really any. o_O Anyways, those are my two major book fandoms. If I listed all the book-related pairings I support we'd be here all day and this is already taking me longer than I had hoped. But my other favorites authors are Robin McKinley, Peter Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Scott Westerfield, J.D. Salinger, and of course the great Tolkein.

I won't get into movies, simply because my favorite is Serenity and I already covered those kinds of pairings in TV so yeah. Subject to editing. And I would also like to point out that I don't write very much fanfiction, I'll be uploading some old stuff but I do try to avoid writing unoriginal works if I can so I won't be overly active in that department, nor will all fandoms be covered. I have some TP fics, a few SG-a ones, and my poor lone Chuck slashness. That's it so far. But yeah. Enjoy I guess.

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