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Previously Evil Karyta.

I'm a happy 22 years old used to be Fine Arts student -- now studying literature in her native language and wanna be cartoonist -- with more friends then money in her bank account. I enjoy the simple things in life. A good book, a nice coffee cup, a pleasant night with friends and good wine (or beer but I rather wine if you don't mind).

I used to read a lot when I was in high school and soon I'll have to read much more because of college. I have many influences, from goth-romantic authors like Edgard Allan Poe to the symbolic style of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, not forgetting the fantasy authors such as J.R Tolkien or the sensual horror of Ann Rice.

Japanese animations and cartoons (manga) are also ever present in all of my artistic work. I learned to draw coping my favorite illustration of DragonBall and Card Captor Sakura. However today I appreciate darker or more serious work like Togari or Blame!.

My favorite anime would be either Fury Cury (for the artistic overal of the animation) or Full Metal Alcimist (for the incredible characterization and plot twists as well as fantastic animation). I also enjoy Full Metal Panic (read all the novels I could find online), I've seen Noire and Blue Seed and the whole of Neo Genesis Evengelion which is a classic just as much as Akira is (which is waiting for me to watch as soon as can get to it).

Still, my heart forever rests with Rurouni Kenshin and its wonderful and colorful characters.

I'm also a Final Fantasy and pretty much any console RPG fanafic as well as adventure games and some shooters and combat games. I don't give my place at Super Smach Brother's Melee but I suck at Soul Caliber II (got my behind pretty much kicked rather hard the other day.)

"Whoever said 'The more thing changes, the more they stay the same' must have been a lunatic." E.E

"L'homme est un singe, avec des clef de char." Capitaine Charles Patenaude, Dans Une Galaxie Près de Chez Vous Le film.

Tuesday, November 28th 2006.

Well, there really isn't much to say. Lately I've been mostly gaming, or writing, or drawing. Nothing very exciting besdies the rapidity with which i got this last chapter out. Well, I suppose my uneven pace isn't something new here. Anyway. I'm happy to say that soon, Honeysuckles and Moonlight Shreds will be partly over (because I still haven't figured out exactly where it ends just yet... -()). You know the drill, fellow fanfiction authors, sometimes you know everything about your story... besides where it ends. In any case, this chapter sure does answers a lot of questions about Kaoru, and expect some more about Kenshin to come out. I wonder how many of you saw that coming... and I also wonder if I got carried away. Actually, the original version of Kaoru's past was much more extreme. I had her as an actual partner of her father, then changed that for being a spy then back to something more blank like an involuntary witness. I'll let you be the judge of it, I suppose.

Oh yeah, I am once more looking for a beta-reader and an editor. Why two? Because two are better than one. But I need something specific for the beta-reader. To my point a view, a beta is somebody who, unlike the editor who does spell-checking, look more for mistakes in the story line. This means that my beta will know everything about HMS, every little spoiler. So, I need someone with enough discretion not to spoil anything about the story, who also has a good sense of criticism and isn't scared to point out what they don't like about something. If any of you feels up to either beta-read RK stories or edit them, just drop me an e-mail at e_karyta@hotmail.com.

Thank you

Ongoing stories;

Honeysuckles and Moonlight Shreds: All chapters reviewed and re posted. Chapter 19 now available!

The Tale of the Morning Star: On hold. (For god only knows how long...)

Within Souls: Discontinued.

Finished stories;

Constance and Evolution: Can be found on Adultfanfiction. It's a Full Metal Alchemist short story.

Dokusha no Kizu: Can be found on Adultfanfiction dot net. This one is a Rurouni Kenshin short story.

Whispers: Reviewed and I'm looking for an editor. It can be found on Adultfanfiction or Mediaminer.Also a Rurouni Kenshin short story.

Silver Rays: One-shot lemon that can be found both on Mediaminer or Adultfiction. It is an Inu Yasha short story.

The Taste of Your Life: My first completed story. Not for kids and in dire need for edition... Card Captor Sakura

Take My Pain Away: Old and boring. I don't know why I keep it online. It needs editing and was never completely finished... DragonBall

Future projects:

Stray Hero, Requiem for the Lost : I have a prologue written but the story still needs planning. It's a legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time fanfic. I'm working on it every now and then, though it won't be ready to be online before long.

Storms in December: A Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction set in the manga time-line.

Sun Sparks and Dandelions: The sequel to Honeysuckles and Moonlight Shreds. Still on the planing.

Forget-me-nots : It's a surprise.

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