Trent Reznor-X-Marilyn Manson
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Very well, where should I begin? I like anything Marilyn Manson-related.I've even got Pogo's theme in GERMAN!!? I'll send you a theme of a Marilyn Manson member if you email me and specify English, or Japanese. So far Pogo's theme is the only one in German, but I intend to have email me if u want to talk Manson...Here's some things Manson would never say from my webpage..:

Manson: *mumbling* Stupid preacher, he can't tell ME he's not open for confessions today.

Pogo: *to a department store clerk* WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE IT IN PINK??!!

Manson: *in a Richard Simmons voice* Oh, Trent, you must do something with your hair!

Manson: *picks up the phone* Hello?
Sinister Voice: Do you like scary movies?
Manson: Trent?!

Manson: Twiggy, does this shade of lipstick suit me or should I try black? I really want to impress Trent.

John5: *in a Austrailian accent* I am the Terminator!

Manson: We're all stars the...hey, bubble wrap!!

Manson: TRENT!! Take off that stupid hand puppet!!
Trent: It's the only way for me to cope with my emotions...*whispering* Don't listen to him, Mr. Hat.

Manson: Twiggy, will you promise to protect me from Trent? He's been stalking me, peeking in at me through the window...

Manson: *prancing around in a tanktop and extremely short shorts* I feel pretty! Trent, hold me!
Trent: Brian, how many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my closet?!

Manson: *as he cuts himself on stage* 'Tis a flesh wound!

Ginger:*tilts his head back and drools*

Manson: *on drug charges* Not guilty mon!

Manson: I don't believe in Satanism. ( Okay, maybe he WOULD say that, but he'd be lying.)

Manson: Everybody hates me.
Trent: And why do you suppose that is?
Manson: Because I'm the son of the devil.
Trent: That's a good story, what else?

Trent: Manson, you couldn't get laid if you crawled up a duck's ass and waited!!

Trent: Brian, it's time for me to ask you something...what are you?

Manson: My name isn't really a pun off of Charles Manson.
Trent: Then what is it?
Manson: It''s...DIE!!

Manson: I did not have improper relations with Trent.

Trent: Oh, " The Dope Show?" I just LOVE that video! Marilyn Manson is soooo HOTT? Why do you ask?
NIN fans and Manson fans: Uh, no reason, no reason at all...( innocent whistling)

Manson and Trent: *together* FU-SION! HA!!!*Later*
Manson: Hey, Trent, since we fused, does that make us gay?

Twiggy: *in an AA meeting* My name's Jeordie, and I'm an alcoholic.
Trent: My name's Trent and I'm a homosexual.
Manson: Wrong building, Trent.
Trent: Whoops..

Manson: *comes out on stage* IT'S MILLER TIME!

Trent: I enjoy posing, dancing, singing and *smirks* Marilyn Manson.

Manson: Alright, I admit it...I love than that...friendly way...

Manson: *in a cheesy English accent* I'm sorry,
Mr.Priest, but I despise you. I'm afraid you'll have to be disposed of. Now, if you'll please step on the plastic so I don't ruin the floor.

Trent to Manson: Y'know, ever since I met you, you never were worth a damn.

Manson: What am I? Seriously.
Twiggy: The world may never know.

Manson's Father: *crying* Why?! Why me? Why'd I have to have a son that's gayer than Ru Paul in a Beefy Buff Club!?

Manson: *wakes up and looks in the mirror* AHHHHHH! Oh wait, that's just me.

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