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Author has written 8 stories for Final Fantasy I-VI, Chrono Cross, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance, Elder Scroll series, La Pucelle, and Naruto.

As my username implies, I love happy endings, which means Squaresoft, Nippon Ichi, and Nintendo gives me plenty to work with. :)

Several years ago I began my online life by creating a Yahoo RPG group, Ganon Major, and the Happy Mask Salesman proved his power...through that, I met my heart and soul, my love, Ian Jenkins, and many awesome RPers. I usually draw rather than write, but sentences are fun puzzles to piece together. Maybe this will finally help me learn to plot, too. :p

Time to ply my wares to Noir x Prier, Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman x anyone he can get, and Babus x Ezel. That's right. Nu Mou shounen-ai owns you. D And Kuja. Let's not forget him. And Logos...oh, heck, time to ply my wares to everyone.


:3 If you read through one of my stories, I would love to hear how I could make you a return reader, or a happier return reader. I'm certainly not looking for only reviews of praise, much as it makes me squee. I would just love to know what the opinions were on the other 90 percent of hits that left no suggestions.

From my own experience as a browser at FF.Net, seeing a crapload of reviews always rouses my curiosity to peek through a story, if a summary doesn't...and given my taste for obscure games or rare pairs, and my infinite suck at summaries, I need all the help I can get. 8D;


Either way, some of the stuff inquiring minds want to know (in review form, this isn't Tara's Crapfic Meme XD;) :

Requires having played most of the games involved:

- Least liked canon characterization/s and why (and how you think I could make it better)
- Favorite canon characterization/s and why (and how you think I could make it better)
- The same above, only OC. I think we have enough running around now...
- Least liked scene/s and why (and how you think I could make it better)
- Favorite scene/s and why (and how you think I could make it better)
- Tips on a better summary, as I suck like Hoover at them. @w@
- ...aaaand anything else you want:D

Requires no game knowledge, but a willingness to be majorly spoiled ( I wrote that as marjoly spoiled at first, ftw XD; ):

- Jarring/repeat grammatical offenses (and possible solutions; bear in mind the many Culotte narratives are a recurring theme in the game that I'm trying to reflect in AeD. X3)
- Difficulties with the flow of the storytelling (in other words, does Tara ramble on the descriptives too much at times. 8B; -unfs her thesaurus-)
- Any strong points in style I should be sure to maintain?
- Any strong points in style I should add?
- Again, tips on a better summary, as I'm still sucking.
- ...aaaand again, again, anything else you want:D

To My Beta OT3, Creepy, Taiga, and mint_eclair:

Creepy asked if he was doing his job, since I had these questions.

The answer? Oh, HELL yes. You all are, and I owe you so much beyond just multiple thanks. If I have triplets, I know what to name them. xD The questions I asked tend to be a matter of personal preference, though, so I'm wanting more foods for thought. If I encounter someone who doesn't like the way I'm doing it, or has a different opinion on the characters, with reasons beyond OMGTABOO, it might lead me to making it new and improved; unlike the fanbrat who refuses to listen to concrit when their stories make canon go boom. :D

And remember, folks, true loveSue lust any day of the week.

Pleased to meetcha!

~ Tara

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Life's True Meaning reviews
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[Crossover:LaPucelle:Disgaea:MakaiKingdom] And so ends a tale that would become a legend...a story of a girl who came to rule over all demons as the Demon Overlord Prier. Not quite...please concrit? Chapters tweaked! :3 Hope to see you at our forum here!
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Final Fantasy I-VI - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,393 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 3/7/2004
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