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Um, hello everyone!! I'm updating this...just because!
I am an avid YuGiOh! fan, and in a desperate quest to find out Joey's and Tristan's True name: Katsuya or Jounochi? Hiroto or Honda? Most likely the second ones, because that's what they're called by their friends. And Shizuka(Serenity) said, once, "Jounochi, Jounochi..." because she was wondering about how well he was doing at Battle City. And, also, Jou's mom called him, "Katsuya". Who do you think is more likely to call him by his first name--Shizuka or his mama? And Shizuka calls everyon by their first names anyway!

Okay, well this is where advertising comes in, and these people DID NOT ask me to do this. They deserve it, sooo...

Story: Choice
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Ryou/Bakura
Really supurb! You'll eat chapter after chapter! It's a culinary delight!...Eeyeah...


She has a lot of stories, like Quit it! and YuGiOh! Email Surveys!! Hilarious!

Sungirl and Meowiegirl-

Their stories are very cute and funny. Really! Why do people flame them?! *angry*

Pairings I Like:

Jounochi/Mai (GO!!! *waves her banner*)
Ryou/My chara, Callie
Otogi/Isis (Mwahahaha...I'm currently writing one...)

Pairings I hate:
Jounochi/anyone but Mai
Mai/anyone but Jounochi
Yami/Ryou (???)
can't think of anymore...
I also love Liberty's Kids, and it's obvious what apirings I like, there is only one anyway...

I LUV REVIEWS! Please, give them out. Be generous. *Curtsys, spreading her wonderful 1770s type dress at everyone*

And remember- One day, the children inside us will make chaos in da world! *French accent* What do you szink of zhat?

Quote: 3 renditions of the same quote:
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
When life gives you lemons, say, "I like lemos; what else ya got?"
When life gives you lemons, read 'em.
When life gives you lemons, THROW THEM AT PEOPLE!!!!!

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