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If your browser is dysfunctional and you cannot read the name above, my name just so happens to be Captain Cassie. Coincidence? I think not.

A little about me, eh? Basically I've been writing ever since I could get my grubby little paws on a pencil, which happened to be when I was very young and it sucked very much. Don't know if I've improved much, but at least I can spell the word "cheetah" correctly. I'm an English nerd in general, but I happen to be a hypocritical one at that. Capitalizing proper nouns? Only ninety-seven point two percent of the time for me, thank you very much. The remaining two point eight percent don't deserve to be capitalized, those dastardly scoundrels.

Other than that, I'm a poor college student going for some kind of medical degree. (Nursing? EMT? Pre-med? It doesn't matter, all I really wanna do with my life is make latex glove balloon animals) When I'm not enjoying the stereotypical hedonistic uni student life or cramming for tests, I sometimes remember that I have fan fics and other things to write. And even though I am still in college, I still totally read The Black Stallion or the Thoroughbred series over Paradise Lost or Corinne, or Italy any day. I dig the pretty ponies.


Feel free to hit me up! Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet- and the best ones offer you free candy if you help them move a couch into the back of their van!


msn messenger: luckyaqhachic

aim: luckyappaloosa

yahoo instant messenger: stardustfirelight

Updates, Shout Outs, Random Information & Miscellaneous!

Spotted Glory: I suppose it's time for my once a year sporadic update, just to tease those of you who still keep up with Glory's antics. Still much flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ness going on, so I think some brainstorming is in order. Maybe I'll use that fun little web they taught us in the second grade. Actually, I did have a lot of the story done and then my old laptop crashed and died an abysmal death- Reason #324 Why I Hate Windows Vista.

Update! Posted chapter eleven and chapter twelve is casually in the works.

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