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I'm a B/A (BtVS) shipper at heart, but that fandom is all but dead. So, reluctantly, I've moved on to Twilight. It's a poor substitute, but I want to get some writing done, and it's close enough. I'm toying with a few plot ideas, and hopefully I'll post a story eventually.

I'm almost convinced that Twilighters don't know how to write good angst. If you can prove me wrong, feel free to PM me a link.

General writing advice:

1. Do not use chatspeak or abbreviations in your writing. "2morrow" is not okay when you're writing a story.

2. Capitalize names, always. If you can't find the shift key, I don't want to read it.

3. If you have to write an author's note, leave it at beginning or end of the chapter - do NOT bold it and put it in the middle of your story. You want your reader to be absorbed in the story - don't draw them out of the narrative by interrupting the story with your voice.

4. Do not try to write out stuttering, or overuse "um" and "uh" in dialogue. Although common in human speech, such interferences are not easily read. Like the above, it will draw the reader back to the written page, and away from the scene you are trying to portray.

5. Don't tell me, in your summary, that you suck at writing summaries. If you can't write one or two good sentences, you shouldn't be writing a story.

6. Avoid caps. Used sparingly, it can be alright - but don't abuse it.


Correct: "What are you doing here!" she cried.

7. Don't admit, in your author's note about your horrible writers block, that you don't know where your story is going. You should have a rough outline, beginning to end, before you even start writing.

8. Make sure your characters' personalities and reactions are realistic. Don't black-and-white them. Keep in mind that your villain does not need to be purely evil, nor does your protagonist have to be absolutely perfect - the less predictable your characters are, the more interesting they become.

9. Don't give Bella 8 super-amazing vampire powers just for the hell of it. As a writer, try not to let your own bias for the characters get the best of you - it's an amateur's mistake to try and make your favorite character perfect. (I never read those "More confident Bella!", "Pretty Bella" stories for the same reason. Meyer's Bella is clumsy, plain, and shy for a reason. Her faults are necessary and endearing. OOC stories are fine, when they're done tastefully, but don't do it just to "fix" her character, and make her into a porcelain doll.)

10. Don't be too blunt in the dialogue. Often, I see authors speaking almost directly to the reader in the guise of a conversation between characters to explain certain aspects of the plot. Don't let the dialogue become awkward just to give your readers some answers. Let the information come out slowly.

11. Don't overuse quotations and scenes from the book. Even when writing an AU retelling of Twilight, you should try changing as much as you can. Otherwise, not only will you bore your reader with a scene that they have probably read at least 10 times (or 10,000 times, in the case of the van scene, which seems to find its way into damn near everything), but they will be distracted by the constant parallels reminding them of Meyer's version.

Consider having Bella meet Edward in a class that isn't bio; having her find out about Edward through some avenue other than the truck incident or Jake; some villain besides Victoria, Laurent, and James or a meeting that doesn't occur on the baseball field. It's your story - so make it yours.

(The list will grow as I find more things that bug me)

Favorite Stories:

Pheonix Burning by Yahtzee (Buffy) - AMAZING. That's the only word for it. You have to be familiar with the BtVS series to understand it, but it's one of the best stories I've come across - and I've read a lot. The plot is elegant, the characters are dynamic, and did I mention it's B/A?

Never Forever by bedwardfan (Twilight) - There are so many AU fics about Bella getting turned after Edward left her. Most of them are terrible and cliche. This is not one of them - it's a bit long, but, the character interactions are great, and it's a very complete story.

Bella Hale by JulesSC (Twilight) - Although I'm normally not one for fluff, this fic is very well written, and very cute. The plot is a bit lacking, but the character development and writing is stunning. A must-read for BxE lovers.

Wilderness by Wolfpgirl (Twilight) - An AU I haven't seen before. Gasp! It's a novel idea, and very well-played out.

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Bella Hale by JulesSC reviews
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