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2/27/2011 - Random Acts of Drunkenness, my o/s for the FoxyFics fundraiser to benefit the Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease is up!

2/1/11 - After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, Nessie/Rennie and I are back! Sorry for the delay - RL took over. I promise that the next update won't take another seven months!

9/5/10 - Two more days, and I'm back to writing. Took the summer off (not intentionally) d/t it being completely impossible for me to write while

my daughters were home for vaca. They're back to school on Tuesday, and I'm picking up the next chapter of Bubblegum Pop where I left off!

UPDATE: 6/1/10 - Yeah, so I'm fail. So sue me. I'm job hunting. Go figure.

Chapter Seven of Bubblegum Pop - Zombie Nirvana is up and live. Below is the songlist from the CD that Hunter burned for Nessie:

Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

When The Devil's Loose - A.A. Bondy

Sun & Water - Absent Elk

New Wave - Against Me!

Treat Me Like Your Mother - The Dead Weather

Precious - Depeche Mode

Buildings & Mountains - The Republic Tigers

The Lengths - The Black Keys

Sweet Virginia - The Rolling Stones

Cold Sweat - James Brown

Blah-Blah-Blah - Iggy Pop

Sleepyhead - Passion Pit

Gigantic - The Pixies

Ghetto Love - Spinnerette

Mean Girls - Sugarland

Gold Gun Girls - Metric

Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio

Vampires - Dukes

If you're interested, this mix is available on iTunes as an iMix - just look under the title "Zombie Nirvana" and you'll find it.

Working on Chapter nine of BGP as I type this. The working title is "Bruise" and should hopefully be up next week. I'm also writing a review of Reagan O'Connor's Stripped for TwilightAwards. And thanks to Miss Reagan, I have a plot bunneh rolling thru my pointy lil' noggin that pairs up Nessie and...Nahuel! This will be a o/s that I owe the winner of my auction in the last FGB round.

My good friend Redheadknits has been pestering me in the nicest way to write a follow-up chapter to Die Verlorenen, and I've started research for that. It'll be set during the waning days of WW2 in upstate New York.

Oh! And my sista-from-another-mista, KiyaRaven, has nearly completed The Screamers! SQUEE!!

Thanks as always for your reviews and emails. Means a ton to me. XXOO and inappropriate public displays of affection.

UPDATE: 3/27/10

Chapter four of Bubblegum Pop, (Un) Civil War (s) is up! Nessie and Hunter finally go out, but not before some Cullenesque angst. I'm working on a play list that I'll be posting on iTunes as an iMix, for your listening and purchasing pleasure!

I swear, I will finish the remaining Drabbles by Thursday, April 1st. I swear I will. Uh huh. Sure.

UPDATE: 3/24/10

Can't get enough angst? Do you live to read stories that make you sob over your keyboard until snot runs outta yer schnozz and you empty an entire box of tissues? Well then, gentle reader, have I got a competition for you: The Black Balloon contest is accepting entries now through April 2, 2010. No maximum, and stories must be posted on ff(dot)net to be eligible. My entry is "The Book of Hearts". It's Edward/Bella, and I hope that it will have you buying stock in Kleenix, since when I ran my idea past both my betas, shalu and Reagan O'Connor, they both said "You're going to make me cry, aren't you?"

Apparently I have.

Posted my latest Twi25 chapter last night, "Fragments" - Jane/Marcus along with Edward and Bella (sorta). I swear, I will finish all 25 by the end of the month.

March 6, 2010

Chapter three of Bubblegum Pop, Young Adult Friction, is up! Working on chapter four now, (Un)Civil War(s).

My Twilight 25 entries will be more frequent, since I have 17 more words to complete. The latest chapter's prompt is "Comfort" - Jasper and Alice!!

Thanks again for all the reviews and support. Especially for Taming The Bear, which continues to gain readers, even though it's a o/s and will not have any further chapters! Woot!

MsKathy's Haitian Relief effort was a resounding success, bringing in over 75,000 dollars! You can find my donation, Lloyd Dobler's Got Nothin' On My Baby there. I will be posting it here on FF after March 10th, 2010. One shot, Eddie/Bella and well, you know who.

I'm working on the outline for an Edward/Carlisle/Esme piece entitled Ashland.

UPDATE: 1/17/10 - Die Verlorenen: The Lost took fourth place in the Roaring 20's Gangsterward contest. Danke to everyone who voted for Edward and Kitten and their adventures in late 1920's Weimar Berlin.

The Angel and the Green-Eyed Boy is on hold until BGP is complete and I finish the storyline for Ashland and Untitled Esme Cullen Story.

Finally - Kisses and gropes to Reagan O'Connor, KiyaRaven, Feisty Y. Beiden, Shalu, girltaminglions, Tara Sue Me, angstgoddess003, jandco and a bunch of other authors who I'll post once I put a complete list together. These women are incredibly gifted writers, and have influenced and encouraged me one way or the other. Check out their impressive and creative work - you won't be disappointed.

Especially Reagan, shalu, Feisty and KiyaRaven

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Feisty's Magic Grab Bag of Magic by Feisty Y. Beden reviews
This is where drabbles come to chill out w/other drabbles, show each other how it's hanging. Various ratings, pairings, angst levels. Newest chapter: Real Chagrinius, an FGB crackfic written for KCerena, based on *Real Genius*.
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Random Acts of Drunkenness reviews
Esme Cullen has endured years of neglect of a particular sort. Will a random act of drunkenness help fulfill her life? O/S in progress for the Foxy Fics fundraiser for the Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease. AH/AU/Absolutely M for a reason.
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Three reviews
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