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Poll: I want to write a short one chapter fanfict based on the song "Stay" by Sugarland or "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood. What song and couple? Vote Now!
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Quote of the day:

"I had no right to want you — but I reached out and took you anyway. And now look what’s become of you! Trying to seduce a vampire."
Edward Cullen Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.454
(Best Chapter in the book!)


Hey, Everybody.
My name is Kirsta Price, but my friends from school call me Zafrina. Like the Amazonian vampire. I live in Rigby, Idaho. The population is about 5000 people. I have 3 older sisters. Evelynn is 18, Liz is 16 and Becka is 15. We also have a foreign exchange student from Germany. Her name is Hanna Braun. She is 16. I am 14 and a Freshman (or as Rigby Trojans call us FRESHMEAT!!)


My profile picture is an amazing Twilight picture. A EDWARD COLLAGE!!


My favorite kind of music is Country. Don't's not nice. I also love Hip-Hop. Wierd combantion to everyone in the world...Yes. Weird to me...No. I also like the 80's, 50's and 70's. There are alot of random songs in the world that I can't name all of them right now so...check out my top 200 songs at...


I love to write, but I don't get good criticism (my friends are to nice!) , so I wrote a fan fict and put it on here so I know what I'm doing wrong. I love to draw, but I don't think I'm that good. I also love to play piano. My favorite song to play is The Man From Snowy River Main Title Theme. Of course, that's is like the only song I know. I also love to dance, but only when there is nobody home so I don't scare them away!!


Some of my favorites are, Purple or Red/Black ( I can't decide!), piano, family, boating, wake boarding and hanging out with my friends from school. They ALWAYS make me laugh, although a lot of things make me laugh. thanx guys!! (Alice, Jazz, Bella, DG, Sam, Leah, Tylin and Ila). My favorite quote at the moment is from my sister, Becka. She got from one of her school teachers (seminary, to be exact.)
"Don't cry over spilled milk, just get a straw and suck it up!!"


Today we had an Assembly about Rachel Scott and her challenge. I want all of you guys to go to

RIGHT NOW!! You will be amazed at what happened that day at Columbine High School. Accept Rachels Challenge and you won't regret it. I accepted her challenge and told her my story of how her life affected my life. She has had a HUGE impact on millions of lifes and maybe we can make it a million and one.


1F Y0U C4N UND3R574ND 7H15 M355463 C0PY 17 4ND P4573 17 1N70 Y0UR PR0F1L3




Questionnaire: If you want to, copy and paste to your profile with your own answers!

1) Name?
Kirsta Leigh Price

2) Squirrel or Chipmunk?

3)Twilight or Vampire Kisses?

4) Have you read "What You Don't Know" by Zafrina04?
um... I kinda had to.

5) What is the square root of pi times the volume of Jupiter?

6) What starts with 'F' and ends with 'UCK'?

7) Spell your name backwards.

8) Green and Leafy goes to Brown and Crispy as to Alice and Jasper goes to ...?
Mike and Bella. UGH!!

9) Have you reviewed "What You Don't Know" by Zafrina04?
no... That would be pointless.

10) Do you have siblings?
yes. 3 older sisters

11) Favorite subject in school?
SCHOOL! NO WAY! (BTW, it's Math)

12) Guyfriend? Galfriend?
guyfriend. They tend to be better friends than most galfriends.

13) My friends call my crush an EW. Do you have an EW?
Yes. And he is sooooo cute!!

14) Is your room clean?
yes. sort of. you can sort of see the floor now! (sheepish grin)

15)QUICK!! 3 nouns!
computer, fish, popcorn!

16) Favorite breakfast food?
Homemade Hash browns, bacon or sausage (both are fine) and a fried egg.

17) Favorite piece of Jewelry?
My bracelet I got in Belize. IT HAS A BUG IN IT!!

18) Lunch or Breakfast?
Breakfast all the way!

19) Edward Cullen? Jasper Hale? Emmett Cullen?
sexy body!! GORGEOUS!! MONKEY MAN!

20) Reading a book or writing a book?
IDK!! I like them both!!

21) Pigtails or Braids?

22) Short hair or long hair? (on guys and girls)
guys-short, girls-long

23) Pen or pencil?
Pencil. you can erase your mistakes.

24) Polka dots or stripes?

25) What is your favorite kind of music?

26) Who is your favorite singer?
David Archuleta

27) What is your favorite song?
You Can, David Archuleta

28) Did you like this questionnaire?
um... is that a trick question?


21 things girls never notice

1) Guys may be flirt​ing aroun​d all day, but befor​e they go to sleep​ they alway​s think​ about​ the girl they truly​ care about​.

2) Guys are more emoti​onal then you think​ if they loved​ you at one point​.

it takes them a lot longe​r then you think​ to let you go, and it hurts​ every​ secon​d that they arent​ with you

3) Guys go crazy​ over a girl'​​s smile​ ( :

4) A guy who likes​ you wants​ to be the only guy you talk to.

5) Givin​g a guy a hangi​ng messa​ge like "You know what?​​ uh. never​ mind.​​ " would​ make him jump to a concl​usion​ that is far from what you are think​ing.
​​and he'​​ll assum​e he did somet​hing wrong​ and he'​​ll obses​s about​ it tryin​g to figur​e it out

6) If a guy tells​ you about​ his probl​ems,​​ he just needs​ someo​ne to liste​n to him..
You don'​​t need to give advic​e

7) A usual​ act that prove​s that the guy likes​ you is when he tease​s you


9) Guys use words​ like hot or cute to descr​ibe girls​.​​ They rarel​y use beaut​iful or gorge​ous.
​​If a guy uses that,​​ he loves​ you or likes​ you a whole​ heck of a lot

10) ​​If the guy does somet​hing stupi​d in front​ of the girl,​​ he will think​ about​ it for the next coupl​e days or until​ the next time he spend​s time with you

11)​​If a guy looks​ unusu​ally calm and laid back,​​ he's proba​bly fakin​g it and he is reall​y think​ing about​ somet​hing

12) When a guy says he is going​ crazy​ about​ the girl,​​he reall​y is.
Guys rarel​y say that

13)​​When a guy asks you to leave​ him alone​,​​ he's just actua​lly sayin​g " Pleas​e come and liste​n to me"

14) ​​If a guy start​s to talk serio​usly,​​ liste​n to him. It doesn​'​​t happe​n that often​,​​ so when it does,​​ you know somet​hing'​​s up.

15) When a guy looks​ at you for longe​r than a secon​d,​​ he's defin​itely​ think​ing somet​hing

16) Guys reall​y think​ that girls​ are stran​ge and have unpre​dicta​ble decis​ions and are MAD confu​sing but someh​ow are drawn​ even more to them

17)A guy would​ give the world​ to be able to read a girl'​​s mind for a day

18)​​No guys cant handl​e all his probl​ems on his own He's just too stubb​orn to admit​ it

19)​​NOT ALL GUYS ARE RUDE!​​ Just becau​se ONE is RUDE doesn​'​​t mean he repre​sents​ ALL of them


21) ​​Even if you dump a guy month​s ago and he loved​ you he proba​bly still​ does and if he had one wish it would​ be you to come back into his life

This is a poem I wrote for a guy at my school that I really liked (notice the past tense). I hope you guys like it!!


By: Kirsta Price

As I lay in my bed,

I think in my head


why won’t he love me?

why am I on knees?

why don’t they get it?

can’t they tell I lean?

I lean over backwards,

to get a better veiw

of the man I love.

even if he won’t look,

I still lean over.


why do I lean?

why won’t he look?

can’t he tell I’m here?


why does he torture me?

why is it,

we have so much in common,

and he can’t tell?


why won’t he talk?

why did he stop

being my friend?


why did he move,

two years before?

why did he move back?

can’t he tell,


why don’t I just go,

say “hey, I’m right here”?

why can’t I say to him,

“ I love you with all my heart”?


why am I afraid?

I don’t know.

I guess I’m just scared

of getting my heart broken.


why is it, when he looks at me,

my knees feel weak,

my heart flutters

and there’s butterflys?

I guess I’m in love

with someone who won’t love me.


why don’t I just let it go.


I know I have to,

but I just can’t.

This is a song I wrote one night because I simply could not fall asleep. I havn't done the music yet, just the lyrics. BTW, this is NOT true in my life.

Dime of Mine

I have something to say to you
Been in my heart since I was two
You might figure it out,
Just, please try not to pout.

I don't care, I'm alright
I do not want to fight
You broke my heart for the last time
You are not worth a dime of mine

So, did you figure it out yet?
I think that I just won the bet.
I know you want me back,
but stuff it in a pack


You are not worth a dime of mine
take your time
and put it in a safe
or stuff it in your face


I think I'll take back
my dime and time
cause youre not worth a dime of mine

Another song:

The Light You Put Forth
Kirsta Price

I’ve been in the dark
for so many years
I didn’t know what there was
until I found you
I can see the light
that you put forth
I know that I’m here
for eternity

I have seen the light
and I want it here
I want you by me
forever more


I’m not in the dark
I’m now in the light
all because of you
thank you for the light


Yet another song. This goes to the "Brady Bunch" theme song:

The Twilight Books
Kirsta Price

Here is the story
Of Isabella
She moved back up to Forks
To live with her dad, whose name is Charlie
Where she met the Cullen Family

Here is the story
Of Edward Cullen
His dad was Edward too
He can read your mind
so be careful what you think

The Twilight Books
The Twilight Books
This is why the Twilight Books rock

Here is the story
of Alice Cullen
some say that she is pixie-like
her human life, she can't remember
But she can see the future

Here is the story
of Jasper Hale
He fought newborn Vampires
He is from Texas
And misses his accent


here is the story
of Rose Hale
Her real name is Rosalie
she looks like a model
And makes other girls jealos

Here is the story
of Emmett Cullen
He has a big red Jeep
He gives the best hugs
even if you cannot breath


Here is the story
of Doctor Cullen
Who brought up 6 lovely Vampires
he learned to be veggie
and taught his lovely wife

Here is the story
Of Esme Cullen
She jumped from a cliff
she is kind and loving
even to werewolfs


Here is the story
of Jacob Black
he turned into a werewolf
he kissed Isabella
but she punched him in the face

Here is the story
Of Renesmee
She is half-vampire
She loves a werewolf
and they're together evermore


What You Don't Know outfits

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