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Why I'm here: I really love it here. I discovered it about in the middle of January 2009. It's an amazing website. The more I would read stories, the more I wanted to join. So I finally did. =) I'm really nervous, I hope my stories are decent. I've hand written fan fiction in Harry Potter before, but never posted it on a website. I'm totally new here, and I've recently started reading Ash and Misty fics. I've always supported them but never found a site with fics about them, so I'm really glad this is here. =) I can't wait to start and make some new friends! =)

Story updates: I'm so sorry that I haven't written any new stories lately! College started back in the beginning of February and I've busy with that. I have a little something going but please don't get your hopes up because I have no clue when it'll be finished. It's pretty short so far and I've been told that people who have liked my stories like 'em long hehe But I will try and brainstorm some more AMML ideas for ya guys! In the meantime take a look around and check out the stories I already have posted up:DD ByeBye!

Favorite AAML moments would have to be (in no order):

(Episode: Get Along Little Pokemon) When Misty fell in the storm and Ash ran back and helped her to the cave with Tracey. Then he kind of cuddled her when they were in the cave. Aww!

Kind of the same moment in the 4th Pokemon movie, Pokemon 4Ever (With Celebi) Misty takes a spill and Ash runs in front of her and spreads out his arms to protect her :D

(Episode: The Stun Spore Detour) Ash and Tracey get paralyzed after accidently sticking their heads in a Vileplume. Misty takes care of them and Ash calls for her. And Misty goes, "I'm here." I dunno, she just says it in such a sweet way. She really cares about him! Tehe

(Episode: Ghost Of Maiden's Peak) This is a famous AAML moment. At the end of the episode, Misty walks out to Ash all dressed up and the way he looks at her is so sweet. Then they smile and lead eachother to the dancefloor hand in hand after Misty asks to dance with him. Hand-in-hand people.
:waves AAML flag proudly:

(Episode: Tower Of Terror) When Ash becomes a ghost, he floats over and picks up Misty saying, "Come for a ride with me Misty!" and lifts her into the air. Tehe And then later in that same episode when Misty and Brock see Ash and Pikachu laying on the floor, Misty cries because she thought Ash had died. And, well.. the way she was pleading for him to wake up was just so cute. "Oh Ash, can't you hear me? Ash open your eyes, please Ash!" Yes Ash, please open your eyes. :snicker: Then he wakes up and smiles at Misty.
This is just torture. Fall in love, dammit! xD

(Episode: Hyno's Naptime) When Hypno's waves were getting all weird, he was the first to worry and go after Misty.

(Episode: March Of The Exeggutor Squad) Misty ends up in a Goldeen costume to help out a circus performer with his routine and when Ash sees her he says, "That's a real cute outfit, Misty!" hehe:D

(Episode: The Misty Mermaid) When Misty was getting ready for the ball thing, Ash goes, "I can't wait to see Misty!" And then at the end he says, "You know Misty, you were pretty amazing back there." And Misty says: "Save the sweet talk Ash, you still owe me a bike."

(Episode: Pokemon Peril) Ash and Misty get stuck in a cage inside a blimp with Team Rocket. Meowth spots them says, "They're lovebirds!" The denied it but...they both blushed rather noticably. Tehe! :D

(Episode: Navel Manuevers:) Misty likes this guy Danny and Ash goes, "Who does this guy think he is?" Also when Misty was worried about Danny going up the hill, this got Ash's attention as he slipped when he heard that. Then at the end after the race, Misty ran past Ash to Danny asking him if he's alright. Then Ash says, "What about me?"

(Episode: Wherefor Art Thou, Pokemon?) At the end of the episode when the Nidoran evolve after they kiss, Ash asks, "Do people change when they kiss?" And Misty answers.."We'll just have to wait and see." Enough waiting I say! Lol xD

(Episode: Princess Vs. Princess) There's a princess festival that Misty enters. The prize is a picture with some guy that girls go nuts over, and the other prize is a dollset. Once Ash figures out that Misty really wants to win, he says in an edgy voice: "You must really want that picture with Fierelo." (can't spell it!) And he said it with his arms crossed and with a pissy look on his face. Hmm.. jealous much? Hehehe! :D

(Episode: Misty Meets Her Match) Okay, two here! In the very beginning, the gym leader Rudy is right off the bat obviously intrested in Misty. In an obstical course thing, Misty, Tracey and Rudy rode with Ash in a boat to try and hit targets with his Pokemon as part of getting to battle with Rudy. He was victorious in hitting the first few targets and turned back to ask Rudy if he saw it, but only saw him giving roses to Misty. Then when he turned back around to call out a different pokemon, he ended up calling out Charizard! Tracey asked why he chose him and Ash goes, "I... goofed." Hmm.. wonder why? ;D
Kay, and then Rudy asks Misty to stay with him. Misty seems to be taken with him all up until that point. Because it shows her looking away. She said at the end of the battle with Ash, she'd have an answer for him. Weeelll.. during the battle, Ash was losing. Misty yelled battle tactics to help him win. Rudy looked over to her cause he heard and he goes, "She wants him." So HA!
At the end and when they were leaving, Rudy says to Ash: "You know Ash, your a very lucky guy." So of course, naturally, this confused him. Rudy said: "You'll find out someday."
The question on everyone's mind is.. but when?! Lol

(Episode: Fowl Weather Friends) In an attempt to save an Oddish from a tornado, Misty jumps up catching it. Unfortunately the tornado started to lift her up as well. That is, until Ash jumped up wrapping an arm around her waist saving her. :romantic sigh:

More to come!

Here are some songs that I think fit Ash and Misty..

Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood

Pretty Boy by M2M

Protecting Me by Aly & Aj

I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow

Unusual You by Britney Spears

Love Story by Taylor Swift

The One by Backstreet Boys

The Way You Make Me Feel by The Steps

Kiss The Girl by Ashley Tisdale

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