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Author has written 30 stories for Ed, Edd n Eddy, Bully, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Outsiders, Rocket Power, and Wrestling.

It's really been a long time since I've been on this site...two years, actually. There's stories I have that may or may not be finished--being in college really sucks me dry of time. Perhaps once I can get the inspiration flowing again, I can continue these stories and, preferably, re-write my older stories and improve them. Only time will tell. ;) In the meantime, I'll list some of my pairings (both friendly and romantic) for the fandom I'm currently enticed by: Dragon Age. :D

Dragon Age: Origins (So far w/ endings as indicated/implied by the game):

F!Aeducan/Gorim (Platonic with a romantic past) - Despite her small size as a dwarf, her heart was the size of the Archdemon. Her principle was to save as many innocents as possible in the selfless act of 'doing what is right' (the only time she failed this principle was when she was left with no choice but to let Arlessa Isolde kill her own son). Lady Aeducan and Gorim were partners as well as lovers during her time in Orzammar. The two were both exiled, and Gorim left for Denerim while she joined Duncan's forces. Time passed by, and Gorim grieved for a time before meeting his wife and, upon his second meeting with Lady Aeducan, broke the news to her. She was truly happy for him, knowing that the time they shared together was over a long time ago (not to mention that her heart belonged to another now). The two remained very close friends after The Blight, despite Gorim living back in Orzammar and Lady Aeducan living in Denerim with King Alistair.
F!Aeducan/Alistair -
Lady Aeducan was drawn to Alistair since they first met at Ostagar. The two shared mostly the same ideas, shared a similar sense of humor, and hardly ever got into horrible arguments. Even though she wanted Alistair to be happy and not make him the King of Fereldan, she never trusted Anora (with good reason after she not only betrayed her group once, but once again during The Landsmeet). Her common knowledge of royal politics told her that Alistair being king was the best choice for Fereldan. Even though marriage was impossible for the two, she stayed in Denerim for the most part and became his Royal Advisor (as well as becoming the Commander of the Grey Wardens and the Arl of Amaranthine). They continued their relationship, even after Alistair was forced to release Anora from prison and enter a political marriage with her. Depite being married to Anora, Alistair apparently harbored very little respect for her. He refused to let her have any say-so in his planning (instead, he gave this privilege to his advisor...even giving her complete power over his negotiations while he was away from the castle for periods of time), and anytime he wasn't in a meeting, away on business, or out at taverns, he spent his time with said advisor--barely even trying to hide this from her. Basically, Anora's only purpose from that point on was to mother his heir...until the events in Amaranthine transpired. Sometime after her memorable victory over The Mother, Lady Aeducan and Alistair disappeared together. It's possibly implied that Alistair gave up trying to provide an heir and left the throne to Anora while he went on to enjoy the remainder of his life with his true love; far, far away from Fereldan.
F!Aeducan/Zevran (Platonic) - Past his flirting, Zevran was a terrific friend to Lady Aeducan. The two were there for each other when the time called for it; she was there to help him turn his life around, and he was there to help her destroy the Archdemon. He, along with Wynne and Oghren, stayed in Denerim for a time to provide friendly company with the dwarf when times in the castle became lonely. However, times passed, and the group eventually went their separate ways.
F!Aeducan/Wynne (Platonic) - Ever since seeing Wynne's dreams within The Fade, the dwarf admired the mage's strength when dealing with the deaths of her fallen mages. At the time, Lady Aeducan was still carrying the guilt of allowing Arlessa Isolde to kill her son, who was possessed by a demon. The two complimented each other well; Wynne even expressed concern for the dwarf and Alistair's relationship. She eventually let it go, and became very close friends with Lady Aeducan.
M!Amell/Morrigan - Upon their first meeting in the Wilds, both mages shared a strong sexual attraction towards one another. They ferociously flirted with each other and, not long after saving the Dalish from werewolves, Morrigan had invited Amell into her tent. They had a kind of relationship where they bickered often (he tended to be selfish most of the time, but his duties as a Grey Warden left him with him little choice but to help others; Morrigan chewed him out for being weak), but when it came right down to the point, Amell would've done anything for Morrigan. Although, her commitment issues annoyed him greatly; he never let her know. Even after he found out what her true purpose for helping the Grey Wardens was, he still loved her with all of his heart (even keeping her ring she had given him). Morrigan disappeared after the Archdemon was destroyed, and Amell vowed that he would find her and their child. Two years later, he found Morrigan trying to escape Fereldan through an Eluvian portal. He joined her, and lived out the rest of his days with her and their son.
M!Amell/Alistair (Platonic) - Amell was a sarcastic (and even sometimes heartless) asshole, but he and Alistair shared a brotherly connection whenever Alistair was bothered by something (like Duncan's death or his unpleasant run-in with Goldanna). Alistair and Morrigan were the two most important people in Amell's life and, knowing he couldn't make Morrigan truly happy, the mage did everything in his power to grant the one thing Alistair truly wanted; freedom without the worry of having to become the King of Fereldan. When The Landsmeet arrived, Amell supported Anora and crowned her ruler. With this, Amell was satisfied in knowing that he could grant such a wonderous gift to a close friend. Alistair was free, Morrigan got the child she wanted, and Amell was free to do as he liked; until he found Morrigan again.
M!Cousland/Alistair (Unrequited/Platonic) - Cousland was a cocky man, but he had his morals. He believed in the better for all and detested injustice. However, the noble had his vices. Back in Highever, he was quite the horndog. Even while being a Grey Warden, he slept with Morrigan and Zevran, took part in a threesome with Isabela and Zevran, slept with every available whore at The Pearl, and would've slept with Leliana as well. Alistair was Cousland's opposite in terms of romance. Cousland was a sleaze who had been around many a time, and Alistair was untouched--innocent. Cousland realized that the only way he was capable of loving another was if he knew that there was no way he could actually have that person; that way he couldn't ever hurt them. Over time, this feeling grew to such levels that Cousland even risked a travel to Redcliffe alone just to recover Alistair's lost amulet. Despite having already slept with two of his companions, the noble broke things off early with Leliana. By the time she was ready to give herself to him, Cousland had already realized that he didn't want to keep doing what he was doing--he didn't want to keep sleeping with people he didn't love. He didn't sleep with Leliana not because he didn't find her attractive, but because she wasn't Alistair.

(More will be listed the further I get through my playthroughs.)

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