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My avatar = that which adore the most musicians and i make a most dangerous combination.

my current catchphrase: "Keep it coolin', baby."

Things you should know about me:

1. i'm obsessed with anything vampire-related.

2. i have 1 tattoo (claddagh on my upper back) and 10 piercings (3 in each ear lobe, 1 cartilage, 1 on left side of my nose, 1 on right side of my lower lip, 1 in my tongue) I used to have my septum pierced, as well, but I took it out because my then-boyfriend didn't like it. But now I miss it a lot. Lesson learned: Never change who you are or the way you look just to acquire someone else's approval.

3. if Led Zeppelin were not a band but were, instead, a recognized religion, i would be the Zeppelinist equivalent of the Pope.

4. Team Edward, bitches.

5. i've got one of the dirtiest fucking vocabularies that you'll ever encounter. it's not that my intelligence is so limited that i can't think of better words than 'fuck' or 'shit', it's just that i don't want to.

6. Madison, Wisconsin is where it's at, yo.

7. my goal is to do one, many or (preferably) all of the following: get my screenplay off the page and onto at set, get my novel published, sing in a band, act, model & join the Peace Corps.

8. my writing (both original fiction and fan fiction) is greatly influenced by my life experiences. most of the things i write about come from things i've seen or gone through myself.

9. i play guitar. my fingertips have calluses. they're gross.

10. while "New Moon" was my favorite, i loved "Breaking Dawn". i really don't give a fuck if you think less of me for it. i suppose i just really like the idea of spoilers! Edward Cullen eating his way through Bella's uterus to save their unborn half-breed baby.

11. i refused to write or read any kind of Twilight fan fiction until i began reading “Wide Awake”. thank you, AngstGoddess003, for being you.

12. i'm of Scottish and Irish descent and far too proud of it.

13. i smoke cigarettes to make me look cool. no, really. the only reason i haven't quit smoking yet is because i think it's sexy.

14. i enjoy drinking way more than i should. i can thank my heritage for that. and the Wisconsin drinking mentality: GET DRUNK. A LOT.

15. GObama!

16. i can be pretty outspoken and painfully honest when necessary, but most of the time i'm almost always the most chill and laid back person in the room.

17. keep a woman's "right to choose" legal

18. legalize marijuana.

19. legalize gay marriage.

20. if you disagree with 17, 18 and/or 19, then don't do them and shut the fuck up.

20. i've been diagnosed with type 2 Bipolar Disorder. i'm not making that shit up.

21. so far, college has been the most gratifying and liberating experience i've ever had and i haven't once regretted making the decision to further my education. yay, i'm smart now!

My Favorite:

color: blue. it keeps me chill.

animal: elephant

place: my bedroom. everyone who's ever been there has told me that it's one of the most relaxing rooms they've ever been in. nothin' but good vibes, people.

bands/music artists: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen, Muse, Cursive, Lil Wayne, Bright Eyes, Allison Krause

food type: Chinese

food (dish): Chicken Parmesan

soda: Diet Mountain Dew

non-alcoholic drink: orange juice

alcoholic drink: Apple Pie

book: Between the Bridge and the River - Craig Ferguson

t.v. show: That 70's Show

movie: I'm Not There, 28 Days Later, SLC Punk, Requiem For A Dream, Snatch


First things first: I've changed my pen name upon the realization that "kfm-vampyr" is a little gay. How did I pick "Charles Obscure"? Whoever can answer this question correctly will get their story plugged in my next update. Clue: I'm not nearly as creative as you might think.

Next order of business: So, you're probably aware that I haven't finished "Psycho", yet. And now that I've got a new story posted you're probably thinking "What the fucking hell?? She's not even done with her first story and she's already moved on!! FINISH 'PSYCHO' FIRST, BITCH!!" And if that is what you're thinking, that would be totally legit. But hear me out. I've finally gotten back into the right frame of mind for writing fan fiction, which means that I would totally be into completing "Psycho" (finally). However, I'm currently feeling a little down on "Psycho". Looking it over today, I noticed a million or more fuck ups and inconsistencies. And compared to my new story, I feel like "Psycho" is so underdeveloped and written on such a juvenile level that I don't even feel like it's worth finishing. But so many of you have believed in my little story from the beginning, despite its flaws. And in addition to that, I know so many more of you have been waiting very patiently all summer for an update, and that makes me reconsider continuing on with it. So, here's the deal: I will only finish "Psycho" if you guys can provide me at least two ways in which I can improve it. I will let you know by October 5th whether or not I'm going to complete it. In the mean time, check out my new fic “Staying Alive”. It’s one that I actually began working on prior to “Psycho” but I never got the chance to do anything with it. I feel like it’s some of my best work, especially since I’ve had the opportunity to develop the storyline before trying to write the first couple of chapters. Let me know what you think.

Much love to you all and thanks for the support!

-Charles Obscure

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Psycho reviews
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