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4/1/11 - Ive developed a new obsession with Glee over the holidays. I watched the series for the first time on DVD before Christmas and have been INFATUATED with it since. Im 100% FINCHEL and cannot WAIT for them to get back together ( which will happen soon...hopefully) but until then and who am I kidding even after I will have to write how I think they should be!

Not Because I stopped Loving You is my first of what I hope will be many Glee fics ;)

Hi guys!! Im Erica, Im 23 and I live in L.A. I have been captivated by Twilight, as Im sure most of you can understand. I love the stories but I feel like there is so much left unsaid. I think Stephanie gave us great characters to love. I am so drawn to the love Edward and Bella have and LOVE the family dynamics that come up in this series. I plan to play with both of those and whatever pops into my mind.

I have been lucky enough to meet BOTH Rob and Kristen together ;) GREATEST day EVER!

Cullen Women Bonding Week (my first fic ever)- I started writing this because:

a) I figured Alice would NEVER pass up the opportunity to celebrate Edward and Bella getting married she would HAVE to have a bachlorette party, it would just be required. And just like Alice I got a bit carried away and turned it into a week long thing...oops.

b) While I really love the Twilight Saga it annoys me that Bella is never excited to do anything Alice wants to do, I figure if she and Alice get along so well they have to have fun together at some point.

c) I really wanted to see a relationship between Bella and other people besides Edward and Jake. I'm starting with the Cullen women and maybe Ill get around to the rest of the Cullens, but I think for a girl the bond with between her and her girls (friends/sisters/mother whatever) are probably the most important in her life unless she is lucky enough to find that one true love (as we all know Bella is :)) but even then the girls are important.

I hope you all like it!!

Pictures for Cullen Women Bonding Week:

Bar Outfits:

Rosalie Bella Alice Esme

Dinner Party outfits:

Bella Edward Alice Jasper Rosalie Emmett Esme Carlisle

I update as much as I can, Real Life tends to get the best of me but I will always get back to my stories. That is a promise.

You can follow me on twitter if you'd like @erica714 . I might post some story updates or tid bits. Its moslty gonna be fangirl-ing over the series, lol feel free to ask what ever questions you may have.

thanks for reading.

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