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Hello :D

I'm seventeen almost eighteen, I have bright turquoise blue eyes and I'm always changing my hair colour but at the moment it's a browny red, i'm five foot four inches (so very short my age!) My nickname is Blue, not because it's not my favorite colour and certainly isn't my personality, my long term best friend has called me it since we were kids and he can't remember why and neither can i, it's just stuck! :D

Jake (My best friend) says I'm quite strange but funny, friendly, a bit spacey and very childish. But hey i don't disagree. Yes he never lives down that he has the same name a werewolf (Shapeshifter) from twilight!

I love reading and watching films and I'm joined to Jake's hip, he do absolutely everything together including making up stories and we are both also training at the same college and in the same course, apart from he's aiming to an Equine Vet and I'm aiming to be a Equine Therapist or Equine Nurse. I own four horses and a beautiful homebred foal and as wolves well I don't own any but i have a Blue Merle border Collie that looks alot like a wolf.

This isn't just my profile it's Jake's as well, He just can't be bothered to create his own. So we're going to share this one now and upload things on here together, we will note who's is who so it doesn't get confusing, But i'll give you a hint, he's a A* in english so he's will be better :D

A bit about Jake now, he's just turned nineteen, he's alot quieter then me and love his Xbox games, he's very vain about look but he won;t let because of his shy nature, he's got dark blonde hair and light green eyes about five foot eleven inches. He maybe quiet but he's still crazy. He also owns two horses, three German Shepard Dogs, three snakes and two rats.

My favorite animals are Horses and Wolves, whilst Jake loves dogs, if you haven't guessed.

Now for our top ten, we've split it so it's five and five.

Top Five Book/Manga: (Mine) Naruto, Clockwork Angel, Heartland, Hush Hush and Twilight Series. (Jake's) Death Note, Naruto, On the edge by Richard Hammond, Assassin's apprentice and Eragon.

Top Five Anime's: (Jake's) Hellsing, Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist´╗┐ and Pokemon. (Mine) Naruto, Wolf's rain, Hellsing, Physic Detective Yakumo and Ao No Exorcist.

Top Five TV Shows: (Mine) Criminal Minds, NCIS, Cougar Town, Hot in Cleveland and CSI Miami. (Jake's) Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, Blue Bloods and Bones.

Top Five Films: (Jake's) Grown ups, Saw, Due Date, Harry Potter and The Other Guys. (Mine) Pirates of the Caribbean, Due Date, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland and The Twlight Series.

Top Five Characters: (Mine) Shikamaru Nara! (LOVE HIM!) Captain Jack Sparrow, Kakashi Hakate, Spencer Reid and Temari (Jake's) Sakura Haruno, Temari, Alucard and Serius Black. (He's not gay btw) He made me put it! :D

Top Five Pairings: (Jake doesn't have any, but mine are) Kaka/Saku, Naru/Saku, Sasu/Saku, Aluc/Sera and Hige/Blue.

Our pet peeves: I dislike ShikaTem not because i love Shika, but because i just don't think they suit because he would annoy her beyond all reason, I don't dislike Temari, in fact she's my favorite female character of all time, i just think she would end up with some who's got a stronger character! If you get me! Kakashi's mask is attached! He does not have a separate mask/shirt combo and finally Karin! I hate her! But i love writing about her.

Jake only has one...Yaoi!

We will be mostly on here reading and writing when we are on our way to college, we take the same hour long train journey so we always take my laptop, it will mostly be me but Jake will write or comment occasionally. I always read every comment and try and reply because i love reviews! I feel special when some one take the tiem to review!

We have a couple of OC's and none of them love Sasuke! :D

That's about it, so for now over and out!

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