Edward Cullens Other Half
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Ok, hi, how are all you all!!

Thought you'd like to know a little bit about me...

Favorite color...depends on my mood...seriously

Favorite type of food...Italian

Favorite healthy food...grapes

What do I look like?...None of your business, thats for me to know and you to never ever find out

Where do I live...you wish you knew

How do people describe me...hmmm well nice, kind, gentle, hyper, estatic, crazy and so much more

What's the Last book I read...To Kill a mockingbird

How old am I...yeah not telling

I wanted to tell you all about a movie I watched last night. I think it is really good, especially if you want something a little emotional. Itwas called Smoke Jumpers. I really liked it and I think you would too. Thanks.