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Secrets of the Force Ships and Vehicles: Just click on their names and a new window should pop up to show you what they basically look like. I'm making some changes in the bio that might be consider spoilers. A lot of people told me there were getting confused between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Systems Empire when I called them Imperials. Truth is even I got confused at time. So after the Battle of Corellia, I'm going to change the name.

Galactic Systems Empire - Founded by Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia and Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan along with the Jedi Council Representatives Shaak Ti, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. They elected the one who showed them courage and leads them to the path. Revan (Harry Potter) as their elective Emperor and rightful ruler. The Imperial System Military won their first major victory against the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Corellia. After the victory and so many worlds hoping to join, Revan reorganize the newly created Empire into the Triumvirate Systems Alliance.

Triumvirate Systems Alliance - The Triumvirate was formed after the Galactic Systems Empire Victory over the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Corellia in the year 990 of the Russan Reformation. It was the first victory for Revan's power and a critical blow for Palpatine's Reign. With so many planets and systems openly joining the war and flocking to Revan's side, Revan dissolves the Galactic System Empire and reorganize it into the Triumvirate Systems Alliance. After doing so, planets and sectors that hesitated to join realized the new Emperor is more relax about sharing his power. While planets have the right to make their own laws and run the way they see fit, they have to obey Triumvirate Galactic Laws. The Triumvirate soon becomes the dominating Government and Military Power in the Galaxy. The Triumvirate was founded by three individuals with the the highest position of power.

Triumvirate Emperor, Leader and Grand Master of the Jedi Order- Revan (Rules all three factions in the Triumvirate, Civilian, Jedi and Military)

Triumvirate Military Director - Garm Bel Iblis (Serves as the Military Leader of the Triumvirate)

Triumvirate High Chancellor of the Triumvirate High Council - Bail Organa (Triumvirate High Civilian and Government Official)


Rebel Alliance - Mon Mothma refused to join the Galactic Systems Empire and didn't appear at the Treaty of Alderaan when the Triumvirate was born. Convince Revan was no better than Palpatine and Darth Vader, Mon Mothma dream is to restore the Galactic Governments into the New Galactic Republic. After the Galactic Empire is on the verge of having it's military power broken, Mon Mothma attacks the Triumvirate to prevent them from ruling the Galaxy. Her former friend, Bail Organa stops any peaceful negotiation with the Rebel Alliance and the first battle between the two factions resulted in heavy losses for the rebellion.

While many humans have joined her Rebellion against the Triumvirate and Empire, very few near-human government joined them seeing the Rebel Alliance not properly equip to handle the fate of the Galaxy. Many who have joined are from former Separatist Grand Army and Navy.

Rebel Alliance Jedi Order - After Revan appeared on the holocom around the galaxy, as a Jedi... many Jedi who were in hiding rush to join him. However not all came to him. Many did not like Revan's idea of changing the Jedi Order and preferred to keep it the way it was before the massacre. This created tension as they join Mon Mothma's Rebellion and things only got worse after the two factions go to war with one another.

Galactic Empire - The primary enemy to both the Triumvirate and the Rebellion. Ruled by Military Power and Direct Control... they ruled for nearly ten years before Revan openly declared war against them. At first, it was believed the Galactic Empire would emerge victorious and the Galactic Systems Empire would be destroyed. However, after the Battle of Corellia and the Treaty of Alderaan which reorganize the Galactic Systems Empire into the Triumvirate Systems Alliance.

Sith Order - Even though they are primary rivals of the Jedi, they no longer have the strength to challenge Jedi's openly. Instead they are trained by Palpatine and Darth Vader to be assassins. Eventually, the Sith Order Rule of Two Breaks with Palpatine Deaths and Darth Krayt Rule of One begins.

Hutt Cartel - Starting to lose their front against the Triumvirate, the Galactic Empire hires the Hutt Cartel to attack the Triumvirate with gurellia warfare tactics in return with payments of slaves and riches.

Pirate Coalition - Pirates act as mercenary for the Galactic Empire. When it became clear the Triumvirate Military was superior to the Empire, they hire pirates to raid Triumvirate military locations.

Black Sun - Ruthless and violent, the Black Sun Crime Syndicate is powerful in the Underworld. It's underworld rivals is the Hutt Cartel and the newly form Zann Consortium. Having grown restless with his own forces failures, Emperor Palpaine hires the Black Sun Crime Lord and Boss Xizor to cut off supplies to the Triumvirate and Rebellion and to attack their naval yards in hopes of slowly down the Triumvirate and Rebellion Naval Military Power.

Zann Consortium - Angered at being expelled from the Imperial Academy, Tyber Zann builds a criminal empire that quickly rises to power in the galactic underworld and soon his criminal power rivals Jabba the Hutt and Xizor of the Black Sun. However he is no friend to the three factions trying to rule the galaxy and is Enemy to the Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, Rebel Alliance and the Triumvirate. After stealing Galactic Imperial Ships he soon obtains the naval power to challenge everyone in his way.

Species: Many planets have joined the Triumvirate Systems Alliance however the majority of the Systems Alliance is made up of humans and near-humans. Few Alien species have join the the Triumvirate.

Triumvirate Systems Alliance Species: These are the most common species you can find in the Triumvirate and have full citizenship and are in the Triumvirate Military.

Bothan - The Bothan's are renown for their spy network. After saving their planet from destruction from the Imperial's they join the Triumvirate when the Rebel Alliance left them. Please with their information gathering skills, Revan has made the Bothan's in charged of the Triumvirate Military Intelligence. They serve in the military and some are even in the Triumvirate Jedi Order.

Cathar - The Cat-like people are loyal to the Jedi Order and to the ideas of the Triumvirate. They are brave and have courage to match even the greatest Jedi's. They are mostly soldiers on the front lines unwilling to serve as back up in the military. Some are even members of the Triumvirate Jedi Order.

Echani - The deadly assassins of Eshan. With their skills in hand to hand combat, and their knowledge of war, many serve on the fronts lines while some become Military Officers. Others become Special Task Force members, even some joining the Jedi Order.

Ewok - The small creatures were discovered by the Triumvirate. Accepted by the Triumvirate to use the Forest Moon of Endor, the natives and the Triumvirate formed an alliance before officially become apart of the Triumvirate. Many serve as healers and hunters within the Triumvirate.

Gungan - The natives of Naboo were the first to join the newly created Triumvirate Systems Alliance when it became a government. Receiving new training and learning better technology, they fight on the water worlds the Empire controls.

Human - The most common face of the Triumvirate. They serve as soldiers, officers, commanders, and even Jedi's. Despite the fact that they are more humans in the Triumvirate they are not raciest or sexiest like the Galactic Empire and accept all races, species and genders.

Kage - The Shadow People were force off their home world by the Imperials who purged every life form on the planet. They join the Triumvirate for revenge but soon find themselves in Galactic Standing with the Triumvirate. They are soldiers, Special Task Force and some have become Jedi's.

Miraluka - Blind and unable to see except what the force shows them, every Miraluka is force-sensitive and are apart of the Triumvirate Jedi Order.

Mirialan - The Mirialan were the first near-human to join the Galactic Systems Empire and became one of the founding members of the Triumvirate Systems Alliance. They serve both the Navy, Army, Intelligance and Special Task Force. Many are even Jedi.

Pantoran - They are one of the founding members of the Triumvirate and have pledge their support and loyalty to Revan who has become an Icon in the Galaxy. Many are soldiers working on the front lines.

Togruta - The pride Togruta race joins the Triumvirate after Shaak Ti convinces her people to live with the ideas of freedom's on their lips and not in fear of the Empire. Well known for space and aerial combat, they joint the fight against the enemies of Triumvirate. Many become Jedi after their role model Shaak Ti.

Twi'lek - The Twi'lek are led by Cham Syndulla who leads the Freedom Fighters. Cham Syndulla and Aayla Secura have become power symbols for their people and they inspire many Twi'leks to become soldiers as well as Jedi's.

Wookie - the Wookies have suffered long abuse by the Galactic Empire. When Yoda came to them bringing with him the full might of the Triumvirate upon the Imperial Forces station there, they swear their allegiance and loyality to Revan who they learn is a very power leader and treats the Wookie people with the highest level of respect. Very few are Jedi's but many are engineers for space crafts and other are soldiers.

Triumvirate Systems Alliance Citizenships - There are a total of Five Citizenships. A person is born under the most common with is the Citizenship but it can changed into the other four at any given time. Revan made this system to give each group rights and protection against any mistreatment.

Class 1: Civilian - The Civilian Citizenship is the most common and offers the greatest protection as they are normally defenseless. Triumvirate Systems Alliance Citizens are given the most freedom and rights as well as protection. They are however, not allowed to form gangs, preform acts of violence and attack or go near military personal and locations.

Class 2: Military - The Military Protection Act was created by Revan and Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon with the promise that all soldiers would not be punish like the Galactic Empire punish their troopers and officers. Soldiers are protected from the Jedi just as they cannot raise their blasters against the Jedi unless the Jedi turns to the Dark Side. The Soldier's Creed is the code of conduct.

Class 3: Jedi Order - The Triumvirate Jedi Order is the protectors of the law and peace. In times of war, many serve as field commanders to Generals. They are lead by the Grand Master of the Order (Currently Revan) and have taken an oath to serve the light of the galaxy. Should a fellow Jedi turn to the Dark Side, they have to execute them immediately. This does not exclude the Grand Master from this. They are generally the keepers of the peace between the military, the government and the citizens.

Class 4: Citizen-Soldier - Not members of the military, they instead serve the government and the people as police officers, planet militia to Sentries and Guardians of officials. Much like the Military, they take the Soldier's creed. They are a Galactic Organization and are lead by Garm Bel Iblis who is the First Director of Military Defense. A position where only a citizen-soldier can hold. They sometimes work with the Military of the Triumvirate as well. They are from planets and systems that are full fledge members.

Class 5: Government - Government officials have the lowest rights. This was put in place as a means to prevent bribes and corruption. Despite many rights not being available, many still carry their citizen rights. Government officials cannot have any say in the Citizen-Soldier or Military Action. Their job is to lead the Triumvirate during times of peace. Those that start wars could face the Death Penalty for War Crimes. (Only the highest members of the Triumvirate Government can declare war. That means the Triumvirate High Council with seven out of twelve votes.)

Triumvirate Systems Alliance Galactic Government

Ambassadors - The Ambassadors are not members of the Triumvirate. Most come from Neutral Planets and Star Systems. Other's are from the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. They only speak as voices of their governments and have no say in the Triumvirate.

Galactic Ambassadors - Are the Triumvirates Ambassadors towards the neutral systems and if need be, in the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire.

Representative - Representatives are much like Ambassadors. They only difference is that they are voices of providences in the Triumvirate. They do not have the power to pass or create laws. Their home worlds are not full members of the Triumvirate. Military Protection may vary towards there systems.

Senate - The Triumvirate Alliance Senator is a coalition of full fledge members who reports to the Galactic Senate. They can make planet laws, control the trade roots and the tax payers treasury. However they are limited with power. Each Senator comes from a planet that has sworn their allegiance towards the Triumvirate.

Galactic Senate - This are electives or some of the founding fathers of the Triumvirate. Unlike the Senator which represents a planet or star system, the Galactic Senator's represent the Triumvirates as a whole. They pass Galactic Federal Laws, Control Military Funding and report to the Triumvirate High Council. There are a total of hundred galactic senators.

Jedi Council - is made up of twelve experience Jedi Masters. Their leader is the Grand Master (Currently Revan) Though monitor by the Galactic Senate they are the ones that determined the path of the Triumvirate.

Triumvirate High Council - Is made up of six Jedi Masters from the Jedi Council, three Galactic Senators, the Grand Admiral, the Grand General and the Director of Military Defense. They all report directly to the Triumvirate Emperor. They are key players of the Triumvirate and determind the Galactic Laws, Military Action and they have control all planets that are official members.

Triumvirate Emperor - The leader and ruler of the Triumvirate. The only person who can become the Emperor, is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. His rule is not absolute and his decision can be over rule by the Triumvirate High Council if seven members of the Council disagree with his wishes. In War times, it takes two out three from the Director of Military Defense, the Grand Admiral and the Grand General to over rule his decision. Unlike Palpatine's Galactic Empire, the Triumvirate system is design to keep the Emperor power in check. Revan is the founder and current Emperor.

Triumvirate Systems Alliance Military - While the Triumvirate Emperor is the Supreme Commander of the Triumvirate Military, the Emperor's highest representive is the Citizen-Soldier Director Garm Bel Iblis who works as a Representative between the Triumvirate Planet's defense and the Military itself. But the true military leaders is Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon and Grand General Jan Dodonna. (After Mandalore relinquishes the position.) It's military design is base of the Republic Military but was reorganize by Revan to be an effective fighting force. The Military does not fight in Open Warfare like the Storm Trooper of the Galactic Empire. Instead they've taken up what Revan calls, Ubran Warfare. A hybrid of Imperial Open Warfare and the Rebel's Guerilla Warfare. Nearly seventy percent of the Soldiers of the Triumvirate are clones from General Jace Malcom. After two years of fighting the Empire and Rebellion... they are acknowledge as the dominate military in the Galaxy.

The Military Power is divided into two tactics. One for plantery defense and one for deep space combat and campaigns.

Military Defense: SHIELD - SHIELD is a military defense of planets and star systems. They are normally protected by Nebula-Class and Thranta-Class Star Cruisers. They generally have a Haven II-Class Space Station in orbit to assist in coordinate the defense and help prevent any invasion. Planetary Defense are general led by the Military Defense Director Garm Bel Iblis. There code name is Sentry.

Military Campaign: HAMMER - HAMMER is a offense against the enemies of the Triumvirate. All space combat is overseen by Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon. The Ground Assault is overseen by Grand General Jan Dodonna.They have three tactics for military offense.
Shadow - which attacks the enemy unexpectedly or in ambush attacks.
Arrow - which uses the ships abilities to attack from afar and up close with fighters.
Saber - An all out assault on the enemy fleet. Generally in close quarters combat. From all Wars Ships and Star Fighters.

Classes: (note: later on Harry's forces will be called the Alliance and Mon Mothma's forces will be called the Rebellion or Rebels)

Jedi Consular (Advance 1: Jedi Sage - Advance 2: Jedi Adept) - Are normally diplomats and philosophers. They are hardly in battle or apart of war unless they are needed. They study the force to use to heal others and to sometimes manipulate the Force.

Jedi Guardian (Advance 1: Jedi Vanguard - Advance 2: Jedi Sentinel) - General Commander and Generals in the Triumvirate System Alliance Military. They have to be Jedi Knights to enlisted and Jedi Padawans can only join if they are fighting along side their masters and have pass their officers trails. They study the force for combat and master the lightsaber styles and techniques.

Alliance Officer (Advance 1: Alliance Leader - Advance 2: Alliance Tactician) - The military officers and leaders that work with Jedi Master's in military campaigns. Some serve in the Tactical and Logistics Division. Others are officers and commanders.

Alliance Scout (Advance 1: Alliance Ranger - Advance 2: Alliance Infiltrator) - Scouts, Recon and Covert Soldiers that move ahead of the main army unseen and reports the enemies position and strength. If need be, they are saboteurs and snipers.

Alliance Soldier (Advance 1: Alliance Commando - Advance 2: Alliance Shock Trooper) - The front line soldiers of the Triumvirate Systems Alliance Military. They are train from day one how to take down and enemy and survive.

Military Uniform - (I am using the symbols on the patch in this story. Note: in the picture you will notice they have blue stripes on uniform. The Information down below is what branch they're in. Also note that while some females may wear dresses, nearly everyone wears the male uniform design.)

Blue - Navy Officials

Green - Army Officials

Red - Planets Citizen-Soldiers Militia.

Military Ranks: Army - Navy (Note: The Imagines for the ranks are what they look or how they close they look like)

Supreme Commander 1 - Supreme Commander = 6 Diamond

Commander 6 - Grand General - Grand Admiral = 6 Diamond

Commander 5 - High General - Fleet Admiral = 5 Diamond

Commander 4 - General - Admiral = 4 Diamond

Commander 3 - Lieutenant General - Vice Admiral = 3 Diamond

Commander 2 - Major General - Rear Admiral = 2 Diamond

Commander 1 - Brigadier General - Commodore = 1 Diamond

Officer 7 - Marshall Commander - Fleet Marshall = 6 Stars

Officer 6 - Commander - Captain = 6 Stars

Officer 5 - Lieutenant Commander - Commander = 5 Stars

Officer 4 - Major - Lieutenant Commander = 4 Stars

Officer 3 - Captain - Lieutenant = 3 Stars

Officer 2 - First Lieutenant - Ensign = 2 Stars

Officer 1 - Second Lieutenant - Cadet = 1 Star

Non-Commission Officer 6 - Master Sergeant Commander - Senior Master Chief Petty Officer = 4/\ 4u (2 Diamonds in the middle)

Non-Commission Officer 5 - Sergeant Commander - Master Chief Petty Officer = 4/\ 4u (1 Diamond in the middle)

Non-Commission Officer 4 - Sergeant Major - Chief Petty Officer = 4/\ 4u

Non-Commission Officer 3 - First Sergeant - Senior Master Chief = 4/\ 3u

Non-Commission Officer 2 - Master Sergeant - Master Chief = 3/\ 3u

Non-Commission Officer 1 - Sergeant First Class - Petty Officer = 3/\ 2u

Enlisted 5 - Sergeant - Gunnery Operative = 3/\ 1u

Enlisted 4 - Corporal - Chief Service Operative = 3/\

Enlisted 3 - Private First Class - Service Operative = 2/\

Enlisted 2 - Private - Serviceman = 1/\

Enlisted 1 - Recruit = None

Space Stations

The Armory: A hidden space station that works as a naval fleet factory. Feeding off the force it can analyze any ship and make improvements on these ships. Capable of producing technique several generations stronger by taking in any ship that is the galaxies current state of the art metal that's been forge. They produce star fighters to command-ships. The Armory is the sister to the Star Forge.

Carrick Star Station: Hidden between worlds as a military stopping zone, they serve as secret monitors to entire sectors. While some are protected by the local defense fleets, other are hidden near nebula's and asteroid fields. They general serve for soldiers to be drop off or picked up from ship to ship in case they war ships can't go long distance.

Haven II-Class Space Station: Re-engineered as a bigger and stronger space station than the originally Haven-Class Medical Space Station this space station orbits Triumvirate Planets and Moons for both protection and to monitor ship leaving and going. Generally serving as the Planet's Defender Commanding Officer Command Station, they are excellent for observing battles.

Triumvirate Systems Alliance Naval Ships

Strident-Class Star Defender

Length = 6,250 Meters

Width = 1,300 Meters

Armament = 395

Crew = 5,677

Passenger = 68,000

Cargo = 80,000 Tons

Roles = Command-ship - Capital - Cruiser - Carrier - Battleship

Special Armament = EMP Burst (1,000 Meters in all directions)

Service: Serves as a Core Worlds Command-ship. There currently exists one.

The Strident-Class Star Defender is the pride of Corellia. Built by the Armory from Corellia's military plans provided by Senator Garm Bel Iblis. The Strident-Class mere presence can send the Rebel Alliance Fleet and Galactic Imperial Navy running in fear. It operatives in deep space and can carrying more than a thousand star fighters in it's forward hull.

Allegiance is the Only Strident-Class Star Defender and is the personal flagship of Galactic Systems Imperial Military Director, Senator Garm Bel Iblis.

Paladin-Class Star Battle Cruiser

Length = 3,200 Meters

Width = 1,200 Meters

Armament = 448

Crew Members = 3,500

Passenger = 80,000

Cargo Capacity = 50,000 Tons

Roles = Command-ship - Capital - Carrier - Cruiser - Dreadnought

Service: General Serves as the Admiral's personal flagship in a fleet.

A Paladin-Class is named to be a symbol of hope against the Galactic Empire's Star Destroyers. Also known as planet defenders these warships have a rayshield hull made from a special modified Mandalorian Ore that allows four of them to take on a Executor-Class Star Dreadnaught from the Galactic Empire. The Paladin-Class is base off the designs of the Venator II-Class Star Destroyer. These are the flagships of many Jedi General's, and skilled and brilliant tactical Captain's and Admirals.

Imperious-Class Star Cruiser

Length = 1,985 Meters

Width = 1,400 Meters

Armament = 180

Crew Members = 2,600

Passengers = 60,000

Cargo Capacity = 22,000 Tons

Roles = Capital - Carrier - Battleship


The Imperious-Class was destined to replace the newly design Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer, but after Revan stole the plans from Palpatine's Galactic Empire; these ships began to be built by the Galactic Systems Empire. The Biggest Star Cruisers of the Galactic Systems Empire, they are the primary symbol of Revan's Galactic Systems Imperials Navy. They are primary used by experience naval captain. They're primary threat and rival ship is the Harrower II-Class Star Destroyer.

Galactic-Class Star Cruiser

Length = 1,550 Meters

Width = 550 Meters

Armament = 210

Crew Members = 2,118

Passengers = 27,000

Cargo = 18,000 Tons

Roles = Capital - Carrier - Battleship

The Galactic-Class Star Cruiser was design by the after reshaping the Venator II-Class Star Destroyer by Emperor Revan. With the massive numbers of Imperial II-Class Star Destroyers, the Galactic-Class Star Cruisers is built to be stronger and more powerful than the Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer. They are used by fresh promoted captain's who have some experience in commanding warships.

Thranta-Class Star Cruiser

Length = 1,260 Meters

Width = 420 Meters

Armament = 55

Crew Members = 1,350

Passengers = 16,000

Cargo = 16,000 Tons

Roles = Carrier - Cruiser - Destroyer - Transport

Special Armament = Sensor Jamming

Lost for nearly a thousand years, the Thranta-Class makes a return to the Galaxy with new upgrades and a stronger design than it's predecessors. Design and perfected to be a war cruiser to venture on alone for Recon and Intelligence. In the firefight they are able to take on a Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer head on. It's only weakness is the main guns are pointed forward while anti-fighter and smaller guns are pointed towards Starboard and Port Side. If any Star Destroyer can make it to it's side, then the Thranta-Class will be destroyed as it's primary shields are in front of it. They along with the Nebula-Class make excellent planetary defenders.

Nebula-Class Star Cruiser

Length = 1,040 Meters

Width = 832 Meters

Armament = 116

Crew Members = 2,265

Passengers = 12,000

Cargo = 10,000 Tons

Roles = Battleship - Carrier - Destroyer

The smallest of the Triumvirate Systems Alliance Star Cruisers. This however does not make it less dangerous. It's power and defense is even greater than a Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer! However they cannot do long distance travel and normally reside within sectors as Planet Defenders. Ideally for local governments to use to defend their planets from any invasion, Revan uses this as part of his SHIELD Defense Strategy against any attack made by Palpatine's Galactic Imperial Navy and the Rebel Alliance.

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