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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

My name is Angela and I'm 13 years old. I created this account mainly because I wanted to read HP fanfictions, but I've started writing one as well. Right now, I'm working on Year One: Rise of a New Era

Future works will be the continuation of the series, which right now, I've only figured out the second year's title: Year Two: Secrets of Past Memories.

Secrets of Past Memories will have a slight twist in it, making it take place in a time longer than a year. Because of this, I'm going to post each year separately. Year Two will most likely be the longest year, unless I run out of ideas beforehand. There is a chance that I just might make Year Two a sub-series to the main series, since it'll be most likely covering a range of 15-20 years. (eek.) Long indeed!

The entire series will be called Reading Between the Lines, because of hints dropped into the storyline without fully developing something until a certain time.

LASTLY, in Reading Between the Lines, even though it's a Canon-based story, Neville will be with Luna, rather than Hannah/Neville, Luna/Rolf, as the original story went.

Anyways. I'm a Ginny/Harry, Hermione/Ron, and Neville/Luna fan. (:

-- 2/19/09 UPDATE

I will working on a second fanfiction for Harry Potter called Dimension of Erised Wishes. The idea comes from Year Two of Reading Between the Lines, but it's much much more detailed, and mainly focused on the Marauder Era. First chapter should be out this weekend. (:


-- 3/1/09 UPDATE

March! Finally! I'll be working on Dimension of Erised Wishes much more than Reading Between the Lines because there are many many more people awaiting the next chapters of DEW. I'm sorry, but I have to admit, DEW is turning out to be much more interesting. I have most of the plotline thought out for RBL but I probably won't be posting another chapter until late this month. I hope you understand. The next chapter of DEW should come out before the 14th of this month.

-- 3/7/09 UPDATE

Reading Between the Lines is now officially ON HOLD. Dimension of Erised Wishes will be completed up to the end of Year One, then a break will be taken from DEW to work on one of my shorter (non-seven-year) fanfictions, either a "Harry goes into an Alternate Universe where he died as a kid and his parents are alive; His old Universe ceases to exist" or a "Hermione loses everything and goes back in time to kill Tom Riddle but ends up falling in love with him". I know these are very overused topics, but I've enjoyed reading these kinds so much that I want to try my own. I WILL be finishing DEW, but I need to create a purpose in the storyline. I mean, I obviously can't have Harry "get to know his parents" for seven years, now can I? Happy Reading!

-- 4/11/09 UPDATE

End-of-the-year state testing is next week and I have a few trips next month for contests and such. Then I have my normal class finals at the end of May. In other words, until June, I won't be that active. Dimension of Erised Wishes Chapter Four is still being written: slowly. It should be out by the end of the month. My "break" story, Lost Long Ago, is also being worked on. I have the basic outline for each chapter already, so I just need to fill it in. The first chapter will be out on June 1st.

-- 4/22/09 UPDATE

Chapter Four is being written on even SLOWER than slowly... my apologies. I just keep getting sidetracked onto new storylines that pop into my head and now I'm juggling three stories. Dimension of Erised Wishes, Lost Long Ago, and a non-fanfiction story... -sighs- So many things to do in so little time! Chapter Four of DEW might be thrown out sometime in May instead. Lost Long Ago will be put on-hold as scheduled until after Year One of Dimension of Erised Wishes. Chapter one of Lost Long Ago will debut on June 30th instead. I'm extremely sorry and thank you for your cooperation. Hopefully I'll get off my lazy-streak and work on the story that my readers await. For now, I must relieve my obsession-storyline. o-o;

--5/17/09 UPDATE

As of now, I'm not sure if I'll continue DEW. If I do, I'll probably rewrite it. Sorry. ):

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