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I began writing fics for fun not long after finishing Deathly Hallows and long before I even knew that others had been writing their own fan fics. I began because I wanted to know (for myself and my own amusement) what led from the last chapter to 19 years later. I was willing to accept canon if for no other reason that it was apparent to me by The Order of the Phoenix where JKR was going with the characters. (Actually, I had a good idea even before then, but OotP cinched the deal - assuming the main characters survived.)

For myself, I wanted to figure out how Ron and Hermione worked. (Oddly, Harry and Ginny made sense.) Although their relationship was improving by the end of DH, they were really a LONG way from making it as a couple. Hermione had to tone it down a notch (or several) and become more accepting of things and Ron REALLY had to grow up.

As time went on, several other themes and questions entered my head, all of which demanded some exploration. For example: what is magic? What is Wizarding Society really like? How insular are they? Is that universal or limited? Is Britain typical or are there more progressive Wizarding societies? Where did House Elves come from? Just how bad was the Pureblood agenda that gave rise to Voldemort? What were their laws regarding secrecy, marriage, etc. Given the bigotry, what was a witch's real status in society? How much did Dumbledore really know and how much was guess work on his part? Was there another meaning to the prophesy? What was the real back story regarding: Hermione, Petunia, McGonagall, etc. What really became of the Dursleys? What was Harry's family history? Why did Hermione's parents only have one child? And so on.

What I wanted to do was expand upon JKR's world and explore topics that were either barely covered or ignored altogether. My stories tend to be more diolog oriented, although there are some good action bits from time to time.

It was only much later I learned of fanfics and saw where others had taken these tales. That opened up endless possibilities as I could now deviate from canon and chose at what point to do so - provided I had a plausable reason why. This falls into the "what if" catagory. When my stories are AU (i.e. not canon and I see canon as limited to the books and not unpublished JKR musings), mine tend to focus on Harry and Hermione getting together because that makes more sense than Hermione and Ron. Some of my stories bash characters and some redeem characters and some do both. The degree of bashing or redemption varies. Typically, my bash targets are: Dumbledore and Ron, Ginny and/or Molly Weasley. (Sometimes I hammer all of them, sometimes only some and no, there are AU stories where none of them get hammered.) Redeemed characters include: Dudley and Petunia Dursely (not always together) and Draco and Nacissa Malfoy (again, not in all fics as I have offed some or the lot of them on occassion.) There is no redeeming Vernon.

Having said all that, here is a summary of what I've written to date:


1. Working Title: "No". Probable Title: ? Completed Chapters: 21 Chapters In Progress: 5 Word Count to date: 217,482 Probable Rating: T

Canon. Takes place between the end of DH and Epilogue. Starts when Harry wakes up following the final battle and goes from there.

Stopped writing because I had another idea.

Pairings: H/G, R/Hr

2. Working Title: "Al". Probable Title: ? Completed Chapters: 8 Chapters In Progress: 1 Word Count to date: 69,798 Probable Rating: T

Canon. Post Epilogue. Albus Potter and his friends first year at Hogwarts. I hit a wall on this one plot wise. Something evil is stiring and I cannot yet figure out what it is.

Pairings: H/G, R/Hr

3. Working Title: "Death" Probable Title: ? Completed Chapters: 9 Chapters In Progress: 2 Word Count to date: 74,093 Probable Rating: M (There may be a Lemon bit in a late chapter, but it is plot forwarding.)

Canon mostly. Post Epilogue. Harry and Ginny's marriage is a live and let live bit. Ron and Hermione's is falling apart and Hermione is certain he's leaving her. Ginny and Ron die tragically and Harry and Hermione have to pick up the pieces of their lives. They, of course, turn to each other for support. Had computer issues with this one and lost half the story.

Pairings: H/Hr

4. Working Title: New York. Probably Title: ? Completed Chapters: 18 Chapters In Progress: 3 Word Count to Date: 147,029 Probable Rating: T

Canon ignoring Epilogue. In 1999, after finishing Hogwarts Hermione leaves for Australia to find her parents and is never heard from or seen again. In 2006, Harry runs into her at a hotel in New York and learns she's been living in the U.S. most this time. They catch up and learn things about each other they never suspected.


Pairings: H/Hr

5. Working Title: 7th Year. Probable Title: The Shadow Warriors. Completed Chapters: 21 Chapters In Progress: 2 Word Count to Date: 167,585 Probable Rating: M (There's a rape scene and graphic violence. Don't worry, the vics are not main characters.)

AU beginning the day after Dumbledore's death. Harry does not rely on Hermione to do all the final planning for the Horcrux hunt. He acquires a very useful magical object that allows him to train and later allows others to as well. Meanwhile, Ron comes up with a plan to keep the non-hunters from the Department of Ministies safe: they will enter "fake" relationships. As Hermione is already marked for death, she becomes Harry's "girl" after he breaks up with Ginny. Ginny "seeks comfort" from Neville and Ron becomes Luna's "boyfriend." It's all very public. What none of them knew was it was also very permanent.

Pairings: H/Hr, N/G, R/L

6. Working Title: Time Changer. Probable Title: ? Completed Chapters: 24 Chapters In Progress: 1 Word Count to Date: 126,876 Probable Rating: T

AU but assumes Canon. Begins when Harry is 168 years old and is probably the only human being still alive. Dumbledore missed something and the result was the end of the human race. Harry spends the better part of a century trying to find a way to fix it. He finally comes up with a way to send a messenger back in time to help his younger self fix the problem. 7 year old Harry's life is changed forever, and with it one hopes the fate of humanity. (This will cover Harry from age 7 until before Hogwarts.)

UPDATE: PUBLISHED. 30 Minutes That Changed Everything.

Pairings: H/Hr (not romantically - yet...)

7. Working Title: Time Changer1. Probable Title: 30 Minutes II: The Gathering Storm. Completed Chapters: 2 Chapters In Progress: 7 Word Count to Date: 24,421 Probable Rating: This is part of 2 potential sequels to Time Changer. The first will be at least Harry's 1st and 2nd Years and will most likely be rated T.

Pairings in Sequel 1: H/Hr, N/OC (nothing beyond kissing.)

Pairings in Seque1 2: H/Hr, N/OC, L/?

UPDATE: 30 Minute II: The Gathering Storm.

(For those who wondered why no long er H/Multi - see below, which is still in the works, but not published.)

8. Working Title: Dirty. Probable Title: Harry's Harem. Completed Chapters: 27 Chapters In Progress: 3 Word Count to date: 203,991 Probable Rating: Most defintely M. Graphic sexual content. (Story forwarding, I hope as opposed to gratuitous. Once the world is established, it will tone down...)

AU after OotP. A partial response to "Slave Challenge" from Dragan Ranger (SP?) Harry's life is nothing but lies - except for one Hermione Granger. In his will, Sirius pranks the entire Wizarding World. Harry inherits a fortune and ... women. Is this "the power he knows not?"

Pairings: H/Hr/L/multi. NL/SB/multi.

9. Working Title: Soulmate. Probable Title: ? Completed Chapters: 0 Chapters In Progress: 1 Word Count to Date: 5387 Probable Rating: T

AU starting when Hermione is petrified 2nd Year. Harry and Hermione have fallen in love and the rest goes from there.

Pairings: H/Hr

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