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My name is twilly, well, that’s not really my name, but you can still call me that. I would never ever use my real name for fear my fanfic me would be discovered by anyone the real life me knows might find out about the Twilight closet where I keep my inner 13 year old squee-er.

I’m 22 years old and I’ve been 22 for a while, but not nearly as long as Edward has been 17! I know it’s weird, especially since I have a 14 and a 15 year old. They constantly embarrass me in public by loudly suggesting I buy Twilight stuff and RPattz posters, I’m not sure they understand the closet concept. My 14 year old has a friend who he announced was “Team Jacob”, I was torn, I wanted to tell him not to hang out with her anymore. Then she sent a pic to his phone from her room. Her walls were covered in Edward; he laughed when I busted him for riling me up. I suggested he marry the girl.

I live relatively close to Forks. Close enough to know it doesn’t really snow in Forks, Seattle or Portland, but I’ve stopped getting upset when it does in fic, because it’s fiction, right? However, you should never let anyone in your story pump their own gas in Oregon! I mean, who cares if the climate is wrong, weather-smeather; but damn it, don’t fuck up fueling up in the Beaver State! (When I say close, I mean like 250 miles south, but on the west coast of the US, 250 miles is fairly close)

I’m also a lurker, kinda stalking the story forms, blogs and twitter. I love hearing what everyone has to say; but I’m not always ready to share.

I've tried to be twilly everywhere, but sometimes I'm a close derivative;
on ADF and gmail = i.m.twilly
on Twitter = twilllly (4 Ls in the middle; 2 Ls in the middle is some dude who I’m not sure he's so interested in finding the next great lemon)
on LiveJournal = i_m_twilly

I don’t review stories nearly enough. I really do love them, but I can never think of anything witty, insightful or meaningful enough to compare to the awesome gift a new chapter. I’m working on it. I’m actually considering hiring a ghost writer to develop a catalog of fantastic reviews for future use. Also, if I reviewed your story, and you're not quite sure about my comment; yes it was sarcastic, sardonic and/or in jest. I’m sorry I failed, jokes aren’t funny when you have to explain them.

I am a libertine trapped in the body, life and social prowess of a prude. So I appease my wicked inclinations by reading fanfic smut and I blush like Bella when I’m watching porn. Although, in fairness, I didn’t realize I was so debauched until I started reading the fanfic smut.

Lastly, I apologize to my 11th grade English teacher who is probably having a conniption because I used the word “I” 22 times in a 560 word piece, including beginning 13 of the 25 sentences with “I”. However, I did only use the F-word once, so it may be a wash. I really should know better, I took that damn class three times! Dang it, I just used "I" four more times.

Me on Twitter:

Me on LiveJournal: http:///

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