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Hello all! My name is Ree. Rieki is a scrambling up of my name and seemed to be something easy to remember and a username I might be able to get. :) Plus I suck at coming up with witty user names for anything! Anyway here you will find my meager offerings of fan fiction. I will not promise that the fics I begin to post will be finished though I will try my best. I usually just wing my stories.. because they usually start with one scene and won't leave me alone till it gets written. I may just post the snippets as I call them and see how they are received. Yes, I am writing for myself, but it's also fun to have an audience as well. :) Definitely more motivation inspired by praise and guilt on my part when I haven't finished something.


Stories in Progress:

One Look Only: This is a Harry Potter Twilight Cross over. I've been playing with the idea of Jacob/Harry in my head for a while. Jacob was my favorite character in Twilight and I found it kind of odd that he ended up with Bella's daughter. It worked out, I know, but still it was kind of crazy. I also wanted to write a story that had Bella and Edward in it, because I do like them as a pairing. Harry will have something to do with them, and things will progress much like they did in both books. the time frame might be a bit off, but hopefully I will be forgiven. :) Pairings for this are: Jacob/Harry, Carlisle/Esme, Emmett/Rosalie, Alice/Jasper, Edward/Bella, and so on.. so basically the normal pairings.

02/12/09 - One Look Only will be updated soon. It's going to be a longer chapter to make up for the delay. I've been sick and doing extra hours at work, so please forgive me. :)

02/24/2009 - I am going out of town this week for about 3 weeks or so and wont be able to update. FF.net was acting screwy and I couldn't log in earlier. Getting ready took more effort than I thought, and the chapter would have been a bit of a cliff hanger and I don't think you'd want that for 3 weeks. :) So see you when I get back

04/07/2009 - I am home!! I will start writing the next part to One Look Only. Expect to see it before next friday :)

05/19/2009- I'm going to work on the story this weekend since I have a three day. Woo! So hopefully I'll have the next chapter by either Monday or next Friday. I'm sorry about the delay!

I Think I Love You!: This is Seamus centric. I wanted to do something fun! He's a screwball character and this is kind of a slapstick comedy. I don't want anyone taking it too seriously, because it's not meant to be. It's just something fun to write. It's actually inspired by the song of the same title. I'm going to write a series of stories that come from my ipod shuffle. :) This is the first. Some will be shorter than others, and others will be longer. This one is nearly done, unless it runs away on its own.

The Living Memory: This is NOT Epilogue compliant, so I guess it's AU as well. I like those stories best. Anyway! Sirius Malfoy is the son of Draco and Harry, if you hadn't figured that out. Not sure if it will be due to mpreg or something else, but it's not really central to the story. This will be a series of memories given by Harry himself, and his friends, and possibly Draco before his death. I don't want to give much away so that's all I'm going to write on that.

Unnoticeable: hasn't been published yet. Will write more when it is.

Out of my Mind: another musical inspired song. James Blunt. Has not been published. I have only one scene written for this, but it kind of stuck.

Well that's my stories for now. :) I hope you enjoy them!

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