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So you know what I'm really, really crap at? Netball.



And also updating.

You probably all hate me right now. Or perhaps you used to hate me for not ever updating but that hate has dissipated somewhat over all this time. Perhaps that hate had just manifested into a bit of an itch that you forgot about, only reading this is making it come crawling back.

I'm... announcing my leave officially; I haven't written on here in a long, long time because of a myriad of different things which eventually clustered together and cascaded. Small things, big things and trival things but things that were all valid premises for me to stop. And clearly... well, that's what I did.

Here's what happened: my life developed annoying habit and became rather like a small cat; it demanded my attention, wanted to be treated nicely and kept getting in the way of things (like writing fanfiction) and, to tell you the truth, I got a bit sick of the saga I was basing my main story upon. (Gasp. Cry. Or nod in agreement?) That's the reason the updates ceased.

I'm unlikely to write fanfiction again. I've considered deleting my stories but a). am unsure how to exactly do this? and b). have decided that some people might prefer it if they stayed. So my fics shall be left as they are: flawed and imperfect, but then that's how I was back when I wrote them. That's how I still am. I wrote Eternal Desire from 13 --> 15 and looking back... well, my writing was awful. Back when I was niave and meek and 13 I wrote this on a whim; I stumbled across this strange place where people stole characters, themes, whole worlds from famous beloved authors... only to then manipulate said characters and conjure up their own. Scary, odd, enthralling. I started Eternal Desire as... an experiment. I'd been reading stories. I'd been reviewing stories. But writing them? That was all new.

I had no idea that it would get such a ridiculous response - the number of reviews I've received were neither expected nor deserved. But I've loved every one of them and every second of writing fanfiction. Thank you. Thanks a million. I can't express how brilliant it felt to write these silly stories and how lovely it was to read people's reviews on what I'd written. You (yup - all of you, even those of you who intermittently dropped in to say: "UPDATE" or "WHERE THE BLLODY HELL ARE YOU?" or just: "Lily? You alive?") were the reason I kept on with writing for so long and babbled so much about inane silly things.

I feel so rotten for stopping so abruptly and without warning. Really, I've felt like that for ages and I didn't dare announce that I might not ever finish Eternal Desire because I'm a coward. I was scared of everyone's reaction; I didn't want to admit I had too much to contend with; I couldn't face failure. I feel like I've let everyone down, but at least I'm confessing. I still have drafts of chapters that I never came round to posting and scenes that I didn't want to put up because they weren't quite complete - that, I'm afraid, is the only solace I can give people. If anyone wants to read these just PM. Any one who has EVER reviewed ought to know that I love you so much for doing so. You brightened up my evenings of partial-insomnia and my weekends of chaos, and you meant an awful lot to me. You're all amazing and lovely and brilliant if you stuck with all my errors (and typos, and dragging plots, and silly OCs) for so long. You're all awesome, please don't forget that.

That's all. My babble's surprisingly succinct.

~ Lily

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