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Not much to say really...

If you read what my penname is, you know my favorite person in the world: Dr. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight.

Name: Adeline Macareo (Greek)

Age: above 21 and below 51...take a guess- if you win, you get a cookie ;)

Occupation: Physician (OB/GYN)

Height: 6' 2"

Hair/Eyes: Blonde, shoulder-length, straight hair/ dark blue eyes

FF Likes: yaoi, romance, lemons, humor, family, friendship, love, incest...Carlisle Cullen

FF Dislikes: yuri, angst, rape...Jacob Black

Friends/Family (on this site):

1. BloodRedVampress- Awesome girl and awesome doctor. I work with her and we have been best friends for years. She's the one that persuaded me to join this site, after all! She's the most caring person you'll ever meet. We are so close, we are like sisters. :) And, not to mention, she is the best person to talk about Carlisle with. lol