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My full title is Xilmin Nerrar, aka Ketchup Woman, Muff Muff the Muffin Woman, Man-Stealer-Trunks-Squisher, The Evil Advisor, Master of the Matrix, Lady of the Elves, The Ultimate Rambler, The Destroyer of Squiggles and The Previous Controller of the Eggy Bread, also known as Megami no Jigoku (Goddess of Hell) and Denreisha no Yousei (Messenger of the Elves... well, not really... its Messenger of Elf cos I couldn't figure out the plural). Understand this: I don't like half of those names, but when you've got someone who you have to call 'Master' you can't exactly go against them. I can't beleive I sold my soul for 10 pence! Sure, it's probably worth that much, but still I liked it being MINE!!! Although those sweets I bought with the money were nice... they just didn't last :sigh: ... I'm rambling (again)...

Anyway, you can feel free to add me to your MSN, Yahoo!, AOL Messenger, or ICQ if you have them and want to talk to me about... stuff... for whatever. Just remember that I live in Scotland and the time zone is different, so I'll appear to be online at strange times! You can see the AOL and ICQ info above, and my MSN email addy=xilmin@hotmail.com & Yahoo! ID=Xilmin

My webpage is being abandoned for a bit longer. I just don't seem to have the time to get it done, but one of these days I'll get around to it. The main point in avoiding it is because I can't think of a decent format to create it in. I'll need to learn scripting though before I could get anywhere with it... :sigh:

One last thing: For those that were reading MSWDTTILBCHRBISUNCIROOR (if there were any others out there), I'm afraid I came to the conclusion that: IT SUCKED!!! So I'm doing a re-write of it. A complete re-write. Expect one very different fic in the future. Even the title will change! (awww... I liked that title too... ;) ). I know it's taking some time to get posted, but I don't have much time to write anything either. But I'm at least half way through chapter 1 (the chapters will be longer for the re-write too, which is another improvement from my point of view)

And since you're here... you might as well read my stuff... and review... please?

The Great Tale of... Um... Well... Erm... Huh... reviews
'This is what happens when my mind dreams and I have too much time on my hands... prepare for madness! The Shining hotel is flying through space and I'm in charge of looking after Captain Sisko's daughter. Also, pokémon are an enemy to be afraid of!
X-overs - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,872 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 9/27/2001
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