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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy VII, and Naruto.

Okay! Here we go, me, updating this stupid profile. Did you know, that every time a stupid english teacher asks me to write about myself, I curse them to hell and back (under my breath, of course)

It's a work in progress, obviously.

UPDATE: I have started to try to make 'fanart' I suppose, though since their cartoony-ish in appearance that they are completely mine. I don't know when I will have them uploaded, but since it isn't the problem of drawing them (since their already drawn) its just scanning them (since my scanner is sadly NOT at my house and available at my disposal).



Glasses Guy: Ignis

Scarface Guy: Gladiolus

Shotgun Guy: Prontos

My Names:

Glasses Guy: Saul

Scarface Guy: Faust

Shotgun Guy: Cy

(I personally think, except for Ignis, my names are so much cooler, but whatever.)


Recollection: This story is actually my favourite right now. So... I'll probably update more often than the others. Why? Like I said, It's my favourite out of all of them. It has no OC's, because right now, OC's bug me, (No offense to anyone) But everytime I write an OC I end up re-reading and finding my characters are stupid. So, other than the occasional one that's basically an extra, I won't be writing any more.

Anyway, Recollection is about the Noctis. In this story he has lost him memory, completely, but because of who he is, the memories keep filtering back. Anyway, when he returns home he finds his home in a wreck, and the story takes off from there. (Basically)

This story has LightningxNoctis in it, and StellaxNoctis in it, but because I absolutely suck at writing romances, guess what? This is an action based fic, don't like it, piss off and bug someone else.

Plague on All Your Houses: This story, for me, is still 'under control' while-as Recollection, I added new people and new plot-lines and its just begging to be enormous - very, very enormous. However, PONAYH I still know the ending for, or the loose basis for the ending, and it isn't planning to be a massive project. (That being said, I probably won't get it done under 100,000 words, just saying)

This is a NoctisxStella story, since as time goes by, I'm actually enjoying this couple (especially when we have so little on their characters you can play around with them however you wish) so more and more of my stories in the future would probably centre around that pairing, since writing Lightning for me is actually a challenge, especially since my PS3 broke and I can no longer play my copy of XIII. (I am SO looking forward to XIII-2) But already I'm thinking that mister mysterious might work better with her.

Anyway! Summary: It was an old legend: for every person you killed, you must save three more for redemption. Stella only happened to be the first of twenty-four. Stella/Noctis AU

Summary on plot: Stella, princess of the empire, Tenabrae, was kidnapped by the resistance, the events leading up to a meeting with one Noctis Caelum.

The Fox Thief: I adore the Naruto series, and loved reading how people played around a tweaked his personality into something that was awesome. I decided to go with the 'Naruto was abducted and grew elsewhere' route. I hadn't really meant for it to be humerous, though it turned out that way anyway. I'm glad it did.

Anyway, the way this story will be structured will be in arcs. So the loose basis of it will be:

First Arc: Team 7 and Naruto

Second Arc: They are Reuinited

Third Arc: 'That Night' Happens

Fourth Arc: Naruto Becomes Hokage and -- Then Ending.

Should be a long story, and since its summer and my exams and all that madness are DONE I am seriously hoping to be into the third arc or further by the end of the summer.

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98 percent of teenagers do drugs, have sex, and drink alcohol...put this in your profile if you like chocolate chip cookies.

There, done.

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