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Hello, Friend! How are you? I'd say you're pretty damn good because you're about to read about my awesomeness I have previously kept secret, with an ominously vacant profile. Well, I guess I'll dot-jot this shit:

-I'm Thommie, nice to meet you. Yes, I am a girl. Thommie's a nickname. So is Soapbox. You have permission to call me either as I am known to respond to pretty much any name you give me. I've been Simon for a week or so now. :D

-I'm fifteen, which I suppose would technically mean I'm not of age to read the work I produce... Oh well.

-Harry Potter was my first best friend. He still is.

-I LOVE writing. I've been spinning out stories all my life and it's a true passion of mine.

-Most of my stories will tend to be Draco/Harry as they're my favourite pairing of all time, even though I am a sucker for a well-written Remus/Sirius or any attractive slashy couple for that matter.

-It's really difficult to squick me. If I were to become a beta, I'd be really comfortable with reading just about anything, as I consider myself to be pretty open-minded about most things. Honestly, I've read about every cracked out pairing out there and managed to survive it. Yeah, Dumbledore/Dobby. Try that on for size.

-I'm a Slytherin. Deal with it.

-I'm a grammar Nazi. Always have been, always will. iF U tAlK 2 mE lYkE dIs i WiLl iGnOrE U. Proof of this being, It took me about 5 minutes to type that out. Honestly, how do you do it?

-I love boys and girls. It's an excellent life. :D

-I am the biggest gay rights supporter you will EVER meet. Gay culture seriously dominates my life, as most of my friends are gay. In fact, all of them but 3. Even those 3 are incredibly open and supportive. If I hear the word "fag", just know that it will probably be the last word you ever speak.

-I don't think I'd ever write a fanfiction that contains hetero sex. Even though I could definitely sleep with a guy and enjoy it, it does pretty much nothing for me to read about it or watch it.

-I hate Hermione. I'm sorry. She's so terribly annoying and uppity. I know she's a fantastic friend, but I would never want her as one of mine.

-I've come to accept the fact that Ginny and Harry are adorable... But he's totally gay. Remember in the DH epilogue when Draco nods in his direction at the station? Yeah. He wasn't nodding to be polite. That nod clearly says, "You. Me. Tonight. Bed."

-I like Pansy Parkinson, which is pretty reasonable considering how alike we are in more ways than one.

-Music is my faaaavourite thing on Earth. Please note that I'll try to implement it into as many fics as I can to suffocate you with obscure indie tunage.

-I'm a proud Nerdfighter. Vlogbrothers anyone? ... No? Okay, moving on. Really though. I'm like, the biggest nerd of all time. And I'm damn proud of it.

-Reviews make me feel warm and happy inside.

-You're officially excellent just for reading this.

With love and squalor,


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