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Author has written 8 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Doctor Who, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

I CAN BE FOUND AT WORDPRESS AND LIVEJOURNAL : wagahaiwaneko.wordpress.com and wagahaiwaneko.livejournal.com


My favorite Mangas/Animes are:

Ouran Koukou Hosuto Kurabu (OHSHC), Fruits Basket (only a little.), the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Negima: Magister Negi Magi, Kitchen Princess, Yotsuba&!, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (Shinshi Doumei Kurosu), Vampire Knight, Full Moon wo Sagashite, and... POKEMON! Perfect Girl Evolution as well (The Wallflower), uhm... also Lovely Complex. And recently, Meca Tanaka's Faster than a Kiss!

Requests From You:

If you'd like me to write a specific fic, or use a character designed by you, feel free to message me. I'll see what I can do, but I'm not making any promises. If you think your material shows potential, feel free to let me know!

Apologies: I'm sorry for not updating ALL OF MY STORIES fast enough... D: I'm trying as hard as I can! Uni calls.

ANYWAYS. I will now post summaries and updates of my stories and upcoming stories. :DD

New Country, New School, New Identity? (KYOUYAXOC) Hanami Fujioka had been living comfortably in America as an everyday citizen..Until her stepfather died and handed over a huge conglomerate in her care. She was confused as to why he had hidded his identity from her, but nevertheless traveled to Japan to attend the presigious Ouran Academy (which was run by her stepfather's friend.) She discovered her biological cousin, Haruhi, and decided to join a strange, strange club in order to help her cousin. Her life seems to be gathering itself together when Hanami recieves threats from an underling. Shell-shocked, Hanami is unaccustomed to the dirty business tactics but quickly resolves to toughen up. However, an old childhood friend as well as relative of her enemy shows up in Japan. Turns out he loves Hanami, but she's paranoid of him. Hanami has discovered that Tamaki is her step-cousin, and Hanami finds herself depending on Kyouya more than ever.

Different Swords, Same Idea (MORIXOC) An Ouran student and the one daughter of a cruel yakuza family, Hanaka Miyano feels unwanted and turns her back on her evil father. She moves into her cousin Ritsu Kasanoda's home and tells him about her passion for fencing. Kasanoda turns to Takashi Morinozuka and asks if Hanaka may join the kendo club to further her swordsmanship. After a rigorous trial by Satoshi Morinozuka, Hanaka makes it into a club. Finally, she feels that she can move away from her past. But her past holds her future as she had nearly been murdered before. Could her father really be this cruel?

Three Bowls Of Rice (RENGEXOC) Ichiro Miyabi, track-team member and aspiring botanist, is really just a sweet, kindhearted guy. He is also a cousin of Kyouya Ootori. Famiy ties lead him to transfer to Ouran Academy, where he quickly befriends a young yakuza overlord named Ritsu Kasanoda. When he stumbles upon the third music room by accident, he finds his near-identical cousin. However, Renge finds him as well. And she is extremely quick to rename Ichiro to IchiJO-which just so happens to be her Uki-Memo Crush OF ALL TIME. Can Ichiro escape Renge's grasp?

Honey Phone Home (YASUCHIKAXOC) Honey's little brother is in love with a girl who is a fan of Honey. Chika's dignity is lost as he watches his love moon over that...alien. Can Chika convince the girl of his dreams that humans are better than cake-eating aliens?

Regret (KYOUYA-POV, POSTANIME, referenced TAMAXHARU) NOTE: THIS IS NOT A ROMANTIC STORY. Kyouya IS married to an OC, but the focal point of the story is not his romance with her. A 37-year-old Kyouya Ootori reigns over the Ootori Group with a firm hand. He reflects on the past few decades of his life, and recalls the moments that intruiged him the most. A suicidal wife and the weak child she left behind impress on Kyouya's mind and heart the most as he recollects the past. In the first chapter, Kyouya looks back by 12 years, when he was 25, his wife was 24, and his son was 5. His wife has just thrown herself off the hospital building. (Kyouya married his wife through an arranged marriage when he was 19 and she was 18. He was 20 when his son was born.)

Mistress of Deception (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, beginning with one-sided TAMAXHARU and ending with KYOUYAXHARUHI)NOTE: There is some OOC-ness. Some characters are less extreme than normally (mainly, Tamaki is more normal than he should be.) Otherwise, all characters are the same, save for Haruhi, who is more independent than usual.

She was a Japanese-American WW2 field agent, told to act undercover as two separate identities, all to prove her loyalty to America. One identity was a male Japanese spy, and the other was the daughter of a Japanese dignitary as well as Kyouya Ootori's fiancee. But a major obstacle was in her way: Kyouya Ootori was the Naval Lieutenant General of the Imperial Japanese Army. Not to mention that Rene Grantaine, otherwise known as Tamaki Suou, was still deeply infatuated with her. It didn't help that Tamaki was a part of the Allied forces and a correspondant to the French Freed Forces. The great Lt. General fell for both of Haruhi's disguises. Will Kyouya sway Haruhi's loyalty to the States? Will it be Tamaki who will help her stay steadfast? Or will the feud between Hirohito and Roosevelt tear all of them apart?

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