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Hello to all the wonderful people who have spent time actually looking at my profile.

A little bit about myself:

I'm female, a university student and really like peanut butter.

My favorite things involve reading or writing and drinking free Starbucks, because everything tastes better when it's free.

So I've been reading fanfiction for almost four years now. My friend introduced me to it actually. She sent me a high school musical story and after reading it I explored the site looking to see what other stories were out there. When I found the Harry Potter fiction, I became a little addicted. There was a few months where I couldn't go a day without reading a story on here. I'm mildly better, currently it's just a guilty little pleasure of mine that I allow myself to indulge occasionally. After two years of reading I decided to try my hand at writing my own stories and had them written out on my computer for a couple months before I got the guts to actually set up an account and post some of my stories. Currently I think I only have eight stories posted on the site but my computer has about twenty word documents that have either story ideas or almost complete fully fleshed out stories. See I have this problem where I come up with and idea, write the first chapter but then can't come up with anything else. So I don't allow myself to post stories anymore, unless they have an ending already written. I have three stories that I've been working at slowly for the past year that are almost complete and my goal is to have at least one of them ready to publish by January 2012.

My favorite fics are Harry Potter especially from the marauder era. You'll find that most of my stories will be about the marauers or the next generation because JK left those character's lives to our imagination.

I don't really have favorite books, more favorite authors. To name a few: JK Rowling, Lauren Weisberger, Anne Brashares, Caroline B Cooney and Janet Evanovich.

My Stories:

Of Course I mean you- A marauder era oneshot, Lily and James have a little misunderstanding while exchanging words. This story cracks me up every time becuase the exact same thing happened to my friend and that's where my idea came from.

Maybe- Also a marauder era oneshot, this wasn't my best work and eventually I might re-vamp it. Basically the story follows the marauders as Frank and Alice prepare to tie the knot. It seems everything goes wrong the day before the wedding and it's up to the marauders to fix it. L/J fluff is included at the end.

Mishaps in Muggle Studies- Another marauder era oneshot. Just some moments in muggle studies as the marauders attempt to sew. I actuallly came up with the story and wrote it in one of my fashion classes at school, I was laughing the entire time.

Granddad's little princess- This is my first next-gen oneshot. It has some sweet Arthur and Lily Luna moments as the story focuses on the bond the two of them share. It was much angstier when I first wrote it but that depressed me too much, so don't ever expect any depressing angsty stuff from me, it's not going to happen.

The Ideal daughter- Okay so this is also next-generation and it's my first full length fic. As of 06/10 this is complete. The story is a Rose/Scorpius pairing which I love. It includes a little Ron/Hermione bashing, not that I have anything against them, but its important to the plot that the bashing occurs. Basically Rose gets sorted into Slytherin and the Weasleys especially Ron have a hard time dealing with it. The story follows Rose through her years at Hogwarts, finding friends, love and dealing with her family.

The Letter- This is a little one-shot based off of TID. Its cute and short and to the point. I just really wanted to write Ron's reaction to Hugo's sorting.

Hugo's battle with the cream of chicken soup- I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite story that I have written. I got the idea from my own brother and his failures at cooking, and I thought Rose and Hugo were the perfect fit for this tale.

The House that Built Me- Okay, this was my first song fic and probably not my best, but I enjoyed writing it none the less. It's AU and I blame the fact that this song was stuck in my head for weeks until I finally wrote out the story. Ginny just feels lost and when she finds her family crumbling she returns to the Burrow, because it's the strength of the Weasley family.

Thanks so much for reading and I want to point out that reviews help me write quicker. I know people are lazy, but it really is quite the self esteem boost to get a review on a piece of writing, so please if you read something you like, or don't like for that matter, comment. It really makes my day!



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Getting the Light Back in George Weasely by Don'tLetThemSeeYourBack reviews
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Girl Got Game by Liebesbrief reviews
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Choices by Aebbe reviews
Thrown back nearly fifty years in time, she has the chance to change the past. To right wrongs and correct mistakes. But in doing so, could she change the future? And is it even possible to change things that have already happened? Choices can be very hard to make. Canon compliant...? Read and find out. (Part of the Dark League story arc, but can be read as a stand alone)
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Bella's Story by CaramelWillow reviews
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The Quidditch Chronicles by prinadean reviews
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Crush reviews
A drabble of sorts about Roxanne and her unrequited love. I might flesh this out later but for now its short and bittersweet A second drabble added*
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